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Author NotesEdit

And now, a word from the authors about this piece of literature:

This collab with KV is perhaps the one with sections the most detached from one another. However, I still think both of our sections are very funny, but, well, that's for you to judge


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The storyEdit


Once upon a time there was a demon named dabura he was great and huge and he liked to wear blue capes. He had pointy ears that he liked to sharpen with his big claws he was a horrible monster. Dabura (whose online name is debra2k69) lived in a land called the demon realm which is a shinigami realm ripoff. He always wanted to go to Mu but he never could cuz he had this lil baby boy named beelzebub or something ridic like that plus he was a king and that meant he had to sit around get fat and drink wine it was his natural state of mind who an blame him.?

Debra liked to wander the plains of Torfrost where he would find nice sulfur plumes and smoke em up like that type of weed that my friend has but i cant remember its name. and then hed get high and wonder why he was the king when he was only as strong as cell cells so bathetic like a little bitch he has the pretty face but no personality at all how can anyone like cell i mean he's green which is cool but he's got nothing going on in his brain

McShevel Barnaby Jenkins said, “u cnt explain whats goin’ on in ur hed m8, liquids r 2 hard 2 explain”

Doctor Faustus, MD, say, “well why dont u try” (this is a wonderful referene to the anchor by bastille)

Torfrosts a place i made in my theogony its a swell realm of rocks n sulfur + dabura is super demony. Hes got a orange tan like an orangutan in space. He likes to look in the mirror and admire his beautiful face

“What if i get a nice pretty m on my forehed taht owuld look wonderbeautyfulil’

“Papa u r so pretty right now” beelzebub complained “no m on forehead no m!” he threw a trantrum and threw a vase at the window, it shattered

One time my dad walked into a sliding glass door that was closed, he thought the door was open, but it wasnt. All my relatives laughed at him but he got super angry about it and he never forgave them it was horrible and i think its funny 2.

If u wnt 2 b a partayy animal u gotta L2 live in the jungle :) daburas a jungleboi he ride dat Torfrost sulfur like a Mr. Q inhaling copious amounts of stardust.

Anyways, Dabura slapped Shaqbeel O’neil into his room which he didn’t have because it’s the Demon world. “I don’t want the M on my head just for super duper style like Justin Beiber’s hair! I want to be the highest rated subscriber on DemonTube! And having that M on my head will get L’s off of my head. And since this is the Demon…”

“The Shinigami Realm”, Dr. Faustus, MD corrected while fixing a hole in Beelbeddy’s ship since it had an anchor in it

Dabura turned into a dragon and spit fire because apparently only dragons are allowed to spit fire in media, and only Dragon Ball doesn’t...except for right now. The doctor’s moustache was burned off and turned black on his skin. That’s how Dabura’s weird beard came to be. I forget that thing is there half of the time.

“As I was saying...since this is the Demon World…”

“The…”. Old Jenkins was sent flying into the air and spun in place for a while like all anime punches do, and landed in Torfrost, destroying the plains completely

“AS I WAS the DEMON WORLD, everything is opposite from the regular world, making M’s into W’s! So I’m a gunna win! WAHAHAHAHA!”, Dabura gave out a nasally laugh. Meanwhile Bellely Boy was making DemonTube videos and had 6,662,287 subsribers (even tho’ the Demon World only has about 500 people. Still more than the amount of the Namekians. They don’t even have a Tube). On what you may ask? Videos with effort put into them...this is the opposite of the Earth realm, remember?

The last king of the demon realm was a marvelous bloke called the Shinigami King. he was a hanging blob with like 500 arms. One time debra imitated him in the adventures of beerus but more on that never.

“Bow fer yer king ya shits” dabra grunted waving his scepter and look at his periwinkle coat fluttering in the breeze. He s a real majesty

All the tiny demons went flying into the dunes to hide like meerkats except beelzebub who stood there drinking a bottle of water and shaking his fist at the sun. there were all sorts of demons, even those ones that look like king and queen cold having <REDACTED>. Dr. faustus was a merry master of theological inclinations and he liked to sip tea and drink crumpets on the now-pretty-messed-up plains of Torfrost. There was melted glass everywhere and a bunch of craters and scorch marks haha it was like saturday night in my bathroom.

“So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?” say a good doctor a proper britainical squire.

