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The 2nd Timespace Rift Tournament Saga is the 9th Saga of Dragon Ball Advanced, and First Saga of the Fusions/Timespace Rift Group.

Confirmed Fusions Edit

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Confirmed Plot points Edit

  • This Saga will have the most EX-Fusions in it out of the entirety of Dragon Ball Advanced
  • This Saga will have the most Characters
  • The Main Villain won't be introduced or mentioned in this saga
  • This Saga along with the Fusions/Timespace Rift Group will take place solely in the Timespace Rift's version of Age 2360.
  • This Saga will be the longest and like the Dark Empire Saga on the canon wiki; this Saga will be broken into substories.
  • This Saga will follow some common themes surrounding Tournaments
    • Goku will lose in the Final Round
    • Yamcha will lose in the quarter-finals

Substories Edit

  • Behind the Scenes: 1st Tournament Mini-Saga
  • Preparation for the Tournament Mini-Saga
  • 100-Team Challenge Mini-Saga
  • Redemption Round Mini-Saga
  • Training for the First Round Mini-Saga
  • Tournament Begins Mini-Saga
  • Post-Tournament Round Mini-Saga

Plot Edit

Guitar makes his way home after meditating at Atla's Cliffs and spots Vegeta's Statue - he notices strange energy floating around it and approaches it. The energy begins to become violent the closer the Namekian walks near it and eventually it explodes as soon as he is near it. Guitar is knocked on unconscious by the explosion as Piccolo sense it and flies off to the area. He notices his offspring on the ground and flies over to him as more anomalies begin to form around Goku City and most of Earth. Piccolo presumes that it is the result of the battle with Atla finally taking effect, but his theory is shot down as Android 16 descends in front of him and tells him that he is wrong. Piccolo asks what happened to Guitar and he says that the energy causes Neurotemporal Displacement - confusing Piccolo as he repeats Android 16's words.

Behind The Scenes: 1st Tournament Mini-Saga Edit

Guitar wakes up outside the arena of the Tournament Arena and quickly realises that he is in the Timespace Rift and looks at his reflection to he is a kid again. The announcer declares Team Tekka has winners for the round while members of Team Guitar call their leader a loser as they fly off. Guitar flies off to Frieza's Ship and organises uses the team matching system to select Kid Goku, Trunks, Goten, and Pan: GT as his new teammates while still remaining confused about everything and even tries to ask everyone what's going on, but they think he is crazy. A Time Rift opens allowing his selected teammates to come through as they've agreed to be his teammate. Bulma approaches Guitar thanks him for meeting her like he promised and asks if he's ready to try her new gadget. Bulma reveals that she worked on it with Chronoa and Towa, and call it the Digital Space-Time Ring she explains to him that it will allow him to physically enter the Streetpass Machine's Network in order to resolve the bugs and problems with the machine. Guitar fakes most of his responses throughout most of the conversation and agrees to use the ring. He asks her to give him some time and she tells him to be quick as the situation may get worse the longer it is ignored. Guitar goes over to the EX-Fusion Station and uses it to fuse Kid Goku and Krillin into the Gorillin while fusing his other teammates into Pandel and EX Gotenks respectively. However, as a result of fusing two of his teammates, he is now required to find a fifth teammate as he turns off the machine and second Time Rift opens allowing his fused Teammates to come through and recruits Hit to his team. He uses the ring in order to enter the Sreetpass Machine's network and finds Super 17 and Baby in the network arguing with each other. Super 17 explains that he is in the middle a fight and dragging him to a dead-end place was not acceptable. Team Guitar confronts them and they mock Guitar and his team as they agree to put aside their arguement and use the EX-Fusion to fuse into Baby 17. Baby 17 summons Chilled, Future Cooler, Mira, and Paradox Cell-X from different Time Rifts. Both teams begin to battle against each other and Guitar tells Baby 17 that since his teammates are Time Rift versions of their selves their powers are unusually high. Guitar gets his team to prove as Gorillin punches Chilled in the gut and sends him flying while Pandel kicks Paradox Cell-X away without much effort and EX Gotenks uses Galick Kamehameha to wound both Baby 17 and Mira. Baby 17 uses Hell's Storm followed up by Flash Bomber, but Team Guitar dodges the attack as attacks as Baby 17 fires his Super Flash Bomber, but it fails to land on them. He uses Revenge Death Ball followed by Electro Eclipse Ball, but Guitar counters with energy barrier - protecting himself from the attack. He follows up with Dark Energy Ball and declares that he will annihilate Team Guitar with it.

Hit uses Time-Skip to strike Baby 17, but the negative energy created by the Dark Energy Ball creates an energy shield around him knocks the assassin back. Guitar uses Super Masenko against the Dark Energy Ball as Baby 17 launches while Gorillin and Pandel use Kamehameha, and EX Gotenks use Galick Kamehameha while Hit uses Time-Skip to get by Baby 17 and punches him in the back allow his team to engulf him with their combined energy. However, Baby 17 regenerates and use his Possession ability to take over Mira and immediately begins to Tuffleize him before turning Super Saiyan. Team Guitar is easily defeated by Baby 17 Mira's Galick Beam Cannon as he Bulma alerts them to the Ring's second ability which allows them to return to the same point that left the real world in order to re-plan Guitar follows her suggestion as he tells Hit that he has no idea what's going on. Hit is confused by his confession until Guitar tells him about the events in Age 2360. Hit doesn't know what to say about the events as Bulma explain discussing it with Time Rift may not be the best option as she reveals that she was eavesdropping and further explains that the real versions of the Time Rift being don't gain all the experiences that their Time Rift selves do as it a means to protect the timeline. Hit agrees with Bulma as he reveals that he plans to fuse him with Champa - Hit agrees to it with Bulma explaining that all Time Rift versions are supernaturally willing to recruitments and fusions. Guitar goes over to the EX-Fusion Station to fuse Hit with Champa, and Chamhit emerges from a Time Rift. Guitar asks Whis to train him and he agrees to it if he can find or make the most delicious treat - he's ever tasted. Guitar summons Shenron and wishes for an onigiri so delicious that it'll make mortals pass out. Shenron complies with the wish and gives it to Whis to eat. Guitar waits with anticipation as Whis finds it to be the most delicious treat he's ever tasted. He agrees to train him and puts him through a series of trials. Some time letter - Team Guitar uses the rings to return to the Streetpass Machine's network and at the time they left. Baby 17 Mira sends his teammates back to their proper eras and proceeds to battle against them. EX Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan as Gorillin fires his Destructo Disk at Baby 17 Mira, but he dodges it. Guitar creates a Power Ball and tells Gorillin to stare at it and forces him to transform into his Great Ape form. Team Guitar prepare to take the battle to next level as Baby 17 Mira stares them down.

Baby 17 Mira punches Great Ape Gorillin as EX Gotenks punches him in the gut sending him flying. Chamhit uses Time-Skip/Supreme and absolute overpowers him with ease as Guitar powers up to his Red-Eyed form while Pandel kicks Baby 17 Mira into the ground. Chamhit uses his Judgement of a Destroyer, Pandel uses Kamehameha, Gorillin uses Mouth Energy Wave while EX Gotenks uses Galick Kamehameha, and Guitar uses God Masenko. The energy beams combine into a single energy wave as Baby 17 Mira uses Galick Beam Cannon resulting in an energy clash. However, he is overwhelmed by their team attack and engulfs Baby 17 Mira - resulting him being heavily wounded by the attack and he transforms into Strongest Form 1 using the negative energy around him. Baby 17 Mira damages Guitar's ring sending him to the point after he left a second time. Bulma takes it to repair it while she suggests he finds another way to fight back. Guitar uses the EX-Fusion Machine to in order to fuse himself with Demigra. Demitar arrives back into the Network directly after he was forced back into the real world and uses Bloody Masenko. They decide to go with physical force and all five of them battle Baby 17 Mira together and manage to overwhelm him. Baby 17 Mira begins to feel his rhythm getting off-balance as their attacks are barely coordinated. However, he begins to read their moves better and realises their attacks are too linear and become predictable using this to his advantage. He knocks EX Gotenks away with a kick while knocking Gorillin over with a punch to the jaw while blocking an attack from Chamhit. Team Guitar continue to repel Baby 17 Mira's attempts at fatal attacks as Chamhit manages to knock Baby 17 Mira to ground with another assault. He becomes furious at them overpowering him and begins to absorb as much negative energy around him as possible in order to strengthen himself as the battle continues. EX Gotenks enters Super Saiyan 2 and declares that he'll end the battle with one attack, but Baby 17 Mira knocks him into the ground and continues to assault the team. Team Guitar gains the upper hand once again and overwhelm him to the point that he is critically wounded. He begins absorbing even more negative energy in order to begin his next transformation.

Baby 17 Mira evolves into his Strongest Form 2, but as his evolution completes - he is knocked to the ground by Super Saiyan 2 EX Gotenks, however, he isn't fazed by the attack and powers up to his mac power revealing that he is more powerful than before proceeding to pummel Team Guitar with ease. However, Chamhit is still able to match his power and knocks him into the ground with his Time-Skip/Supreme. Chamhit is unable sense any energy coming from him and Baby 17 Mira tells him that Super 17's undetectable ki has passed onto him and proceeds to fire his Revenge Galick Beam Cannon at Chamhit as the fused warrior uses it hand to try to block it. However, he begins to be pushed back by the force of the attack as Demitar and EX Gotenks use Bloody Masenko and Galick Kamehameha respectively. The energy beams combine as it collides with Baby 17 Mira and results in a large explosion and enables to Chamhit to punch Baby 17 Mira's energy wave back at him and heavily wounds him while Pandel and Gorillin uses Kamehameha as Demitar is confused by Gorillin's control over his Great Ape form. Baby 17 Mira deflects the energy waves and knocks the two over before severing Gorillin's tail and forcing him back into his base form. Chamhit kicks Baby 17 Mira before he is able to deliver a second blow to Gorillin and proceeds to clash with him throughout the sky. EX Gotenks, Gorillin, and Pandel fire Galick Kamehameha and Kamehamehas respectively and manage to engulf their opponent. Baby 17 Mira survives the attack and raises his power to point that he manages to focus his power enough to summon a Time Rift version of Bulma and absorb her into her being. Baby 17 Mira uses his abilities to overpower Chamhit and knocks him to the ground with a flurry of punches and kicks. He knocks him to the before fire his Super Dark Energy Ball at him as members of Team Guitar fire their super attack in order stop the energy sphere. Demitar admits that he doesn't remember doing any of this in the past and wonders if what is happening to was always meant to happen. The energy clashes cause the Freeform Fusion Machine to go haywire with electric sparks fly off it. Bulma wonders if Team Guitar is helping the situation or hindering it. The clash continues as the Tournament continues to unfold as EX-Fusion are threaten to become undone before it concludes it. The resulting energy clash eventually reduced to a standstill before an explosion occurs from the clash as the fighters are heavily wounded by the explosion. However, Baby 17 Mira heals from his wounds while Team Guitar is still trying to recover from their battle when Demitar suggest Five-Way Fusion, but Chamhit worries that it might overload the machine. EX Gotenks agrees with the suggestion and Chamhit reluctantly goes along with it, and uses the Five-Way Fusion to fuses into Ultra Demitar.

