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This article, 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga (Nikon23's Extended Universe), is the property of Nikon23.

32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga
Fan-Manga Chapters:
  • Volume 4(19-24)
  • Volume 5 (25-TBA)
  • Years released:
    August 5, 2019 - currently)

    The 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga (第32回天下一武道アーク) is the third Saga in the Dragon Ball SF fan-manga series. It covers Goku and the Z fighter's participation in the Junior and Adult Division of the 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai.

    The Fan-manga chapters are currently being worked on and released on Deviantart and TheOtaku  by Nikon23, himself.

    Volume 4 - Junior Division[]

    Chapter 19 "A Unexpected Announcement!"[]


    A week later at ZTV, Hercule is during a interview about the 30th anniversary of the Cell Games. Mr. Satan got the Tournament chairmen to hold the 32nd Tenkaichi Budokai this year on May12th instead

    Goku punches Gochan.png

    Goku trains with Goten and Gochan in Mount Poazu. At Krillin's House, Yincha and Kuru are still training under Krillin. At Gohan's House, Gohan and Maaku are training together. Elsewhere on Earth, Piccolo has started Kagyu's training.


    On The Divine Planet, Azure and Agon are visited by Chidai & Enki from Universe 6. they all soon learn of a message from the Grand Minister from the Grand Zenos.

    Chapter 20 "Return to Papaya Island!"[]

    Bulla in Dragon Ball SF

    On May 17, Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Mai, Bullla, Chalot and Giru are aboard a capsule ship seen traveling to Papaya Island. Later on the Island, Goku and the Other are all seen traveling to Papaya Island to compete in the upcoming Tenkaichi Budōkai.

    Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball SF

    After registering the Goku and the others later change into their Fighting attires and prepare for the preliminaries. Bulma and the others all join Mr. Satan in his sky-box to observe the matches. As Maaku, Yincha, Kuri, Gochan and Chalot prepare to compete in the Junior Division, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Pan, Aple, Krillin, Trunks, Piccolo, Goten, Tien and Yamcha prepare to compete in the preliminaries of the Adult Division.

    Chapter 21 "The Preliminaries Begin!"[]

    Wrath in Dragon Ball SF

    After learning that Fighters from Universe 6 are also going to compete in the 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai from Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo, the first group from Universe 6 are revealed to be Pilina, Caulifla and Kale . After learning that Cabba, Hit and the others won't be competing they are introduced to three other warriors from Universe 6, Indra, Arctic and Wrath.

    Akira in Dragon Ball SF

    As The Preliminaries for Adult Division took place, Yamcha and Tein are eliminated from competing. and later join Bulma, Bullla,  and the others in the sky-box. The former Announcer's Grandson, Akira is introduced and the Junior Division of the 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai begins.

    Chapter 22 "The Junior Division Begin!"[]

    Yincha's Kiai attack

    In The first match of the Junior Division, Yincha and Kazu compete against one another. Yincha manages to defeat Kazu with a Kiai attack from one punch causing him to be blown off his feet to fall out of bound of the ring resulting in Yincha winning by ring out. In the sky-box, Yamcha and the others are seen observing the matches.

    Hoshi using Ka Blam in Dragon Ball SF

    In the second match of the Junior Division, Kuri and Hoshi compete against one another. At the start of the match both are seen predicted and blocking each others attacks for a moment. Yajirobe is seen in the crowd observing the match while eating. Hoshi is revealed to be from Yajoribe's Warrior tribe. Kuri launchas a right stong kick and Hoshi blocks the kick with his left arm. Hoshi then lands a fast chop to Kuri's face causing him to stagger backwards in pain and shock.

    Kuri's Blast Bullet in Dragon Ball SF

    Out of options, Hoshi launches a Ki Blast called Ka Blam towards Kuri. While being hit by the Ka Balm, Kuri is being pushed backwards towards the opposite of the ring by the ki attack. Suddenly Kuri uses a Barrier to shatter the Ka Balm and save himself from falling out of the ring leaving Yincha impress as observes from outside the ring. enraged, Hoshi charges head on towards Kuri in a blind rage. Kuri launches a Blasting Bullet knocking Hoshi out of the ring leaving Kuri to win by ring out.