Mephistopheles was just beneath. That was when he came soaring out of the old dead tree they called Liranion. Faustus squeaked like a proper squeaker one time my dog had this ball that squeaked but it squeaked too mch and now it doesnt squeak anymore. Thats a lot like life.

Dr. faustus was torn limb from limb by ol Mephy. It was gruesome but im just being accurate to how that stupid play ends.

Meanwhile, in cloud cuckoo land, my goodness son, my goodness gracious son, there lived some people who were mostly inno bi-standers. At present, a ponderous elocution was enunciated and was proclaimed by one ‘Yonder Roose’.

“Yonder Roose, where’s yonder Roose?” she asked, very surprised lady right there.

“Ah, he went yonder,” reply old grand-papi bless his nicotine-stained beard.

Suddenly, Goku Black came out of nowhere


“Ah, there he is!”, the surprised lady said as she went to a mental instiution with him to fix his problem of killing all mortals even though he’s technically a mortal in Goku’s body

Meanwhile, Dabura was searching for the man who could give him more subscribers than Bellus-Sama. To do so he had to go to THE SURFACE. Iz like Undertale

*10,000,000,000 people come to read the story

Along with him came the old grand-papi, Mechikabura, who for some reason was never mentioned until Dragon Ball Heroes. Ya think a previous king of the Demon...

“SHINIGAMI!”, Old Man Jenkins screamed from the afterlife even though the Demon Realm should be a part of the afterlife and not HFIL.

THE DEMON REALM...should be mentioned.

Anyways, off Dabura went, where he was instantly shot at because he opened a giant portal from the Demon Realm to Earth. Thankfully, Mechikabura blocked the bullet and instantly died because no one cares about Mecha Dabura. Dabura got angry and killed random man #16 and got a W on his head.

“No! I WANT A M!”, Dabura screamed, but had an idea He jumped back into the demon portal he made, ignoring all the demons flying out into the world (which were only those mutated Namekian things) , got in front of his camera and turned it on after he did a handstand to make his head have an M on it.


lil baron cant stay awake

Chaos was what debra the demon king loved best. Dabura was a wonderful, magisterial demon. His ears were so pointy you think he used a knife to cut ‘em up. The tree of knowledge was a wicked contraption, worthy of the fires of HFIL. Where the lightning struck the sky, red and worrysome, dabura ascended. Hes a balla. Hes my real nigga. I got 2 bd weens 2day :). 2 bad i couldnt fuck them but thats neither here nor their.

“*there” say one Mr. Mamoko’p’po. A real nazi he gets so hard when he mate with them jew girls.

Debra the asriifical king of the demon realm did not appreciate such lewdness. When I was in fourth grade I read the diary of Anne Frank but I don’t give a fuck about her now.

“Nihilism everywhere!” screams the Demon we’ll call Moloch, Lucifer rest his soul.

“Whoa oh oh oh oh” (*hey)......................................

There was a fruit on the tree of life that ol’ grand pappy extraordinaire love more than most. It was a fruit that was to be his wife, spiky and juicy and certainly quite sweet. Bibidi was a green little fuck. He liked to rub his hands and scheme. Majin Buu blew the fuck out of that ridic. biatch. One time Bibidi said “Babidi’s my son until Toriy-yama-sama come again we shall be the magicians!!” And then he pulled a King Piccolo and made a son who was really just a Bibidi 2.0 if Toriyama’s interviews are to be believeved. Tori really does some bulllllshieeet in his interivews changing all sorts of shit when he sits down to talk about DBZ to people. Its pretty clear he doesnt know what the fuck is going on and just improvizes. Thats how we get that majin buu wasnt created by bibidi and was really just an eternal force that bibidi tried to contain (this disregards everything presented in canon),. Its super annoying how toriyama retcons himself every time he talks. He’s a bitch. I fucking hate that guy. He made a decent universe but he’s so untalented I just want to punch him in the wenis. I want him to be a good writer because Dragon ball has so much potential but him and Toei disappoint me every time. He’s really bad at writing stuff, especialy when he has to come up with a plot but its not like toeis any better. Those bitches made GT and i dont need to explain myself further

“Ur honor i rest my case” say the girl she an attorney or what smdh.


It was really special, like a fat lil kid drinking his capri sun. everyone had a good year and a hard time not to mention a wet dream smdh johnboy why u so lewd bitch? Fuckin’ Jon. Everyone had a wet dream. I mean its true ‘n all but lets be realistic no one has wet dreams anymore thats 1960s propaganda.