Ultra Demitar powers up and proceeds to pummel Baby 17 Mira with ease and completely overpowers him. Ultra Demitar punches his foe in the gut as Mira communicates with him telepathically to destroy him. The result of Ultra Demitar's power causes the network to become red while the viruses begin to disappear. Baby 17 Mira uses every energy attack he can think of against Ultra Demitar, but the fused warrior deflects every energy attack with ease before punching Super Dark Energy Ball back at his foe - resulting in a massive explosion. They fire a ki blast at each other, but both Ki blasts cancel each other at as Ultra Demitar punches Baby 17 Mira in the gut before following with a kick and ends his combo with a double axe handle. The Tuffle Mutant realises that he'll die to the next attack and watches as Ultra Demitar flies up to the sky. Feeling that his fusion will come to end soon - he decides to fire a ki blast as Baby 17 Mira senses that it'll destroy him as Mira telepathically thanks him, however, Baby 17 separates from him as Mira and the Time Rift version of Bulma are destroyed the by attack. Baby 17 defuses himself as Super 17 returns to his era while Baby reveals his own Digital Space-Time Ring and uses it to escape the network before Ultra Demitar can finish him off. Ultra Demitar defuses and Team Guitar returns to the Spaceship where Guitar defuses from Demigra and disbands his team before he rushes off to train with Whis. Whis agrees to train him further and takes through some intense training as the Neurotemporal Displacement begins to wear off and causes him to miss his time to dodge a ki blast from Gohan. Guitar apologises to Gohan as Bulma tells Whis that Guitar succeeding in fixing the Freeform Machine and defeated the culprits. Whis tells that it's not over yet and promises to restore her memory when the next event in the Timespace Rift occurs as he sends her back to Age 774 after erasing her memory of the Timespace Rift and the events that unfolded along with everyone from Goku's era after Tekka wins the tournament. Pinich is confused when Vegeta disappears but continues his own training. Guitar continues to dodge each of Gohan's attack as part of Whis's training. After Whis is satisfied with his reaction timing - he gets Guitar to train in order to increase his resilience and flexibility while meditating above volcano in winter clothing while getting him to double task by dodging Pinich's energy attacks while not leaving his spot. Guitar fails several times but manages to use high-speed movements to dodge Pinich's energy blasts while not moving too far away from Volcano. Pinich offers to battle against him after his training. The training continues as the Displacement begins to weaken and almost causes Guitar to miss his timing.

Guitar complete his training with Whis and Pinich wants to test his power against him. Whis suggests a five-on-five battle and they agree as Guitar reforms his team and return as Pinich has his team while replacing Frieza and Cell with Android 33 and Nox respectively. Paprika is unwilling to fight as Gorillin strikes Pinich while Guitar strikes down Nox. Nox survives the attack as Android 33 blasts him in the back with his energy. Paprika is finally talked into fight back by Guitar and overwhelms him with Galick Flash. Guitar kicks Wanta in the gut and sends him flying across the Timespace Rift. Paprika straps on his Metamo-Ring and tells Wanta to do the same as he fails to harm EX Gotenks and Pandel with his High Pressure Energy Wave and Revenge Final Flash respectively and they fuse into Papanta. Papanta overpowers EX Gotenks but Gorillin matches his strengths as they continue to clash. He uses his Galick Wave to knock him away before using Great Ape Power. Pinich and Guitar clash with each other as Chamhit uses his energy shield to knock them back as he doesn't want to fight kids. Nox manages to counter Guitar's Mystic Attack by slicing his arm off and proceeds to kick away. Pandel counters all of Nox's attacks and manages to knock him down with a Kamehameha. Nox reforms from the attack and uses an energy barrage against, but she deflects all energy blasts as Guitar begins displacement begins to waver causing him to receive a heavy blow to the back and sending him crashing into a small planet near the Tournament Planet. Guitar transforms into his Red-Eyed Namekian Form and proceeds to counter all of Pinich's attack as Pinich transforms into Super Saiyan. EX Gotenks powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and immediately overpowers Papanta and easily knocks him to the ground. Papanta is surprised even with his Great Ape power he is still unable to match Super Saiyan 2 and is finally knocked to the ground before passing out, and reverting to his base form. Guitar and Pinich continues to clash, and begin to cause minute quakes in the Timespace Rift causing several cracks as Pinich knocks Guitar as his displacement wavers again as they prepare Galick Gun and Masenko respectively. Gorillin defeats Nox and Android 55 as the rest of Team Guitar watch the battle. However, Guitar awakes from his Neurotemporal Displacement and he is told by Android 16 that his mind was transported in time and the events that he was blacked out to - Guitar asks who won the fight with Team Pinich, but 16 and Piccolo don't know the answer.

Preparation for the Tournament Mini-Saga Edit

In the Timespace Rift at an unknown time - a hooded man summons an unknown version of Super Shenron and the two greet each other like old friends. The hood man requests for additional wishes and asks to revive Infinite Zamasu. He asks if the Eternal Dragon can do since the change in the timeline, but Super Shenron informs him that the change in timeline was erased by the Supreme Kai of Time and revives Infinite Zamasu, however, the unofficial Supreme Kai appears as the manifest will of Fused Zamasu as Super Shenron explains that is main components were revived a while back and without them - this is the only Infinite Zamasu can exist. The hooded man asks for Super Shenron to give him a body that is identical to his previous body as well as have the same genetic make-up. He complies and Infinite Zamasu takes on his humanoid form. He makes his final few wishes to the Super Shenron. Back in Age 2360; Guitar walks outside and notices that there are even more pools of the strange energy as Piccolo reveals that it started happening while he was displaced - 10 months ago. Guitar is shocked that is was displaced that long as it only felt like a day and asks what's causing it. Android 17 flies down and tells him that they're about to resolve that matter as Guitar asks how he is still alive and Android 17 reveals that Cyborgs don't age and takes him to an archway. Android 17 says that they managed to pull the energy into a single location and manage to form a gateway to the Timespace Rift. Naraku arrives and tells them to come to Sage's house were she reveals that Sagelin's displacement is irreversible. Guitar is saddened by his friend's condition and wonders what he can do for him. Piccolo tells him of the Namekian Fusion in which if he manages to get Sagelin's consent - he can merge with him as it is the only to save him. Guitar asks how to get his consent when he is in an irreversible displacement state - Naraku uses her magic to stimulate his brain muscles in order to have him consent. Following his father's instructions; Guitar places his hand on Sagelin and proceeds to merge with him while Naraku stimulates his nerves in order to mimic the required actions for the fusion. Guitar is amazed at the power - he received from his best friend and tells him that he going to the unknown tournament as while he wasn't able to learn much of the 2nd tournament - he was able to learn that Toomlin had knowledge of a plot - at that moment the hooded man arrives in the era. He tells him that the plot that Toomlin heard was the 2nd Timespacer Rift Tournament and that he was hoping to enter the tournament. Piccolo recognises the hooded man and he reveals himself to be Goku Black of the parallel timeline and requests that to save confusion they call him Goku Black: GT - GT short for Grand Tour. They agree as Piccolo readies to attack him, but Goku Black: GT tells them he isn't looking for trouble, but for martial artists to attend the Tournament. Piccolo asks why he is organising this "unknown" tournament and Goku Black: GT says that the first one was so good - that second one is just natural. He notes the sad look on Guitar and tells him that if he wins the tournament he'll be able to have any two wishes granted no matter how complex or ridiculous they are. Guitar smiles and tells him that he agrees to attend, and asks Android 16 to come with him as a friend. 16 agrees as they head off with Goku Black: GT - he tells his father not to worry and that he'll be back.

Guitar and Android 16 arrives on Floor 1 of the Timespace Rift and finds himself on the Mount Paozu Section. Android 16 asks what he intends to do and Guitar vows to bring back Sage. Guitar flies over to the Capsule Corp Section and notices a woman in the Capsule Corp Building and approaches her - she identifies herself as Chi-Chi while young boy approaches them and identifies himself as Gohan as 16 is confused about why Gohan is small only to be met with a confused look from the young boy. Another young boy walks and identifies himself as Puck and calls out to a woman named Ruberry and she enters the room. She asks if he and Android 16 are attending the Tournament. Guitar confirms, but Android 16 doesn't and she directs Guitar to her desk telling him that all contestants are offered a Metamo-Ring as a sign of participation and are required to wear them while signing in. Chi-Chi directs them to Floor Six and tells them to speak to the receptionist Romabo. Guitar asks 16 to come with him as they fly up to the sixth floor. They arrive to find it packed with participants and by-standers who intend to watch the fights unfold. Goku Black: GT greets the contestants and begins explaining the rules of the tournament to the fighters. Team Evolution learns the hard of what its like to break the first rule in regarding accurate information and are forbidden from entering the tournament as a result; Casey tries to attack Romabo, but Goku Black: GT responds by pressing a button on his chair which erases Team Evolution and their entire dimension from existence. Guitar meets Top at the entry and they greet each other with respect. Guitar asks why Top is going to the stands and he reveals that since he is a God of Destruction candidate his team couldn't enter. Guitar tells that he hopes to have a pleasant time and wishes him well - Top nods at him as Jiren stares blankly at him. Guitar approaches the front desk and asks to register showing his Metamo-Ring and Romabo gets her translator asks if he has a team of five yet. He says no and she replies with that he needs to form his team before registering for the tournament. Guitar asks how long has to make his team and he learns that he has 30 hours to form his team or he'll be relegated to the bleachers. He decides to ponder the team as Rola has failed to apply as he revealed that his 30 hours was up. Guitar asks Rola when he arrived and he reveals that he arrived a week ago. Guitar goes over the rules and tries to decide what he is going to do as he can't use the Red-Eyed Namekian Form. He flies over to bleachers and as Android 16 asks who he is going ask and Guitar replies that he is going to recruit Jiren to his team. Guitar flies down to Jiren and asks if he still wants to join the tournament - he responds that it would he is interested in a rematch with Goku, and Guitar offers him a chance by asking him to join his team. Dispo thanks him for the offer, but Jiren wouldn't agree, but Top tells him to be quiet and let Jiren decide for himself. To everyone's' surprise Jiren agrees as he shakes Guitar's hand and tells him that they are going to win.

Guitar decides to recruit Android 16 as well and the three fly off to find another member while more participants begin to appear. Tekka and Pinich greet Guitar and announce that they've just registered for the tournament and are waiting for the first part of the tournament. Guitar reveals that he still needs to find two people to become part of his team, and Pinich reveals that he saw a shady individual on one of the small planets earlier. Tekka senses that something has changed about Guitar and asks why he is participating. Guitar tells the two everything that occurred prior to him coming to the Timespace Rift; prompting a sympathetic response from the two and Jiren expressing his sympathy as well. Tekka directs Guitar to the spaceship and tells him to summon the Time Rift version of Sage from there, if he desires. Guitar and his team head off to find the shady individual, and locate him at the planetoid as described. He introduces himself to the individual and the person introduces himself as Yukirieza. Guitar asks why he is not at the registry and Yukirieza replies no one will recruit; explaining that he is part-Kagejin and the offspring of Frieza. He explains those two aspects can be quite off putting to some. Guitar is sympathetic as his parent was also a villain years ago, and asks him to join his team. Yukirieza accepts his offer and they fly off to the spaceship as the same unusual energy spirals above confusing them as Guitar enters the ship and goes over to the Team Building Station and uses it to bring in Sage. A Time Rift open as Sage enters and greets his friend asking about him and his unusual energy - at the point the unusual energy infuses with the time rift version of Sage as Android 16 reveals that its the Neurotemporal Displacement as Sagelin looks at his reflection and notices that he is in his fusee's body and asks what's going on. Guitar reveals everything to Sagelin and he is glad that Guitar didn't leave him to his fate like that. Guitar tells him that he isn't recruiting him for the fight as he simply wanted to summon the Time Rift version of him and tells that if he doesn't find his last fighter - he'll pick Sagelin. Sagelin expresses no interest in the tournament and says he'll watch for the bleachers. Guitar and his three teammates fly to find another teammate and continue searching as Yukirieza states that he doesn't mind anyone so long as they don't cost Guitar his wish as he states that he doesn't have wish. He reveals that every member of the team gets a wish each as the Super Dragon Balls have been altered to allow each teammate to get their wish. Guitar asks what wishes everyone is going to make as Jiren reveals that he is wish to erase all Universe 11-born evil beings from existence so that he focus on training the inhabitants of his universe to fend off any external threats. Android 16 wish is to erase orders to kill Goku which is still coded into his database as the others reveal their wishes. Guitar locates the New Future Trunks and asks him to join their team; he agrees and as he heads off to register his team before heading off to the underground section to learn of the next part. Meanwhile; Goku continues to train Goten at the Gizard Wastelands in Age 780 as Goten complains about not being involved with the Time Patrol or Tournament of Power before turning Super Saiyan 2.