    Chapter 23 "The Best of the Children!"[]

    Ido vs Kagyu in Dragon Ball SF

    In the third match of the Junior Division, Kagyu and Ido prepare to fight against one another. Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, Aple, Pan, Krillin and Majuub have made it through the Preliminaries and are observing the matches of the Junior Division on a balcony above the audience.

    As The match begins, both Kagyu and Ido are seen raising their ki. Kagyu charges head on while Ido prepares from his arrival while in a fighting stance. Kagyu delivers a strong left punch to Ido's face but it causes minor damage.

    Kagyu vs. Ido in Dragon Ball SF

    Ido then land and charges and both of them collide into one another with a strike attack. Ido delivers a strong punch to Kagyu's face causing him to stagger back in pain and rage. Kagyu launches a Masenko towards the ground causing him to be push upward off the ring into the air as his blast hits the ring floor much to Ido's confusion. As the the blast resurface and comes up from underground, Ido manages to avoid the ki attack only to be punch in the face from behind and knocked out the ring, with Kagyu winning by ring out.

    Ikoda punched by Gochan in Dragon Ball SF

    After the Ring's minor damage is repaired, the fourth match of the Junior Division take place between Ikoda and Gochan. During the start of the match. Ikoda tries to throw a sneak attack but Gochan blocks it easily and counter with a punch to Ikoda's face causing him to faint and collapse. Gochan wins the match by Knock out.

    Chapter 24 "Road to Victory!"[]

    Gomen in Dragon Ball SF

    In the fifth match of the Junior Division, Gomen and Land fight against each other. Gomen wins the match against Lang and goes on the the next round of the Junior Division. As Pan and the others wonder who will compete against one another the next match begins.

    Good Buu in Dragon Ball SF

    In the sixth match of the Junior Division, Mongo and Maakku fight against one another. Maaku is announced to the crowd to as the grandson of Mr. Satan along with Mongo begin introduced as a Grandson of Wild Tiger. A flashback of the 27th Tenkaichi Budōkai occurs with Wild Tiger being blown our of the ring by Good Buu's Flame Shower Breath.

    Pan Vs. Wild Tiger flashback in Dragon Ball SF

    Another flashback occurs of the 28th Tenkaichi Budōkai, with Aple and his family observing the match among the crowd in the audience. Pan is seen slapping Wild Tiger putting him into a daze and she is last seen charging towards him in mid air until the flashback ends and returns to the present.

    Maaku in Dragon Ball SF


    Videl wonders if her father had anything to do with this match-up and he assures her that it's just a coincidence. Goku, Krillin and the others encourage Maaku to do his best. The match begins and Mongo prepared to charge but suddenly Maakr vanish and reappears in front of Mongo using rapid movement landing a punch to Mongo's gut causing him to faint and collapse. Maaku wins the match by Knock out.

    Chapter 25 "Chalot's Debut!"[]

    Akira in Dragon Ball SF

    In the seventh match of the Junior Division, Sukoi and Pear compete against one another. Every attack Pear throws Sukoi manages to counter of block it. When Sukoi counter with his own attack, Pear manages to avoid causing Suoki to use a Explosive wave to knock her out the ring and win the match by ring out.

    Chalot kicks Jiro in the chest

    Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Pan, Trunks, Goku and the others are seen observing the matches and Bulma and the others are seen observing while in the sky-box. The eight match of the Junior Division of between Jiro and Chalot. during the start of the match, before Jiroc ould even fight, Chalot quickly closes in with a back kick to Kiro's chest knocking him out. Chalot wins the match by knock out.

    Piccolo in Dragon Ball SF

    In the next round, Yincha and Kuri are to fight against one another in the Junior Division. Piccolo suggests in this round, the matches will become more interesting. While entering the round, both Kuri and Yincha vow not to hold back agains t one naothe rdoing their match. The chapter ends with the matach about to start.


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