Daburas the king of the underworld. Hes a proper demon, but for some reason he wears blue clothes which is not something i expect from a demon king, there were go, toriyama at it again with his steady bullshit. Hug me fam i fuckin hate tori his name means mountain bird nd thats about all hes good for.

Theres like 23 women from the 1930s prancing about dancing like leprechauns after pttin the gold. Dabura decided hey now whoa girl easy laddie imma impregnate you my sun and moon and stars etc.

He was really bored when he impregnated her but she created what is known as Beelzebub whos a nothing character who one days becomes a important but thats spoilers.

There was a demon named Mac Daddy who once had a wish and it was to have his mothers blue vibrator so he could ride it like a stallion. Then his wish came true and that was Blue. This is the preamble to the wonderful japanese anime called Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends but ive said 2 much.

After reminiscing about his life for KidVegeta’s section, Dabura said nothing during his demontube video and stood like a bat so the people could see his M. When he came out of his trance, he thought just putting an M would make him a good youtuber and when he sent it to the world it got 5 views and 24,680 likes even though no one watched it. See, likes in the Demon…

*Old Man Jenkins came from the grave with all of the Old Man Jenkins’ from Spongebob


*Old Man Jenkins was written out of the story with the magic pencil and ended the running gag which people would probably expect after this

The Demon Realm are actually dislikes

“I don’t get it! Why can’t I be a demontuber?!”, Dabura screamed. What he didn’t know was that Demontube is based on luck. Or a magic wizard who’s super short, has an obsession with M’s and trying to resurrect a pink blob thing. That helps too.

Right on cue, Babidi teleported into Dabura’s room because suddenly everyone in the series can teleport. Supreme Kai can now, Gowasu can, Zeno can, Insane Gokugod can, Vegito can, so why not Babidi? (Dis isn’t canon don’t kill plz).

“Nehehehehe! I can help you become a DemonTuber!”, Babidi exclaimed while Dabura fell on the floor

“Wait, you spelled demontuber like this”, Dabura said while making a text bubble and putting “DemonTuber in the air. “But I spell it like this. Dabura made another text bubble with “demontuber” in it. “How do you spell it?

“And how can you control text bubbles? And why don’t you care that a short magician came into yout room”, Babidi asked

“Oh, right. WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!”, Dabura screamed while spitting. He turned Babidi into stone. Thankfully, Bibidi made even more clones and another Babidi came.

“My clone came in to give you a real M on your head! A backwards W is lying to your fans. Plus looking in the screen like a vampire is weird”, Babitwo said

Dabura was sipping on some tea

“Psst. Your line.”, the director whispered

“Huh? Oh, yeah. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!”, Dabura screamed while Babitwo put his lips on the tea cup to drink some tea, but turned to stone because of his spit on it. Makes you think if Towa had this power too and can’t kiss her own husband/creation, which is also super weird

“Ugh, the stunt double too! Send in another one”, the director said, while pushing a small cactus with a cape on him

“I am Babidthree! Here’s an M on your head, so we don’t run out of actors!”, the cactus said

A sharpie hanging in the air because of a string was put in front of Dabura’s head, while the person holding the stick to move the string tried to draw an M on his head and resharpied Dabura’s beard instead, only getting the M on his head after two episodes.

Dabura stood there, talking to the cactus about his life goals when he realized he had the M on his head