Goku is impressed with his son's development and tells him that he wants Goten to achieve Super Saiyan 3 next as he proceeds to fire a barrage of ki with his son dodge each of them with ease and proceeds to punch Goku in the face, however, Goku counters by turning into Super Saiyan and prepares to strike back. Vegeta trains his son while also at the mountains with Tien training on his own as Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan in order to test Trunks' power. Goku is about to strike back, but Chi-Chi and Gohan arrive with Chi-Chi angrily scolding Goku for not getting a job like he promised and scuffing up his suit. She asks for the rest and Goku reveals that after he was unsuccessful with getting the job - he started training with Goten and the tuxedo got destroyed. Piccolo arrives with Bardock and tells Goku that confessing its destruction was probably the worst move he could of made. At that moment; a work for the 2nd Timespace Rift Tournament arrives and greets them. Vegeta stops his training with Trunks and notices that stranger by Goku - the Tournament worker reveals information about the tournament along with the rules, and prize. Chi-Chi tells him to reject his request, but Goku reveals that he could simply use the Super Dragon Balls to make all her wishes come true. Chi-Chi ponders for a moment before recanting and saying she wishes to watch as Goku asks Piccolo to be a part of his team along with his father and sons. Bardock initially refuses but recants when he is offered the chance to have his own wish while Vegeta also expresses interest, but he doesn't know anyone else to join his team. The worker says there is plenty people in the Timespace Rift to chose from and he agrees to join with his son as his teammate and asks Tien to join his team - Tien agrees and they're taken to the Timespace Rift. At the Timespace Rift; they are created by Yamcha whom has already formed his team and has just registered as Krillin greet Goku as Vegeta flies off to find more members for his team. Meanwhile in Earth-1985; Xeno Kakarot fights off an army of bandits as Xeno Trunks blasts away their leader. Infinite Zamasu appears and destroys the army of bandits as he tells them they've been invited to the tournament and tells them of their prize. Xeno Kakarot initially refuses, but he is told that each member of a team gets a wish. Xeno Kakarot tells him that'll agree to attend as he asks Xeno Trunks and Qurita to be apart of his team with Xeno Raditz and Xeno Bardock. They had off to the Rift as Xeno Kakarot meets Goku while his counterpart is still surprised by the second Chi-Chi. Xeno Vegeta arrives with his team and tells Xeno Kakarot that he'll destroy them all in the first round of the tournament with Vegeta scoffing at his opponent and calls him weak and pathetic. Xeno Vegeta moves to challenge his counterpart as the timespace rift Chi-Chi advises him to stop as Xeno Vegeta is gets in his counterpart's face and proceeds to reveal to Xeno Kakarot that he has finally achieved Super Saiyan shocking him.

Face-to-face with his counterpart; Vegeta tells him that he is an eye sore and should of stayed home to Xeno Vegeta tells him that he isn't afraid him and will annihilate him if he doesn't keep his mouth shut. Vegeta tells him that he's been Super Saiyan for years and he isn't scared of his counterpart. The Timespace Rift Chi-Chi calmly tells Xeno Vegeta to settle down and steps between them. Vegeta tells his team that they are going to register as Team Goku follows, however, Xeno Vegeta calls him a coward and is about to dart towards him, but the timespace rift Chi-Chi swiftly karate chops Xeno Vegeta on the neck - knocking him out easily as Xeno King Vegeta promises to settle him down and flies off for them to register. After a registering; Team Goku enters the Fighters' Quarters and meets with Guitar and his teams as they are introduced to Infinite Zamasu. He reveals to Goku that Goku Black: GT has forced him to become his servant. He proceeds to tell them that he'll announce the Team and they can go to their rooms. After the teams are showed to their room - Goku learns that their rooms are much larger than they appear as big as West City with a large supply of food, training equipment, and clothes. Goku changes his clothes and tells them that some training will be necessary in order to come up with strategies. The other teams seem to be doing the same thing as Guitar are discussing strategies with Yukirieza and New Future Trunks as they spar with one another while Jiren image trains while meditating, and Team Tekka goes over his plans for the upcoming rounds. Goku Black: GT sits down on his chair as the elevator begins to lift him above the stadium and he looks over area as the bystanders begin to become acquainted with one another with Chi-Chi and Bulma greeting Rola and Top choosing to sit next them as well as he introduces himself to Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi apologises to Top for Goku risking his universe for the Tournament of Power and Top tells her that she doesn't need to apologise. Goku Black: GT opens a panel on his chair and tells Infinite Zamasu that is time to begin to 100-Team Round.

100-Team Challenge Mini-Saga Edit

Goku Black: GT announces the 100-Team Challenge Round to the audience and tells them that the round will decide who'll compete in the first round of the tournament as he calls out the first few teams. Each of the teams fails to round and are disqualified as Infinite Zamasu announces them by that the first sixteen teams have been eliminated as the next team enters the ring. Team Chappil is announced and they enter the ring as they prepare to face off against the Time Rifts. The first team is consist of Namek Saga Frieza, Saiyan Saga Vegeta, Trunks Saga Goku, Cell Games Future Trunks, and Tien Shinhan Saga Tien. After the ball rings; Chappil proceeds to eliminate Frieza: TR with ease and proceeds to go after Goku: TR with Hop targeting Tien and easily defeating him. Goku: TR transforms into Super Saiyan and attempts to punch Hop, but she dodges him at the last second causing him to go outside the ring as he disappears leaving only Tien: TR and Vegeta: TR - they blasts Team Chappil repeatedly as Vegeta: TR turns on Tien: TR and fires his Galick Gun causing it to swallow his own teammate while also hitting Comfrey, However, Chappil knocks Vegeta: TR out of the ring allowing them to move onto Team Semi-Perfect Cell: TR. They manage to defeat all members except for Semi-Perfect Cell: TR and proceeds to close in on him, but Chappil misses his opponent and almost accidentally punches the wall. However, Chappil fires a k blast at Cell: TR's back causing him to stumble and touch the ground and eliminating him. However, as soon as Team Mira: TR emerge Chappil is eliminated by a single kick for Mira: TR. Several more team participate, however, they all manage to get to the 25th team and loses in a variety of ways to said team. Team Pinich is announced next and they fair well against Frieza: TR with Skwash using Super Saiyan. However, Skwash is knocked out of the ring, but Semi-Perfect Cell and forces Pinich to continue on as they eliminate numerous teams. Android 33 and Nox fuse into Android Nox as Papanta fires a ki blast at the team leader of the 25th team causing him to ring out. They continue to outshine the previous teams and eventually come face-to-face with the 30th team and they realise they have much higher ki than any other team. Cell 13 fires his Deadly Kamehameha and engulfs Android Nox resulting in his death - shoking everyone including Pinich. Pinich transforms into Super Saiyan 2 and explodes in rage causing him to transform into the Strengthened Super Saiyan 2 form as he prepares for his next attack.

Papanta kicks Namchin in the gut and sends him flying out of the ring, but Namchin manages to recover and use his vulcan cannon against him, but Papanta counters with Galick Wave - destroying his opponent as Pinich attacks Cell 13 and easily pummels him. Pinich fires his Hyper Galick Gun, however, Ginyu knocks Cell 13 out of the way and is destroyed instead. Android Zangya blasts Papanta with her finger beam as Cell 13 is overwhelmed and knocked to the ground. Cell 13 punches Android Zangya and absorbs her as Janembu fires his Galaxy Assault Rain and bombards Pinich as the Saiyan warrior attempts to dodge the attacks, but is injured by each attack. Cell 13 fires a ki blast at Pinich while he is off-guard and manages to mortality wound him by piercing him. Papanta kicks Coolieza away and flies over to Pinich as he reveals Senzu Beans under his sleeve and feeds one to Pinich restoring him and allowing him to power up from his near-death experience. Pinich grabs Janembu by the antenna and uses Dragon Throw to hurl him out of the ring eliminating him before punching Cell 13 in the gut as Coolieza transforms into his Golden form and proceeds to try to knock down Papanta with a kick. Papanta enters her Great Ape power and proceeds to punch Coolieza in the gut before tricking Coolieza into striking at them, but Coolieza punches the ground instead resulting in his elimination. Papanta kicks Cell 13 in the back of the head while Pinich knees him in the gut. They team up against Cell 13 and begin to overwhelm him with their assault as he proceeds to fight back, but they easily dodge each of his attacks without ease before fire ki blast at them, but Pinich deflects out of the stadium and hits a tree - destroying it as Pinich knocks Cell 13 into the ground and uses Final Galick Cannon as Cell 13 tries to get up - sending flying and crashing into a wall outside the ring. Pinich is granted a break in order to calm down and heal before the next fights continue while Goku continues to train his teammate as hears the Pinich has defeated his 89th opponent and moved up to his 90th. However, Pinich accidentally touch a wall resulting in his team's ring out, but was allowed to go onto compete for the first round. It wasn't long until Team Tekka was called before successfully completing the round with 91 teams following Tekka falling out of the ring from exhaustion. Team Jamila and Team Caway were announced to follow and were later announced that Team Caway succeeded with 91 victories while Team Jamila succeeded with 79 victories and are required to take the redemption round. Eventually, Team Goku is called to the stadium as they prepare to face against the 100-Teams.

Team Goku wastes no time in defeating the first 89 teams and Chi-Chi quotes that Pinich was exhausted from his fights and that was the main factor why he lost to the team as Goku manages to knock at Future Dr Gero with kick and Gohan destroying both Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 with his Masenko as Goten beheads Android 19 and Bardock eliminates Dabura. Pinich watches as he begins to see that his exhaustion was the key to his early loss 81 fights were too much for him with Caway and Tekka agreeing. Goku Black: GT begins to wonder whether they are right as Goku defeats both the 90th and 91st team taking on all fights before eventually coming to the 100th team. Broly: BR emerges as he powers up to his Super Wrathful State as his team are knocked away by his explosive energy and eliminated. Broly: BR kicks Goten in the gut and sends him flying out of the ring - eliminating him as he turns to Bardock as he turns Super Saiyan and attempts to block his attack, but he is knocked back by the attack. Since Goku can't use any of his god forms - he wonders what he can do and proceeds to transform into Super Saiyan to repel Broly's: BR energy attacks as Gohan powers up to his Potential Unleashed form and Piccolo increases his power as all four battle Broly: BR at once, but despite their efforts the Legendary Saiyan deflects them all and proceeds to try to calm himself down as Goku Black: GT keeps his finger on button on his chair that seems to make a device in Broly's ear to make him rage. Bardock notices the device in his ear and realises that Goku Black: GT is purposely making it difficult as Goku transforms into his Spectral Super Saiyan form and proceeds to battle against Broly, but even with his magic form - he is unable to land a blow on Broly. Piccolo and Bardock fire an ki blast into Broly's ear destroying the device and allowing him to calm down and reverts to Super Saiyan C-type as he battles Goku resulting in an even fight as a result of the legendary warrior's ability to get stronger as he fights. Bardock manages to land a surprise attack on him while Gohan enters his Mage Transformation atop his Potential Unleashed state and proceeds to overpower Broly as he compliments - the legendary warrior's fight style while Broly shows respect to his opponent as he apologises for hurting Goten the way he did while in his Super Wrathful State. Goku offers Broly to become part of his team, but he tells Goku that he'd enjoy being on his team as Goku Black: GT shows signs of frustration that Broly broke free of his control. Goku asks the rest of his team to let him take on Broly alone for no one and the two proceed to clash with one another.

