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This article, 484th Universe, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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This article, 484th Universe, is a fan-made crossover between Dragon Ball and another universe.

The 484th Verse is the fictional multiverse by Goku484. Whatever he chooses to do will take place in this or an altered version. Already being an altered universe to that of the original story, He has his own timeline, but even to that, there are alternate universes, which collectively form the multiverse. Earth is not just the DBZ world, reflective to the real world in a sense, at least relative to its massive size, this vast world contains Many other animes and similar shows, retconned to be on this world but on a much farther part, that's why the other heroes tend not to intervene as much.

The TimelineEdit

Universal DarknessEdit


Genocide of the Saiyans

Attack on Tamaron

Birth of Archo, Ryaand'r, Zuni.


Tamaran-Citadel War

Return of Komand'r

Tamaran-Citadel War 2

Departure of Zuni and Archo

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