“Ah, oh woe is me! My head! Ooh, arg, jeez…”, he said unenthusiastically

Grim-stood on the blackened shores of Torfrost
The Demon Lord tended his wounded face.
Mephistopheles just beneath (holla),
Sing you simple-breasted Muse, oh baby,
There’s a beauty cactus coming today
Lookit his fuzzy hair and wrinkles, lawd
I want to take a bite outta his forehead.
However big you think you are, foolish demon,
Them bitches comin like roaches for you.
Sceptred Hantu lay crumbled at his feet,
Sulfur pluming the fast deepening sky
Where bolts of crimson hellfire rode the wind,
His son in arm, his empyreal wife in hand,
Whose name was Lilith, the keen night monster,
Sister to the Bloodborn, not yet risen,
King Dabura, supreme and arrogant,
Whose immortal beauty and trenchant might
Held firm over boundless desolation
Until on that day his foe showed himself.
Babidi was his name; a beauty cactus
Shriveled as an old man in the fireborne pool,
Devious as a bitch in heat, I’ve heard.
That nigga ballin with his orange cape (holla),
He used to be Bibidi’s son but now…
(Toriyama’s a contradicting bitch yooooo)
Thence came Babidi, the cold magician,
And gave Dabura what he desired most
Whose fake marks, upon his royal forehead,
Were scrawled as a ‘W’ for wumbo
When they should have been written ‘M’ nigga
Yo, notta mark for Majin, but Mini -
That was his calling, the blue demon lord
For his size, the Leviathan his kin,
Yet not all his vast size accounted for
Bold and woeful Lilith not sore, but hot
Warming her lord demon’s sovereign bedsheets
And callin’ him a three-belly ho (holla).
Only then did Babidi take his chance
To beguile the King of all Demons
And move him from that place, barren and cold,
Not to Earth, where yet a greater monster slept,
But to Zoon, miserable, lightless world,
The Yardrats knew as Voon (ugly mofos),
To find a bold warrior to aid his quest,
With whom low Dabura could not compare:
The wizard had seen in his evil flames
The face and name of their noblest target.
Pui Pui was his name, a basket of cocks,
A name which would shake the heavens again
And draw pale lightning to the churning skies
And make the good fall, honor disappear,
All civilizations enslaved to him,
Pui Pui would be their worship, soon in time.
This crafty Babidi saw in his flames,
And now to Zoon, our demon lord arrives…

After the director recited his poem of the events, the cact...I mean Babidthree and Dabura (Da Bra, for short...for some reason) landed on Zoon, where they immediately fell on their faces (well a guy on set poked the cactus to the ground with a stick, but this is a show, so no one noticed)

“Oogh, argh! This gravity is so heavy! I’ve never trained or lived in it so I can’t move at all in it...even though I’m super strong…”, Dabura exclaimed

Pui Pui jumped down from a pillar, but looking like a more white version of Frieza’s Xenomorph form (cuz I always saw Pui Pui as a representation of Frieza and how Vegeta was so far ahead of him now so that he can kill him in his base form).

“MUHAGHAFHAG! 10X gravity is too much for you! Even though Kid Vegeta and Ledas can withstand 70X! MUAHTFGUHC!”, Pui Pui yelled out.

Pui Pui placed down a target and shot at it with perfect accuracy.

“Nice shot!”, Babidtree said

What Babidtree didn’t know was that the writer of this section used “what ___ didn’t know” too much. Also that Pui Pui was the greatest shot in all of the universe. Targets? Easy. Something using the NES Zapper after 10 years? Child’s play. 360 no scope? 100%. Best CoD, Halo, Titanfall…

*10 hours later

and TF2 player in all of the universe! But he was about to know. Pui Pui played all of those games with perfect accuracy, enough to make Cell jealous. Unfortunately for Mr. Frieza-lookalike, Babidthree was able to get used to the gravity and mind control Pui Pui

“Parrapa The Rappa!”Babidtree screamed. Another sharpie came from the celing, but the person missed again and gave Pui Pui the bags under his eyes, but eventually got the M on. While the guy was doing this, Pui Pui painted his eyelids yellow and glued his eyes shut

“ARRRRRRRRGH! Oh alas! I have fallen from my might! The tree! Babidtree! I serve thee! I’m a good actor, hire MEEEEEEE” Pui Pui exclaimed while obviously doing great acting. Call 854-2020 for Pui Pui Acting Service! It was once Celino and Barnes, but now isn’t, for some reason. All 8’s sounds boring.

With the now blind-for-this-acting-session Pui Pui and Dabura, Babidthree went to the Planet of Darkness, where Yakon and *SPOILERS* resided.

“Yeah I’ve got spines, I’ve got bones!” said Pui Pui big hunk big #1 fancyboy prettyboy extraordinaire. Hes standing in the mirror but he cant see himself cuz his eyes be glued shut smdh son. He like if frieza’s third form was poor as oliver twist.

“Hullo and hi and welcome to my audition!!” That was Va Gene Gene. She was Pui Pui’s sister and looked like a melted avocado was put in the freezer on a Christmas tree. What im trying to say is that she was ugly as hell but shes Va Gene Gene. she can live in 10x gravity.

“Bich 70x gravity’s only 7x gravity to someone who lives in 10x gravity,” pui pui does a good complain (kid vegeta praised pui pui for his courage and fine chin) “7x gravity is not much at all to be able to learn how to train in when u at the top of u’s game”

“THIS IS WHAT I REALLY CALL A PARTY NOW” Va Gene Gene noted with subtle grace.