The two Saiyans clash with one another resulting in a large shockwave that knocks the audience over as they continue to clash throughout the Stadium planet. Goku powers down to Super Saiyan and continues to clash with him as Broly as Goku use Sudden Clash. However, Broly recovers as Goku uses Shield Smash with Broly copying the attack and proceeds crash into each other resulting in a large explosion that destroys a small district. Broly fires his Gigantic Omega at Goku and he responds with Super Kamehameha. Goku notices the energy field around the planetoid and realises that it is the boundary and if he is pushed out of the boundary - he'll be disqualified. Goku flies over Broly's energy attack after cancelling his and proceeds to punch Broly in the face as the Gigantic Omega goes through the planet and destroys a small section of the planet. Goku fires an energy sphere at Broly and manages to injure him as he fires the same energy sphere as an energy barrage destroying most of the planetoid as Broly dodges each of the attacks. Broly manages to fly through the energy attacks and punches Goku in the gut - sending him flying, however, Goku recovers as asked Broly about his past and if anything that is angry about. Broly still harbour anger towards King Vegeta, but he doesn't let it get to him. Goku than proceeds to fight Broly more brutally while antagonising for his power causing everyone to become confused at Goku's behaviour as Broly begins to believe Goku's intentions as he starts becoming furious at the Saiyan warrior. Goku kicks Broly in back as he continues to antagonise him and even powers up to Super Saiyan 2. He grabs Broly by the hair fires a ki blast at point-blank range before sending him flying with a kick. Pinich senses that Goku is not being serious, but is doing it deliberately to the legendary warrior. They continue to pummel each other as while Goku kicks Broly in the gut and mocks him for his power. Goku grabs him by the ankle and throws him into the air before kicking him in the back as Bardock stops Gohan from interfering and tells him to trust his father. Goku uses Radiant Shot again, however, he deflects into the ground destroying a section of the planetoid. Goku begins to threaten to destroy Planet Vampa if he loses causing Broly to become even more furious as Goku Black: GT begins to worry that Goku will trigger his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Broly anger swells allowing him to briefly gain the upperhand against Goku, but he launches his Super Kamehameha almost causing him to hit the ground and end the match, but Goku grabs him by the wrist and hurls him back into the ring as he continues to attack him as Broly finally snaps and begins powering up. The tournament ring begins to crack as the others fly away from the ring as Goku smirks at Broly as he continues to grow in power causing the planetoid to shake as a result of the power up. Eventually; an explosion occurs as Broly appears amongst the smoke and has managed to achieve Super Saiyan 2.

The legendary warrior continues to stare down Goku in rage as Broly lunges at him and sends him flying with a punch to the gut, but Goku compliments him for his power and transforms into Super Saiyan 3, and proceeds to kick him out the ring allowing him to complete the 100-team Round as he powers down with Broly still furious as Goku reveals that acting is hard. Broly slowly realises that Goku was conning him the entire time in order to get more power and apologises for his words. Broly accepts his apology and agrees to join his team as he gives his Senzu Bean to Goten to fully heal him as they prepare to leave the area. Goku Black: GT allows Broly to join Goku's Team while has Goten teleported to the bleaches. Team Goku returns to his room and begins training with each of his teammates as well as helping Broly get to new heights while Team Vegeta is called to the ring in order to participate as he revealed that he recruited his own father and Future Gohan. Team Vegeta manages to get to the 100th Team although each member of his team is mostly exhausted as Goku Black: GT opens a rift to bring forth Veroly. Veroly powers up to Super Saiyan and proceeds to attack as his own team are destroyed by his power up, but Vegeta easily knocks him away as Veroly is overwhelmed by his follow up attacks Veroly uses Stardust Breaker, but Vegeta deflects the energy sphere as he continues to pummel him. Veroly' transforms into Legendary Super Saiyan and proceeds overpower Vegeta's base form with his Gigantic Punisher resulting in the prince entering Super Saiyan, but even with his Super Saiyan form the fused warrior overwhelms him with Punishing Omega and almost sends him out of bounds as Vegeta pushes it away and into another planetoid - destroying it. Vegeta powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and proceeds to dodge Veroly's next attack and kicks in the gut at full force - sending his opponent hurtling into the ground allowing him to triumph. Goku Black: GT announces that the challenge will be changed do to it being too long and too taxing on the participants to 20 fighters will allow any fighter that had over 20 or below 80 victories to participate in a Redemption Round. The others are put off by the change, but accept the new rule as Team Vegeta hands off to train as Team Yamcha is called forth and manages to obtain 17 victories allowing him to go onto the first round of the tournament while Team Guitar is called the ring. They arrive as they prepare to face off against their challenges, however, each team is easily defeated by Jiren after Guitar's first two attacks - whom regards them as small fries and not worth their time. Guitar asks why he is grumpy again and Jiren replies that he is focused on winning in order to get his wish and to face Goku again. Eventually; they get to the 20th team being Veroly's team as Guitar eliminates his team with ease and proceeds to try to attack Veroly as Yukirieza fires his Dark Death Beam to distract Veroly allowing Guitar to punish him. A bystander begins to boo Yukirieza calling him a monster and resulting everyone to do the same, but Jiren flies over to him and threatens to destroy him if doesn't shut-up after seeing Yukirieza hurt. New Future Trunks transforms into Super Saiyan and punches Veroly in the face and sends him flying into the stadium as New Future Trunks uses Galick Beam, but pierces the planetoid and causes an explosion in its lower area as Veroly knocks him in the ground. New Future Trunks transforms into his Spectral Super Saiyan form and uses Arcane Galick Beam. Veroly begins transforming and manages to transform into his Legendary Super Saiyan God form and uses his Catastrophic Punisher at New Future Trunks, but Jiren reflects back at him - destroying half of the stadium. Veroly stands up with heavy injuries and blasts Guitar severely injuring him as Yukirieza thrusts his fist forward creating a tremendous amount of energy, however, he hits both Veroly and New Future Trunks resulting both of being eliminated. However, due to New Future Trunks being eliminated by his own teammate - Team Guitar is forced to go through Redemption Round while New Future Trunks's elimination is upheld. Yukirieza is shocked at his actions as everyone boos him with Jiren giving everyone death glares with Chi-Chi and the others berating the bystanders for there behaviour.

The teams that have already completed the round or have enough victories are treating themselves to a feast while Team Xeno Bardock is called to take part in the 20-Team Challenge Round. The Time Rift team led by Namek Saga Frieza is summoned as Xeno Bardock kicks Frieza into Vegeta - sending them both out of the ring as Xeno Kakarot eliminates Goku and Tien while Qurita eliminates Future Trunks as they move onto to the time rift team of Semi-Perfect Cell as Ginyu attempts to block Xeno Raditz, but he is knocked out of the ring. However, Ginyu switches bodies with Android 1819 resulting in Android 1819 being eliminated instead, but Semi-Perfect Cell absorbs Ginyu obtaining an Overloaded Form, but Kakarot manages to overpower him despite his higher power and is destroyed by Kakarot overwhelming his Kamehameha with Final Spirit Cannon. The rest of the team is eliminated by Xeno Trunks as they continue to fight the Time Rift Teams. Future Dabura petrifies his time rift teams and transforms into his Demon God form, however, due to the rules against God-level forms - Goku Black: GT is about to destroy the time rift fighter, but Kakarot requests to let Future Dabura to use his forms. Beerus curses his Saiyan curiosity but Goku Black: GT asks if Kakarot is sure and he nods his head. Goku Black: GT accepts his request as Beerus ask why he is a kid with Goku Black: GT revealing the events of the parallel timeline with Goku: GT. Goku flies over to him as Goku Black: GT reveals his Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan Rosé forms to Beerus before transforming into Super Saiyan 4 with the intent to remain in the form. Beerus threatens to destroy something if he is up to something as he goes back to the stands. A hooded figure emerges from the shadows and asks if he was able to install some sort of device in the stands to slowly gather energy from the fighters and bystanders. Goku Black: GT said that Infinite Zamasu succeeded and they'll make sure God-level forms don't overload it. The hooded figure walks away as he goes back to watch fight as Kakarot manages to overwhelm Future Dabura. Future Dabura powers up to the perfected version of Demon God as Kakarot transforms into Super Saiyan and punches Future Dabura in the gut. Future Dabura transforms into the Giant Demon God form and begins to overwhelm Team Xeno Bardock as he manages to damage Xeno Bardock and Xeno Trunks while using his Evil Breath attack destroying most of the planetoid while destroy another planetoid nearby as Kakarot transforms into Super Saiyan 4 and manages to punch Future Dabura into the sky before following up with Super Rebellion Trigger sending him almost flying out of the boundary. Kakarot with Xeno Raditz and Xeno Bardock along with Qurita and Xeno Trunks use Family Rebellion while standing on the tournament ring against Future Dabura while he uses his Evil Breath. The resulting energy clash continues as Xeno Bardock uses his Blutz Wave enters Super Saiyan 4 along with his grandson while Xeno Raditz uses Xeno-Evolution to enter Super Saiyan 4 as Qurita enters Super Saiyan. The clash begins to go in favour of Team Xeno Bardock as they begin to push back Future Dabura's attack. The tournament ring begins to crack from the sheer power as the bystanders watch in awe at their sheer power and finally engulf Future Dabura with attack resulting in his destruction. Each of them are allowed to take amount to catch their breath as Kakarot uses their Senzu Beans as Goku Black: GT fixes the ring and the planetoid. A Team led by a Time Rift version of Eyre is summoned to ring for their next fight as they prepare to battle once again.