“Our soft feelings are getting hurt it seems,” Dabura grunted. im only listening to this song cause i just wrote chasing oblivion #4.

“Dabura is #1 fancyboy!” Babidi screeched he was really an insane screecher i wonder how the voice actor does it but he’s sucha minor character i dont care at all. “Pui pui take back what u said about my true baby boy Dabura the demon who wears a blue jumpsuit!!!!!!!!”

“I’m back bitches,” Vegeta grunts as he lands the capsule corp space ship while wearing his pink shirt.

“Nuhhh wrong story!!” Va Gene Gene got very angry, she was even moist. Pui Pui wanted to slide in but then the space ship landed on her and she ded.

Vegeta leave quickly cuz he know he like five sagas too early to fight his greatest nemesis pui pui. But pui’d never forget that the vegetable, brother of a table, killed his sister like the wicked witch of the west (Va Gene Gene really was a _itch).

Once upon a time there was a Yakon. Yakon was big and flimsy and like if Toriyama could only spend 3 minutes designing Hirudegarn. Yakon’s a bug that you could find on Nar Shaddaa. He an ugly fucker get some roach spray for that fucker asap. Ugly little bug bitch someone squash him.

But Yakon was but a poor Yardrat milk seller. He sold Yardrat milk across his homeland for a modest price of 300,000,000 lightbeams apiece. When babidis crew (holla) arrived on the scene, u know them bitches be fumblin in the dark yo. They cant see nothin, even the demon dude idk what hes call he wears a stupid blue costume smdh. One time babidi tripped on yakons stand splashing milk all over Yakon’s face. Yakon was not pleased at all. He did not like getting splashed by foreign milk.

To rectify this situation. Pui Pui pui pui’d and shot a couple of light beams at Yakon (right in the kisser) and that gross fuckin green bug thing ate them up it was a prized delicacy where he came from.

(Cue I’ve Got A Feeling)
I've Got a Feeling

“I’ve got a feeling, a feeling deep inside!” Yakon declared dispassionately.

“Everybody had a wet dream!” screamed Pui Pui hopefully (his hope went unfulfilled).

Suddenly one time Dabura felt a rumbling on Yakon’s home and Babidi created a new clone of himself accidentally he was so scared

Yakon licked the milk of his lips, and tried to put on a little milkman hat, but he ripped it with his razor sharp claws. Then he remembered that he could retract those and tried to put on another hat, but now he didn’t have anything to pick it up with, but the the author remembered he actually did have hands, so he used them to put his hat and a milkman outfit on .

“Would you like some MEEEEEELK?” Yakon said. Babidfour (this one was a sharpie with cat hair taped onto it) grabbed the milk out of Yakon’s hands and drank it all in one gulp...somehow.

Yakon was pleased with the amount of milk Badidfour drank. “That will be 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lightbeams.”

“I AIN’T PAYIN’ THAT!”, the sharpie screamed while being pulled up by a string and drew an M on Yakon’s stomach

“Nooooooooo. Now I can’t sell my MEEEELK!” Yakon shouted while trying to put his head down to cry, but just heatbutt a rock beacuse it was super dark on that planet. Makes me wonder how Babidi...I mean Babidfour was able to see Yakon and control him. Cuz it was super dark.

But then, Babidthree slapped Babidfour to the ground with his cactus arm thing.

“You idiot! I’m controlling them, not you!” Babidthree shouted at the top of his lungs

“What’s going on?” Dabura commented after going off to find the Milk Spring that Yakon used to get his milk from

“I say HEYEYEYEYE! HEYEYEEEE! I SAID HEY!” Babidfour said while starting to dance (which was just being dangled back and forth cuz he’s a sharpie)

“What’s going on?” Pui Pui after he came back from trying to find someone with a wet dream.

Yakon grabbed Babidfour and started chewing on his cap. That’s what I did too once. Was I a monster?

“No. I was a DEVIL! HAshydJFUHFDYHXUJCFDHJ luv me.” Broly screamed and was erased from the story like Old Man Jenkins. See, it’s different this time cuz it’s Broly and not…


*I shove the screen with Old Man Jenkins on it away

Yeah that.

Those evil-natured robots deserved every last penny. Yakon is a beauty baby boy. One time I saw a Yakon statue on Planet Yardrat and that was so cool I threw up.

“And I cry, omg do i cri!!!!!” say the fourth cactus. My friend has a thousand cactuses they are the worst i hate cactuses what boring plants except dragonfruits those are great.

“Yakon ur mine now” that was another babidi. “I drew a pretty M on ur chest cuz ur heads too scary so i cant go up there ok??”

The moonlight made Yakon even more handsome. Twenty-five years ago, he’d won the Dark Star karaoke contest singing a song about He-man and various poorly-drawn American cartoon characters. “Pls mr. babidi-kun i cant leave im a businessman and make so much milk sales im gonna b rich 1 day.”

“Shut ur whore mouth.” And Babidi bitch-slapped Yakon. Yakon is certainly level 3 material, but even he couldn’t stop that level .000001 assault. It’s no surprise that Goku killed him real quick and then we never hear from him again. I love how yakon is pointless. There was no reason for him to exist, but he did. All those bitches at Toei had to draw him and animate him and what did he accomplish? His Super Saiyan light delicacy line was more important than anything chiaotzu ever did.

Speaking of Chiaotzu, at this precise moment the clown emperor - “Space clown! Space trash!! Raah!” Vegeta yelled at the sky shaking his fist - was picking juniper berries with his bf Tien/shinhan.

“Hey tien should we get high tonight?”

“Gruuh chiaotzu… ugh!!” Tien ripped off his shirt and threw it in the snow. “Don’t ever say something like that my friend, my best friend, my buddy this isn’t creepy at all that you and I live together!!”

“Ok tien i just wanted 2 make sure.” Chiaotzu giggle like a maniac clown who is three heroin lines from oblivion. “I feel like exploding on nappas back again papi!!”

“No, Chiaotzu!! Why?!?!?!?! Graaah!” He ripped off another shirt he put on, haha tien has three eyes what a fucker. “Explode on my back!!”

“Tien, I’m sorry… I’m a bottom…!!”

“Nooooooo, Chiaotzu!!”

Tien roars at the sky as clown eyes glow and he prepare to blow himself up (its all hes good for).

Meanwhile some of the babidis promised yakon Graham’s Number’s worth of lightbeams if he became a majin pretty boi. Yakon agreed! What light! But little did he know that Graham’s Number is larger than the number of atoms in the universe so haha bitch babidi promised something impossible. Eat that light yakon i know u like it.

Dabura found all of this most disagreeable. He longed for the Demon Realm, for the plumes of sulfur and the Hagravan bitch baby mommas whom he desperately wanted to seal the deal with. The M on his forehead was rubbing off. Permanent marker wasn’t so permanent now was it. He wished his name were papa big daddy and he could sit with three friends in a palace and discuss the evanescence of life and liberty and the pursuit of the bad poosey.


“Shut up. I have a plan. I will revive Majin Buu, have him make a wife, make them have a kid and name him ‘Fu’! Then I’ll have an unstoppable Majin army which I’ll obviously be able to control because I can control them all with my Majin powers!” Babidthree monologued while Yakon finished chewing up Babidfour’s cap and spit it onto Babidthree’s cape and destroyed it because Yakon has acid spit now. Dabura had stone spit, so Yakon’s having acid spit. RETCONS EVERYONE!

“Yeah, I guess. Let’s hope you don’t forget that you can control evil beings with ease” Dabrua agreed while spitting on his hand and wiping it on his head to try to get the marker off for good, but he just turned into stone.

“Urgh...this filming has gone for weeks...BRING IN THE STUNT DOUBLE” the director screamed

Dabura’s stunt double came in (we’ll call him Dabunt. Or only I will cuz there’s two authors and the other can change his name at will...RETCONS!) and had a M drawn on his head.

But Beezulbubers knew. His father was dead. No amount of Demontubing could ever bring him back. He made a goal for himself. To collect the Dragon Balls to revive his fat...hey this seems like a good fan fic idea! Imma leave to write that!

*I walk out of the screen

“WHY DOES EVERYONE QUIT!” the director asked as he brought in myself, who is the stunt double for the author. Why does a writer whose face you don’t see need a stunt double? For this exact situation. Also, do you think Youtubers actually do all that work? Nah, half of it goes to their stunt doubles. I should know. I’m not a youtuber.