Xeno Bardock punches Eyre while kicking away Nigrissi as Kakarot takes on Eyre by himself recognising his intelligence as Beerus angrily announces that Eyre's team wasn't the 19th team before and demands to know why the change. Chi-Chi and Dispo also question why the change was made. Goku Black: GT explains that change was made to make a more interesting fight as the other bystanders are okay with the change while Bulma is still annoyed at the change. Quitela comments that it was unnecessary while the real Eyre states that it is weird watching a Time Rift version of himself fight. Kakarot decides to take on Eyre himself while Xeno Bardock fights against Koicéareta as Xeno Raditz and Xeno Trunks fights against Nigrissi while Qurita fights Paparoni and Catopesra. Kakarot powers up to Full-Powered Legendary Super Saiyan 4 after almost being knocked out of bounds and uses Rebellion Needles against Eyre, but he manages to deflect each of the energy needles. After sensing Eyre's energy and he transforms into his True Super Saiyan 4 form and proceeds to fight evenly with him. Meanwhile; Guitar debates who to replace New Future Trunks in the tournament as he watches the fight from his room while the others train as Jiren chastises him for slacking off and tells to continue to meditate and image train. Guitar complies with his order and continues to train. Kakarot and Eyre continue to use their respective intellects to outsmart each other as they continue to clash through the area as Eyre uses Heavenly Cannon against him while Kakarot fires his Super Rebellion Trigger causes a clash to quickly cancels out as they go in for another clash. Eyre's teammates are knocked back down to ring after being overpowered shocking as his team knocked back to the tournament ring. Eyre flies over to Paparoni and tells to "do it" as Paparoni responds by using Universe 3's Ultimate Secret Technique and includes the entire team as part of the fusion as they merge in order to become Agnilasa. Agnilasa sends Kakarot with an energy wave while knocking everyone away Hyperspace Smash and uses Ultimate Heavenly Cannon on Kakarot - resulting in him being heavily damaged. Agnilasa announces his next attack as Shattering God Strike calling forth a large asteroid as Kakarot compliments his power and abilities as he reduces it to dust with his Rebellion Trigger. He tells his team to get off the stage and having notice that Agnilasa can't fly and proceeds to use Ultimate Wave to destroy the tournament arena and causing Agnilasa to fall out of the ring - eliminating him. The real Eyre congratulates Kakarot on his tactic to defeat his time rift fake and tells that there is no shame if he resigns now after that fight in order to reserve energy and begin training for the next round. Kakarot thanks him but his time will see the round to the end as they are granted time to recover and heal as the final team is about to be dispatched.

As with every fight with Veroly; he eliminates his own time rift team before attacking Xeno Bardock's team. Kakarot easily overpowers Veroly's base form even in his Legendary Super Saiyan thanks to his power in his True Super Saiyan 4 state. The others observe the battle in order gauge Veroly's power as Kakarot continues to overpower the warrior. Their clash continues through out the planetoid causing massive shockwaves before returning to the arena as Veroly becomes increasingly frustrated before transforming into Legendary Super Saiyan God. As a result of Veroly's form; Kakarot is easily overpowered and is forced back into his base form after being struck with Veroly's Stardust Fall as the Saiyan stands back up and powers up to Super Saiyan. Kakarot uses his Twin Rebellion Trigger against the fused warrior and it has absolutely no effect on Veroly as he continues to approach Kakarot and grabs the Saiyan by the head and drives him head first in the tournament arena deforming the entire arena, but manages to break free by biting Veroly's. He than uses Gigantic Hammer as a result of being bitten and sends Kakarot flying almost sending him out of bounds. Kakarot recovers as he proceeds to get angry at his inability to best the legendary warrior and continues to try everything he can to best Veroly, but he is knocked several times into the ground by the fused warrior and proceeds to power up to Super Saiyan 2 and tries to overpower him, but nothing is working as Kakarot is easily overpowered by Veroly's Legendary Super Saiyan God form and as the others notice that Kakarot's anger is beginning to cloud his judgement as the Saiyan warrior is unable to think of a strategy to defeat him. Veroly mocks the alternate world Kakarot for being weaker than Goku and even tells him that he'll never be as powerful as his archnemesis even with Kakarot's superior intellect. Kakarot acknowledges that the only to defeat Veroly at the moment is to allow his anger to get the best of him and draws similarities between Veroly's brutality and Prince Vegeta's brutality. Kakarot's rage begins to get the best of him and proceeds to transform into his Legendary Super Saiyan form shocking Veroly along with everyone else at the tournament at the fact that there two Legendary Super Saiyans about to clash. However, Kakarot continues power up even further as he goes further into Legendary Super Saiyan 2 causing the entire Timespace Rift to shake as the hooded figure shields the bystanders from the transformation and Kakarot's transformation destroys the arena as he emerges in his Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form and proceeds to attack Veroly resulting in massive shock waves through out the entire Timespace Rift as the two Legendary Super Saiyans proceed to battle one another.

Veroly comments that Kakarot is "like him" as Kakarot states that he is nothing like Veroly as he doesn't fuses with weak trash as he easily overpowers Veroly in his form stating that Veroly would be more powerful if he wasn't fused with such a weakling. Goku Black: GT intrigued causing him to restore the arena before the fight is over as he wants to see how much power the two while create in their battle. Kakarot and Veroly's battle continues to clash with one another as it becomes more evident that Kakarot is more powerful than Veroly as Veroly is knocked to the ground. Kakarot destroys the Metamo-Ring causing Veroly: TR to defuse into a Time Rift version of Broly: PW and Veku. Broly: PW destroys Veku before transforming into his own Legendary Super Saiyan 2 form. Kakarot and Broly: PW manage almost destroy the planetoid from their clashes forcing him to forgo the barrier and allowing them to fight out of bounds - as the two respond by continue their fights in the depths of the Timespace Rift. Beerus is genuinely surprised at how much the two are evenly match as Kakarot uses Catastrophic Riot Javelin and Broly: PW uses Omega Blaster resulting in a colossal explosion as each energy sphere collide with one another. They proceed to go into another clash as Broly: PW causing multiple planetoid to be destroyed from their clash as barely anyone in the stands are unable to keep up with them including Top and Dispo as their clash begins to reach new heights as they both power up even further to Legendary Super Saiyan 4 causing a thunder storm and massive gusts of wind to engulf the entire Timespace Rift. Kakarot and Broly: PW proceed to unleash their energy causing massive streaks of lightning to occur through out the entire rift while a massive tremor almost destroys the Tournament planetoid as they continue to clash with one another as Top shields Chi-Chi and Bulma from the massive battle. Acknowledging the massive power the two have; Goku Black: GT returns to his base form and powers up to Super Saiyan Rosé and proceeds to strike both of them in the gut resulting Kakarot returning to his base form while Broly collapses to the ground as Black: GT reveals he summoned the real Veroly while Veku was a time rift the version as Broly: PW stands back up and declares he'll destroy Black: GT after the match is over as Kakarot stands back up.

Xeno Raditz powers up to Spectral Super Saiyan 4 as does Kakarot as they battle against Broly: PW together. Beerus questions Kakarot decision to use a weaker form against the fused warrior as Kakarot explains that he is testing waters as he proceeds to counter each Broly's: PW attacks in quick secession. Both brothers power down to Super Saiyan 4 and proceed to power up as Xeno Raditz refuses to be left in the dust as he begins to push past his limits resulting in his aura enlarging as the entire planetoid begins to shake causes the other participants to momentarily cease the training from just the energy they are sensing as two Super Saiyan 4s power up as Kakarot transforms into True Super Saiyan 4 while Xeno Raditz continues to transform resulting in a massive explosion as Xeno Raditz reaches True Super Saiyan 4. However, even with power of two True Super Saiyan 4s they are no match for Legendary Super Saiyan 4 Broly as they easily thrashed before being knocked down reverting to their base forms. Kakarot suggests fusions, however, Xeno Raditz is against it at first wanting to taste his individual power, but Kakarot states his reason is illogical and suggests that they should focus on winning first. Xeno Raditz agrees as they request the others to cover them to enable them to fuse, however, each of them are knocked down in the arena, but they are able to give them enough time to fuse allowing them to become Kakatz. Kakatz proceeds to dodge everyone of Broly: PW's attacks as he leads him away from the planetoid as they are still allowed to leave the boundary. He uses the afterimage technique in attempt to conduct a surprise attack, but it has no effect on the Saiyan warrior. He continues to tell Broly: PW to follow him as he leads him away as he reaches Beerus' Planet before transforming into Super Saiyan and uses Ultimate Rebellion against him and manages to pressure him enough to back away as Kakatz transforms into True Super Saiyan 4. He proceeds to completely overwhelmed Broly: PW with ease and knocks him into the arena easily with a punch to the gut and proceeds to drop kick his opponent destroying the arena along with a small section of grounds of the arena. Black: GT sends Broly: PW back to his time having as Kakatz has won the 20-Team Challenge Round and asks why Kakatz didn't waste any time to fight against Broly: PW and he responds he only had 10 minutes left due to his True Super Saiyan 4 form. Kakatz powers down to his base form as Team Xeno Bardock are announced to be going onto take on the first round of the tournament as they wait for the fused warrior to defuse and leave the arena to recuperate. Kakarot and Xeno Raditz fuse into Super Saiyan 4 Xeno EX Kakatz and proceeds to train to Xeno Trunks as Team Xeno Vegeta is called to the ring.

Bulma is curious how Vegeta's alternate world counterpart goes with the round as Prince Vegeta enters the ring with his father three other Saiyan warriors. However, she is immediately terrified by him and his team as he merciless kills all time rift teams they're facing before eventually are new 19th team is dispatched to face them led by a time rift version of the Namekian Savior that tried to take on Moro with several unusual entities. Goku Black: GT states that he once to test Prince Vegeta's teams resolve by showing that he used his powers to create memory clones of Goku, Vegeta, and Tambourine while bringing the imaginary Beavis to life. Explaining that Mr Satan told him a story of him defeating Beerus causing an insulted Beerus to threaten to destroy the World Champion. Prince Vegeta and Xeno King Vegeta manage to pressure the Memory Clone of Goku and Vegeta while General Nappa takes on the memory clone of Tambourine by himself. While Zorn: AW and Beets: AW fight against Beavis and manage to overwhelm while Beets foolhardy behaviour causes them to lose an advantage resulting in him being angrily berated as Beets almost puts his team at risk resulting General Nappa tells Beets to stop being reckless and fuse. They use EX-Fusion in order to merge into Zoreets after Zorn failed to do any critical damage to Beavis with either his Execution Beam or his Royal Strike attacks. Zoreets immediately overwhelms all fighters including the Namekian Savior: TR with simply ki blasts and physical attacks. Prince Vegeta begins to power up to his max out of anger for the lower-class Saiyans abilty to outshine him and proceeds to demonstrate his ability to go Super Saiyan revealing that he achieved it long ago. Prince Vegeta tries to fight Beavis, however, Zoreets knocks Beavis into the arena and almost destroy it as the prince nearly hits his teammate with Galick Gun and uses Final Blow against the Namekian Savior before uses Final Crash against the Memory Clones. Zoreets proceeds to pump up as Xeno King Vegeta uses Execution Beam to kill Beavis as General Nappa uses Break Cannon to kill the Namekian Savior as the Memory Clones are all that remain and easily overwhelm each of the prince's teammates. Xeno King Vegeta is knocked to the ground with powerful attack to the gut resulting in Vegeta and Zoreets believing that he was killed by the attack resulting in them becoming enraged as they proceed to power up as they transform into Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan respectively and proceed to battle against the clones. The Memory clones use Super Kamehameha, Final Flash, and Evil Cannon respectively against the two as Xeno King Vegeta struggles to stand up and calling his son an idiot for assuming the worst. Prince Vegeta uses his energy shield to protect him from the combined energy attack after acknowledging his father's words while Zoreets is too distracted by the energy wave and blasted out of the bounds onto a nearby planetoid as General Nappa uses Bomber DX to destroy the arena beneath the clones. However, Goku Black: GT calls out to Zoreets being out of bounds and tells him that he is eliminated as a result - and proceeds to press button on his chair and repeats himself while emphasising the word "eliminated" as he uses the button to erase Zoreets from existence as the fused warrior begs for his life. Everyone is shocked about the revelation of elimination method once a fighter is "out of bounds" as Iwan angrily berates the Supreme Kai for the rule and tells him that erasing fighters is abominal - Black: GT orders him to sit down, but Iwan retorts by telling him not to order him around calling him a low-level runt. Black: GT asks the era that Iwan is from and is told that he is from Age 780 after the Tournament of Power; Black: GT states that he doesn't tolerate abuse to him or his staff and proceeds to punish him by using his chair to erase all of Universe 1 along with Iwan, Anato, and Awamo shocking everyone including Rola whom for some reason wasn't also erased. Black: GT senses that Team Xeno Vegeta is too frighten continue as he states that would be enough the 100-Team Challenge Round and states that Team Xeno Vegeta's fear makes him assume they wish to quit the round and allows to the go on to the First Round as everyone remains shocked as his actions.