ANYWAYS, Dabunt walked on set and asked, “How much money is going into this production? We have, like, 6 stunt doubles used so far”

“10 thousand and one dollars. Less budget than Evolution but still better in every single way imaginable...except for horribleness.” The producer responded

“I guess you could say it’s…” *Dabunt puts on sunglasses

“Over 9000.” nice meme said kidvegeta

Dabunt jumped into a car and drove off.


*The director points at you. Yes, you. The reader

“BE THE STUNT DOUBLE...what do you mean I have to entertain YOU? Don’t you want to be in a Dragon Ball film? No? Yes? If no, go to KV’s section. If yes, go to my section…


Beelzebub is a wonderful guy. He loves to sit around and play Pokemon Sun on his 3DS. One time he used his 3DS camera to take a wonderful video of him and this weird kid with a monkey tail. The scene is of course redacted but that’s not to say it’s not worth reading. But I digress.

One time I was on this boat right (“yo dawg thats cool u trippin” say one Gangsta Teller) and I thought hey why cant i spend the night my mamacita and papi-grande think im gonna sleep walk into the ocean. Ok so i tell them no im no sleepwalking but they didn’t believe me for around 2 years. This is a true story and I don’t want to read anymore Paradise Lost that book is horrible.

Dabura groaned “bich i look like goku”

Pui pui moaned “bich i look like vegeta”

“Yo gohan like that marijuan!!!!!” said another classical lyricist, one Lil John Wayne (author note: yakon is 2 insignificant to get a line here the director is a genius)

That doesnt even make sense. Lil wayne is horrible and i dont give a fuck what people say about carter 2 its trash, pure space trash. One time I had to listen to a whole lil wayne album after I lost the “no fap for a month challenge” that destructivedisk administered upon my helpless soul. Its the worst album i ever heard. Its like when Beelzebub was fuccing da puse ok. He gon cum but bich thats not gonna get pregnant jafeel me.

Dabura decided that he wanted to go to Earth now. “I know a guy on that planet,” he lied. “There’s 100% definitely a guy named spopovich on Earth.”

“Spopovich?” Babidi the fifth of his name cackled, “what a ridiculous, stupid name for such an insignificant character! That guys a creampuff!! At least he was…” *cue dramatic music*

“It’s true, I read the script!” Dabura had the passion of a thousand antelope.

This is no lie ok. So like several years ago i had a spopovich action figure (how the fucc i got it is just ridic) and my friend the aforementioned Gangsta Teller was playing with it as his step-dad rowed the boat to his boat house on the ocean. Then for some reason Gangsta Teller, that bich butterfinger woogwam, dropped spopovich into the ocean, and there he remains to this day “ill buy u a new one promise” say Gangster Teller, but guess what he never did.

The moral of this story is that Beelzebub gotta pound that saiyan boipucci.

Creeperman’s Section

“Ok so you wanna be in this movie. Good good. Now you stand there next to Babidthree and tell him to go to Earth....what, you don’t want too? That it’d be the exact same as the alternate scenario except for me directing you?! I’M THE DIRECTOR! THE TRUE GOD OF THIS WORLD! MY PERFECT WORLD! AND YOU WILL LISTEN TO WHAT I SAY!...Are we good now?” the director exclaimed. The producer snuck up behind him and kicked him to the floor

“YOUR EVIL WILL NEVER COME TO BE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” The producer jumped to a volcano set and fell in with the director. As the producer sunk in the lava, he gave a thumbs up to you.

And so, the director was destroyed. The movie never reached theaters. Babidthree stared in “Cactus Queen”. Dabunt made a million dollars with his meme. The original Creeperman wrote “Revival of the Demon Realm” and it became his most popular story. I kept writing stories after this (yes I can see the future). Old Man Jenkins and Broly lived as hobos for the rest of their lives telling running gags. Goku Black was able to give up his plan to kill all mortals and likes to play in rose fields now. Beezulbub started in Creeperman’s fanfic and became immensly more popular. Akira Toriyama actually decided not to retcon…

Bardock screamed, “EVERYTHING!”

Yes that. Everyone who got turned to stone were sent to Medusa’s garden where they stay forever. Yakon was able to continue his milk selling services and gained 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 light beams total. Mechiabura appeared again in Dragon Ball Heroes so no one cares about him. Shula became the most popular Demontuber in all of he gone? Okay. the Demon Realm...really? He-He’s not here? Next...let’s see...they need to know what happened to every character...ah yes. You. You finished this story. Congrats.

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