Redemption Round Mini-Saga Edit

The hooded figure is shocked that he also erased an Angel as Beerus berates Goku Black: GT and tells him that destroying Angels is in poor taste. Several bystanders begin to fear the Supreme Kai as they criticise the out of bounds rule. Goku Black: GT simply ignores their outrage and begins to announce that the Redemption Round has been changed to accommodate 30 people as it was meant to be Battle Royale round. The first half with will be a one-on-one fight using a member other than the leader of the teammate to go through the Redemption Round. Guitar approaches a section in 3F of the Timespace Rift and comes across Dr. Gero's Lab. Guitar enters the lab and meets with an aged Future Trunks and affectionally calls out to him as Old Man Trunks. Old Man Trunks greets him and asks why he is in the Timespace Rift as Guitar gives him a confused look and prepares to explain everything that happened. Meanwhile; a riot has broken out on Floor 5 as many bystanders wish to go home as the tournament workers try to defuse the situation as the hooded figure suggests that the Supreme Kai should tell them he'll revive everyone that he erased. He quietly tells the hooded figure that a God shouldn't lie while the Hooded figure says that a God is required to tell the truth if it isn't necessary. Goku Black: GT decides to take his time to consider his next words as Old Man Trunks is shocked at the fact a parallel timeline counterpart of Goku Black is hosting a tournament and questions why, but Guitar doesn't know the intention behind the tournament only the promises of the Super Dragon Ball to the team that wins. Old Man Trunks agrees to be apart of Guitar's team in order to find out the true purpose of the Tournament as they fly back up to Floor 5 and meet with the rest of the Redemption Round fighters Guitar explains the round to Old Man Trunks. Yukirieza offers to be their fighter for the round in order to make up for his mistake in the 100-Team Challenge Round. As Goku Black: GT decides to tell the bystanders that he'll revive anyone that is killed or erased in the tournament. After he announces that Floor 3 will act as the battlefield for the Redemption Round while announcing that they'll return to the Arena for the first round as each of teams participating for the Redemption Round are brought to Cell Games Arena on Floor 3 and are told that every section is available to fight on, but the water isn't and will result in a ring out also if they venture out of past the barrier it wraps the section with - they'll be erased as a penalty. Beerus questions why he is erasing fighters that go out of bounds, but Black: GT doesn't answer. Each team announces their fighters for the redemption round as Black: GT announces as the round to begin and calls on the first round.

As the first fight is about to begin - Black: GT tells Raimeihan and the Chief Morginaian to remain in the arena and wait for Ruberry to ring the gong. Chief Morginaian transforms into his Battle Mode as Ruberry rings the gong and proceeds use his Electric Shock against Raimeihan wounding him from the attack as he uses his Arm Cannon to blast him, but it does nothing as Chief Morginaian uses his Fire Breath and manages to burn Raimeihan's leg as he tries to dodge his attack. Raimeihan reveals a fruit that he kept in his glove and tells him that he cultivated it from using the horn of a member of Frieza's Race in order to take on his lord's power even needed. Raimeihan eats the fruit - he reveals he was given a completed version by Goku Black: GT as he begins to transform into a grotesque form. Their battle takes them to sky as he fires an energy wave from his mouth, but Chief Morginaian dodges it as it hits the mountains destroy most of the area as Chief uses his hammer to try and strike him down, but Raimeihan overpowers him easily and uses Full Powered Death Ball. Chief tries to stop the energy sphere, but it explodes along with the small section next to the arena's section. Raimeihan kicks Chief back into the arena and places him into a Bear Hug. Chief uses his Electric Shock on the planetoid in order to destroy it along with the arena causing Raimeihan to lose his footing as they both fall into the water. The hooded figure asks why Raimeihan suddenly forgot that he could fly, but Goku Black: GT replies with the fact that he was simply caught off guard. Kophetein enter arrives at the remnants of the Cell Games Arena along with Nargent as they proceed to fight once their battle begins. Kophetein uses his camouflage ability to his advantage being camouflaging with his environment and gaining edge in the fight as he easily overwhelms Nargent until the universe 10 warrior blocks Kophetein's punch and kicks him in the gut - revealing that he so right through the universe 3 warrior's movement and states that it was far too linear. Kophetein notices Nargent's poor martial arts skill and says that despite his own linear movements, his opponent is all over the place. He states that is always kind offering advice to fighters with the inability to fight with coordinated assaults reflecting his previous fight where he fought against a Time Rift version of Goten and Kid Gohan and offered them wisdom. He offers the same to Nargent, but the worry states that the Babarian isn't worth his Martial Arts skills. Nargent asks why Kophetein why he "mutilated" himself the way he did and the Modified Cyborg responds that he did it to improve himself and his race - he explains that his cybernetic eye enables him to conduct a 3D scan on his opponents. However, Nargent explains that he visit the Planet Babari of Universe 10 and states that it is a pitiful planet. Kophetein is aware of the twin universe and tells him that he doesn't regret anything as he prepares to continue the fight. Kophetein launches his fist as for his rocket punch, but Nargent kicks away. Kophetein uses his Magnitude Cannon and destroys the section behind the cell games arena section and follows up with Magnum Cannon as Nargent dodges the energy bullets, however, as Nargent is about to fire a ki blast - Goku Black: GT announces that Kophetein is eliminated. Kophetein angrily demands why as Goku Black: GT points to Kophetein's cybernetic hand that is currently sinking into the water. Black: GT states that the hand is a part of him even he launches it and as such; he is eliminated. Kophetein natural aggressive instincts get the better of him and fire his Magnitude Cannon at Black: GT, but he simply calls his actions as unsportsmanlike and a form of abuse as he erases the modified cyborg and announces Nargent as the winner.

Prior to the first fight of the Redemption Round; Yukirieza tells Black: GT to chose someone else for the first two rounds as he is going go train. The Supreme Kai applauds his response and accepts his request as he allows him to go train, and he'll call him when his fight is about to begin. Yukirieza enters Team Guitar's room and asks Guitar to help him train as Old Man Trunks decides to watch the Redemption Round with Jiren and Android 16. As the 2nd match is about to end - Yukirieza returns with Guitar as both are vastly exhausted asks why it takes so long to as it says its been months, but Android 16 corrects saying that it has only been 51 minutes since the Redemption Round begin. Yukirieza is confused as Old Man Trunks reveals that the Supreme Kai of Time stopped by and conversed with him, and offered to shift the flow of time to 14000 hours. Old Man Trunks agreed and requested her to give them Time Passes so they don't age. They are grateful for the training they received, but are still shocked that their training was sped up. Yukirieza is called Floor 3 as he flies off and lands on the remnants of the Cell Games Arena section. Turtz looks over at him and asks if he is ready to fight face as Yukirieza happily greets him as he wishes him luck as the Saiyan says that he almost puked at Yukirieza's kindness and calls it fake as the gong is rung. Turtz starts immediately with his Shattering Meteor attack, however, Yukirieza flies off to a section near the Arena as Turtz launches it. Yukirieza uses Psycho Barrier in attempt to protect himself as the energy sphere collides with him resulting in a massive explosion that also destroys the rest of the arena section as Yukirieza curse him as he is trying to avoid destroying the rest of the arena. Yukirieza is briefly overwhelmed by the fused warriors' power before gaining the upper hand as Turtz proceeds to uses his energy sphere multiple times and easily dodges them as they fly off from the area. Turtz tells him that was just him being the same as his fusees before deciding to reveal a power that he was given by Black: GT in order to make the fight more interesting. Turtz begins to power up and reveals his Super Saiyan form as he proceeds to fly behind Yukirieza and uses his Reverse Meteor Break on him and almost sends him into the water as Yukirieza protects himself with his Psycho Barrier. Beerus asks if he is eliminated, but Black: GT tells him that he has to physically touch the water whether it is part of his body that he launched or his actual body - energy doesn't count, and declares Yukirieza to be safe. Yukirieza flies up to shake the water off his barrier before releasing it and proceeds to kick Turtz in the face, but he follows up with Holiday Blaster, but Yukirieza dodges both energy waves, but Turtz bends his energy wave as he tries to hit Yukirieza, but he manages to dodge it and land by on the Northern Mountain section as he is hit by the energy waves resulting in a massive explosion. Yukirieza states that he can tell that the Saiyan warrior is stronger than the average Super Saiyan as Turtz replies it is all thanks to the Fruit of Might. Yukirieza begins to power up as he announces that he is now going to take the fight seriously as his aura blankets the area.

Yukirieza and Turtz collide with one another as their fight takes them all throughout Floor 3. Several mountains are destroyed along with several buildings as they continue to fire their ki blasts at one another as Turtz knocks Yukirieza into a building, but he manages to stop grab the building to stop himself as Yukirieza smiles saying that he is having the time of his life while Turtz commends him for his strength and love of battle. Turtz uses surrounds himself in an energy shield and flies directly at Yukirieza, but he dodges the attack, however, as he does Turtz releases his energy causing it to explode into a massive explosive wave destroying the entirety of the ruined city. The floating island is almost destroyed from the attack as Yukirieza kicks him in the back of head sending him flying into the ground. Yukirieza emerges from the explosion with an injured arm as he begins to remember his training. During his training; Old Man Trunks approaches Guitar and Yukirieza after they clash with one another as Yukirieza tells Guitar that he has managed to obtain the Ultimate Evolution state, but needs to get strong as the form is forbidden in the tournament. Old Man Trunks says that their training method was interesting and says that he has a solution to Yukirieza's dilemma - Cooler. Cooler has agreed to train the both of them in order to help grow their power as he states that a weak member of his race is appalling. He first criticises their martial Art skills calling them sloppy as Guitar mentions that he is used to hearing that from his parent. Cooler tells him he shouldn't be used to be could sloppy and just get better, and tells them to stand ready causing them to stand at attention as he prepares to train them thoroughly. As Yukirieza turns his attention from his memories to Turtz; he asks him why he joined the tournament and why he fights. Turtz states that he wants to use the Super Dragon Ball to so Raditz can get revenge on Goku while Turles wants to wish for Universal Tree of Might that can grow in the vacuum of space. Yukirieza berates his wishes and calls them if they seek to destroy innocent lives; Turtz says that his fusees wants to conquer the universe and need to become stronger to achieve it. Bulma angrily asks how Turles is alive as he was erased from existence when he was still fused as Ultra Cooler. Turtz reveals that Turles was revived in his infancy stage and explains everything that occurred afterwards. Yukirieza asks if he's been holding back on him and he reveals that he has as he powers up to his full power. Turtz proceeds to easily overpower Yukirieza as he ruthlessly attacks him. He kicks Yukirieza into the floating island sending crashing through and hitting the Northern Mountain section. Yukirieza remembers back to his training as Cooler is in his Metal Form and asks him to explain how he can transform his organic body into a Cyborg body. Cooler tells him that all grimoires were destroyed by members of his race making obtaining magic even harder, but magic is inherently in everyone already. As Yukirieza stands back up from his attack Turtz; He remembers Cooler telling him to clear his mind and gather energy in his head, and after he should feel an odd-sensation and when he does release his energy all at once. Yukirieza begins to clear his mind as Turtz asks him if he's resigning the match as he continues to gather his energy - he feels the sensation and releases the energy as he was told. As a result; he causes a massive explosion of ki that envelops the entire area as a silver aura engulfs as everyone is shocked and waiting in anticipation.

Several bystanders complain that the dust is getting in the hair and eyes as it begins to settle as Yukirieza's feet emerge from the smoke while a mechanical tail strikes the ground with the smoke clearing from his torso revealing his mechanical body as the dust completely settles revealing his new form. Metal Yukirieza looks at his body with surprise and joy as he managed to reach a new form as he stairs directly at Turtz with a serious glare. Turtz fires his Shattering Meteor at Metal Yukirieza, however, he darts forward straight through the energy sphere at immense speed shocking everyone in the bleachers as kicks the Saiyan warrior directly into the Kame House island and sending him crashing through the central island and resulting him directly below the floating island and damages the Metamo-Ring - as everyone is impressed by his sudden increase in power. Turtz is shocked as Beerus asks if the Saiyan will be declared eliminated, but Black: GT tells him he never touch the water and as such is safe. However, Metal Yukirieza fires his Dark Death Beam into the water causes a section to be destroyed. Turtz arrogantly asks if his aim is off as he laughs at him "missing" him, but Metal Yukirieza asks him "who said I was aiming at you?" as Turtz looks up to see a crack forming above him, but his Metamo-Ring gives out just as water bursts out and drenches both Turles and Raditz - Black: GT declares Turtz to be eliminated and allows Yukirieza to take part in the second half of the redemption round. He returns to his base form as he leaves the battlefield and goes back to training as Turles and Raditz are teleported to the bleaches. Master Roshi says that Turtz' Super Saiyan form was as powerful as Goku's Super Saiyan 3 as Beerus theorises that it is probably because of the Fruit of Might he has consumed. Goku Black: GT repairs Floor 3 before calling Dabura and with a confused look another Gohan - he questions the team that Gohan is part of and they reveal him to be a summon from the spaceship from the era that Broly arrived on Earth with Frieza. Black: GT opts to call him Broly Era Gohan as Dabura greets him with Broly Era Gohan telling him that he slacked off after he defeated Cell and caused him to become weakened and as such he is prepared to make up for their last fight. Dabura welcomes the challenge as the gong rings as they battle all throughout Floor 3 before Dabura is kicked into cliff wall of the Ruined City floating island and almost lands in the waterfall as Broly Era Gohan uses Planetary Masenko as multiple energy spheres are fired from the energy sphere around him as Dabura attempts to use Evil Impulse, but the multiple energy spheres from the Blaster Meteor hit Dabura as he's engulfed by the energy wave resulting in a massive explosion destroying the City block and ruin city sections of the floating island as Dabura lays on the ground heavily injured before spitting at Broly Era Gohan and manages to get him on the hand as Black: GT raises his hand. Dabura looks up as the Supreme Kai announce a double elimination pointing to Dabura's finger which is submerged in the water while the Stone Spit will incapacitate him. Broly Era Gohan lands over at Kame House as he turns to stone while Dabura and his team are sent to the bleachers with the rest of Broly Era Gohan's team. Mint and Kiclee enter stand on the Cell Games Arena ready for their round as they greet each other as old friends as the gong rings to signify their battle.

The two of them wish each other the best in their fight as begins with Burning Spin and Kiclee countering with her Full Power Energy Wave sending her friend flying as the city block section of the floating island is almost destroyed by Kiclee's attack as Mint fires her Nekohameha and Kiclee responds with Torashogeki-Ha, however, the resulting clash ends up cancelling both attacks out resulting in a massive explosion as both Saiyans take on their Great Ape power states. Kiclee uses Torashogeki-Ha Fist resulting in a massive explosion that reduces half of the floating islands around the Cell Games Arena include the arena's floating island itself to dust. Mint counters with Burning Tornado and manages to damage Kiclee's armour as she attempts to dodge her friends attack. Kiclee counters with Scissors Paper Rock Rush and manages to overwhelm Mint. Mint removes her cape and turns it into a bo-staff before using her Poison Staff Rush against Kicle poisoning before using Antidote Staff Rush to cure her of the poison as well as damaging her. Kiclee once again uses Galactic Donuts against Mint restricting her and follows up with Torashogeki-Ha Fist. Engulfed in the energy wave as it collides with the floating island containing the city block and ruined city resulting in a massive explosion leaving most of the floating island in ruin and destroying the petrified statue of the Broly Era Gohan. Mint emerges heavily injured with half of her upper uniform destroyed and reveals that during the time "the villain" came to attack them - she acquired a new form in a fit of rage. Mint transforms into Super Saiyan and attacks with Super Nekohameha before following up with Burning Hurricane burning some of her jumpsuit as Kiclee is impressed with her power. Their fight continues as they clash all throughout Floor 3 - as they seem to be able to repel each other's attacks. Kiclee reveals the death of her parents to Mint as she reveals that she hardly ever uses her form due to the feelings of distraught it reminds her, but she announces she'll endure it as long as she can as she transforms into her Super Saiyan form. Kiclee flies under Mint as she turns her bo-staff into a spear flies down to use her Spear Thrust Attack as Kiclee continues to charge her energy. Kiclee compliments her friend her potential and is glad that they were able to gain new power as she aims her fists at the sky. Kiclee states that she is glad she got to be friends with Mint and wishes her well as she launches her Torashogeki-Hashira attack resulting in a large pillar of electricity-infused energy. The pillar continues to expand as Mint is engulfed in the energy attack as the entire floating island is reduced to the sole remain section that Kiclee is standing on while as Mint's spear crumbles away as she faints and falls to the water. Kiclee gives her a senzu bean and tells her that she was glad to have a chance to fight her. Black: GT applauds her on her victory as well as the two friends' willingness to remain friends after the fight. He announces Mint's elimination as Nenjo and Mirayo to Floor 3 for the next fight. Meanwhile; watching from afar - Jamidroid proudly states that he always wanted to make a Gag Fanga chapter as Beerus annoyingly states that this saga is meant to be a serious one.

Nenjo makes several flirty remarks as well as degrading remarks against Mirayo as she simply ignores his words before Timespace Rift Gohan rings the gong. Nenjo powers up to Super Saiyan E-type as he asks if she's ready to taste his power as she calls him weak resulting in him going berserk at the slight offence and transforms into Super Saiyan 2 E-type, however, she dashes forward at such speed that not even Dispo was able to track her movements as a large section of Nenjo's ribs is missing as he falls to ground reverting to his base form. Goku Black: GT announces Mirayo as the victor as a result of Nenjo's death and allows to go onto the next half of the redemption round while Nenjo's teammates are set to the stands. Prika and Tyber take their place on the Cell Games arena as their fight begins. Prika uses her Big Crunch Attack to cause the area to be sucked up by the imploding attack, but Tyber uses his Inversion ability to cause her energy sphere to explode destroying the Cell Games arena and the floating islands near it. Prika crashes into the Kame House Island as Tyber appears in front of her as she stands up as everyone becomes shocked with Tyber beginning to blush and look away. Prika's clothes was destroyed as a result of her attack, and begins covering herself in panic as Black: GT restores her clothes as she fires a ki blast at him, but he inverts the effects of the ki blast - healing himself completely. Prika follows up with Prismatic Flare Flash result in a large beam of light energy and Rainbow-Fire. However, Tyber uses inversion once again as the flames even almost reach the stands causing everyone to complain about the cold air the flames are given off as the energy attack collides with Tyber resulting in a massive explosion, however, he turns the explosion into a black hole. Black: GT uses his abilities to go into an alternate space that allows to view the fight but also protects them from the Black Hole. Jaco reveals that the Invert ability is an ancient forbidden technique developed by the Galactic King's predecessor as means to eliminate an army of criminals. Tyber reveals that he study the technique as means to be a last resort technique, but states that he wanted to see how the ability worked. Using Invert; he remains immune to the effects of the Black Hole as Prika surrounds herself with an energy shield to protect herself from the water as she uses her Big Crunch Attack, but it is absorbed by the Black Hole. As the entire Floor 3 begins to be swallowed by the black hole as Prika tries to stop her from being absorbed by gripping tightly onto the Kame House as she makes her energy shield skin-tight. Prika reveals that she is no one near scared as she is happy that such a challenge as come to her, however, Tyber points his finger at his as he says Invert turning her happiness into blinding rage as he uses his Centralising Gravity Alteration to protect her from the gravitional pull as she transforms into Super Saiyan. She attempts to blindly rush him, but he uses Invert again to turn the water into land and Kame House into a sound. As she punches him in face and sends him flying - he uses Invert for once again causing cracks to form around the Black Hole as Prika manages to calm herself down. She realises that it is going to explode as she flies in the opposite direction as the Black Hole explodes into a massive blinding explosion destroying the entire area as Tyber is engulfed by the explosion while Prika tries to escape from the explosion.

As the explosion settles - everything on Floor 3 as been reduced to ash as the smoke around Prika clears revealing her to have almost escaped the explosion in time as her right foreleg has been destroyed by the explosion as Tyber is revealed to have used Invert to protect himself from all the damage before using Invert to restore Prika's foreleg as Tyber passes out. Jaco reveals that Invert takes heavy toll on the user's energy and that repeated use can be almost fatal. He states that since he's used it so much - he could very well die from the overuse. He tells Black: GT that he won't be waking up any time soon and should call the match. He agrees with Jaco's suggestion and eliminates Tyber after he failed to wake up after counting to 10. Prika gives him her Senzu Bean as he tell her that he was foolish for using Invert so much and hopes to battle against him again. He is sent to stand as he gets a scolding from Jaco before Tyber revealed that he is a Super Elite like him and model his armour after Jaco's - Jaco continues to scold him for using Invert as Beerus admits that he is impressed by such a feat as the other Gods of Destruction compliment the Saiyan warrior and ask for his name. Meanwhile; in Team Goku's room - Goku walks away from his television set after watching the entire fight and decides to continue training with the rest of his teammates while Vegeta is amused by the potential of the Future Saiyans. Black: GT repairs Floor 3 as he continues the Redemption Round with Ghiro and Fargo. However, Ghiro manages to defeat Fargo with a kick while in the next fight Bekkon takes down Basco with a punch, and Caluppa eliminates Chiwak with an energy punch. Shabbet and Tumeric are called to Floor 3 to take their turn in the battle. As they battle against each with physical attacks. Shabbet is ask why he has a Saiyan tail by Tumeric as he reveals that during the First Timespace Rift Tournament - a Saiyan and a Frieza's race member were apart of the same team while they were fused using EX-Fusion to become him - he summoned Super Shenron and ask to have the fusion made permanent. He reveals that since Time Rift version summoned in the Timespace Rift can leave the rift making the fusion permanent was only logical as it gave all the power of a Super Saiyan as and all the power of the Super Evolution as his base form as well as having the ability to leave the Rift. He reveals that the Frieza Race member that was part of the fusion was a time rift version of Cooler and events that happen to Time Rift has no effect on the actual Cooler - he decided to make the wish in order to gain more power. Tumeric is shocked by the revelation as he calls him barbaric and evil as Shabbet calls him naive as prepares to use Supernova against Tumeric as prepares to counter the attack.

Tumeric proceeds to use Death Wave to vertically bifurcate to energy sphere as he kicks Shabbet in the cut. He follows up with Hi-Speed Death Wave and manages to sever of corner pillar as he follows up with S Hi-Speed Death Wave and manages to sever the top half of a building the City Block on the Ruined City Floating Island. Shabbet fires his Death Blaster as Tumeric dodges it and counters with his energy blade as Shabbet flies away to avoid being slashed. Tumeric remembers back to his time at his team's room as Raimeihan walks up to him and tells the warrior that he knows that Tumeric doesn't have the mutations and modifications to access the Nightmare Transformations that Frieza's Clan can use and offers his Nightmare Fruit to him. Tumeric admits that he received the fruit, but Shabbet loudly states that he can't accept outside help and bystanders can't offer help as Black: GT mentions that the rule only applies during a fight and anything that Tumeric had on him before the fight back is considered to be his property to use. Tumeric restrains Shabbet with the Psychic Eyes technique and fires Burning Attack at him; heavily injuring him. Tumeric flies over to him as Shabbet looks over to him with confused look as he states that Tumeric is using the weakest form of the Nightmare Transformations and is still able to overwhelm Shabbet's power. Tumeric reveals another Nightmare Fruit and consumes in order to enter his 2nd Form. He proceeds to use Burning Bomber as Shabbet dodges it and punches him in the gut as Tumeric uses Psychic Eyes again before headbutting him. Shabbet uses Death Flash against Tumeric, however, emerges from the energy wave and proceeds to punch him in the face as they continue clash with each other. As Shabbet is set flying - Tumeric kicks his opponent in the back and send him flying into the sky before dart after him and kicking him into the Cell Arena Floating. Tumeric dodges Shabbet's Nova Chariot attack before kicking him in the waist and sends him crashing through the floating island and uses Psycho Barrier to prevent himself being eliminated as a result of crashing in the water. Another of Nightmare Fruit is spotted by Shabbet and realises that they were scatter when Tumeric transformed. Shabbet consumes the fruit causing him transform. In his Nightmare Fruit form; he easily overpowers Tumeric. A punch to the gut sends him flying through multipe buildings before protecting himself with Psycho Barrier before colliding with the water. Shabbet follows up with Nightmare Supernova, however, Tumeric dodges the attack and grabs the final Nightmare Fruit in order transform into his Third Form. Tumeric once again is able to overwhelm Shabbet and easily deflects his second Nightmare Supernova with a kick. Shabbet uses Energy Kicks against Tumeric, however, he simply turns his head to avoid the attack as they continue to exchange attacks with one another. Shabbet and Tumeric lock each other in place as they begin to using their respective Super Explosive Wave against each other. The Kame House is destroyed by the expanding explosive waves. The spectators brace for the explosive wave to reach them, but both explosive waves resulting in a massive explosion leaving both fighters battered and bruised as Tumeric tells Shabbet his had enough games as proceeds to begin to transform causing cracks to surround his body.

Tumeric's true form is revealed as he senses that the power he received from the Nightmare Fruits he consumed are still within him as he proceeds to punch Shabbet in the face. They proceed to clash with one another as Shabbet is easily overpowered with each attack before being knocked into the ground as every ki attack from Shabbet is deflected and every punch is blocked. Bulma turns to Frieza who is in the stands with her and asks about his race and Tumeric with Frieza revealing his race's name as "Kazeryoku" which his race's tongue translates to Breeze Force. Tumeric comes from a Tailless Clan and Frieza comes from the Frost Demon and explains the Frost Demons are modified and mutated into special hybrids to have abnormal power levels which can be passed onto their children as well as to achieve the Suppression Forms and Nightmare Transformations. His mother "Snow" explained everything to him the day he was born. Tumeric and Shabbet fire ki blasts at close range causing an energy clash that slowly pushes each other back before Tumeric stops his attack and dodges Shabbet's ki blast before punching him in the face as Shabbet kicks him in the gut, but is knocked into the Mountainous Floating Island and crashes into the Dr Gero's Lab. Shabbet begins to become frustrated at the fact that he is being overpowered and tries to think of every strategy he can think of before remembering that he fused with a Saiyan that kept his tail and the Post-Age 1300 Saiyans have perfect control over the Great Ape forms. Shabbet launches a Power Ball up into the air as he commands its to "burst open and mix". As a result; he begins to transform into the Golden Great Ape form - demolishing the Lab and most of the floating island. Vegeta watches the fight and becomes enraged that a member of Frieza's Race as managed to use a Saiyan's Power in such a way and hopes that Tumeric put him in his place. Tumeric tries to attack him, however, Shabbet's lack of control results in him fires a stream of purple fire towards the stands. Tumeric uses himself as a Shield to take the attack causing him to become severely burned. He uses a Senzu Bean to heal himself and manages to get Shabbet to chase him towards the city block avoiding his purple flames. Tumeric attempts to fly in for a counter attack, however, Shabbet stops his movements before proceeding to punch him threw several buildings and follows up with a flurry of punches and kicks. Shocking Vegeta at the fact that Shabbet has gained control as he reveals that Post-Age 1300 Saiyans have far better control of their form than even Elite Saiyans of the Modern Era and his eventual control of the form was inevitable. Shabbet proceeds calm his mind as he begins shrink and states that he wasn't planning on staying in his "monkey" form as proceds to shrink with his fur glowing and the whites of his eyes return. After a final howl - an explosion envelops the area reducing the City Block to dust as a large flow of dust rises over the area.

As the dust settles; Shabbet reveals himself to be in a new form and states it to be his Super Saiyan 4 form. Shabbet knees Tumeric in the gut before knocking him through the City Floating Island and into the Mountainous Island. Tumeric uses S Hi-Speed Death Wave against Shabbet, however, he dodges the attack and proceeds to punch him in the gut. The power he received from the Nightmare Fruit disappears and his purple aura changes to the traditional golden aura for Super Saiyan 4. He proceeds to use Fake Blast before getting behind and uppercuts him in the back before following up with kick to the back of the head, and proceeds to use Death Blaster severely injuring Tumeric. Despite knowing that has no longer has any options to defeat Shabbet; Tumeric uses Tailless Razor and attempts to slash Shabbet, but he dodges every attempt before punching Tumeric in the gut and knocks him into the ground as he changes the energy blade into an aura as he places his hands together brings down a giant blade of aurora energy, and destroys the Cell Games Arena Floating Island as Shabbet is engulfed by the attack. Shabbet is revealed to been complete unharmed by the attack as he simply stares at him - asking if the attack was meant to hurt him before dash at him and punch him in the gut sending him flying as chases him down. Tumeric fires his Death Wave, but Shabbet blasts it away with a ki blast before punching him in the face and dodge at punch from him before kicking him in the gut, and follows up with a point-blank ki blast after being punched int the face. Shabbet asks his opponent if his going to fight till he dies as he advises him to give up. Tumeric powers up to his max and transforms into his Max Power form as he blocks a punch from Shabbet, however, his arm is rendered numb from the attack as he proceeds to dash after him. Tumeric fires Burning Aurora and manages to temporarily stun Shabbet before punching in the gut and sending him into the ground of the City Floating Island with a kick. Shabbet stands back up as he brushes off the dust and dirt from his shoulder as he raises his hand above his head as he slowly flies upwards. A gigantic energy sphere begins to from with arcs forming around it resembling a sun as he reveals that he was able to improve his Supernova to an even more powerful state as he calls the attack Corona Mass Eradication as it continues to increase in size with Tumeric powering up as he begins to prepare his MAX Power Death Wave. Shabbet launches his attack as the gigantic energy slowly descends towards him. Tumeric launches his energy wave, however, Shabbet's attack barrels through it shocking every as Bulma and Chi-Chi try to encourage Tumeric with Top and Dispo trying to give him motivation. Tumeric attempts to fly away only to have Shabbet uses Paralysis to stop Tumeric's movement as the energy sphere slowly bares down onto him it dwarves the floating island of the Cell Games Arena. Tumeric continues to struggle to move and begins to power up causing the ground beneath him to shake and crack as a result of his power. The energy sphere makes contact with the floating island and results in a massive explosion that leaves half of the main Floating Island destroyed along with islands next to the Cell Games Arena, the City Island, and the mountainous island. Shabbet laughs hysterically at his presumed victory as look over towards the destroy section of Floor 3. His laughter is replaced with the look of shock as Tumeric is inches away from him uninjured as he reveals he escaped before the energy sphere hit as Shabbet longs down to see a small energy sphere aimed directly at the warrior's gut as Tumeric says "Psychic Ball" as he compliments him on his attempt to kill him. The energy sphere begins to push Shabbet back as Tumeric reveals that he put every ounce of his energy into the attack to stop Shabbet. Shabbet inches closer to the water, however, he composes himself as he grabs the energy ball. He eventually manages to condense it enough to dodge the attack as it collides with the water and explodes on contact. However, Tumeric is unsurprised at the fact that his opponent before succumbing to overexertion as he falls to the ground beneath him. Goku Black: GT announces Tumeric's death to the shocked audience.

1st Half of Redemption Round: Final Fights Edit

Goku Black: GT declares Shabbet to be the victor as villainous competitor reverts to his base form and flies off to his team's room to train. He uses GodTube to watch the battle between Goku and Golden Frieza. He greets Cooler outside and asks him to train him before the 2nd half of the Redemption Round Begins. Cooler agrees only on the grounds that a weak version of himself shouldn't exist. Butor and Narirama are called to Floor 3 as Goku Black: GT restores area before Butor and Narirama takes their place on the Cell Games Arena. Butor darts at Narirama after the gong is rung and proceeds to use Devilmite Beam on the robot, however, due to being a robot - it has no effect on Narirama. Nariramma assaults his opponent with Mystic Attack and knocks him into the floating island east of the Arena. Narirama proceeds to begin charging his Energy Cannon as Butor. However, he launches his Mouth Energy Wave at Narirama destroy the surface of the Cell Games Arena and sending him into the water - eliminating Narirama. Osumim and Sizors are called to the Cell Games Arena as Sizors identifies himself as a fighter from Universe 2 while Osumim reveals himself to be a Wolf Person from Universe 4. Roasie asks Sizors if he will be showing his beauty only to be told that he despises beauty and calls himself a warrior of hatred. As soon as the gong is struck; Sizors leaps into action by attempting to cut Osumim, but the Wolf Person easily dodges the attack and knees his opponent the gut. Sizors expects Osumim to strike him while he is down, but Osumim tells him to stand or surround - he won't attack a downed opponent. Roasie asks Sizors why he chose his path of Hatred and he reveals that after Tournament of Power - Jimizu was talking nonstop about beauty and love as Team Universe 2 were on Planet Yardrat after the Tournament. Sizors found it unbearable and decided to use his requests for Universe 2's Yardrat to have its own Eternal Dragon. Heles agrees to bringing a Namekian from Universe 6 to honour his request. Sizors use the Dragon to make him Ageless and give him a spaceship that can locate the Super Dragon Balls. He reveals "that he used Super Shenron to gain additional wishes" and that it took him 120'780 years to complete his quest. He reveals each of his wishes and shocks Heles at the fact that he wished to have the Dark Star merged into his being and says that the amount of energy and power it would grant him will be gigantic. Sizors stands up and begins to power-up before proceeding to attack. He uses Soloscuro Flash melting most of the arena and almost hits Osumim as he dodges the attack, and uses his Fanged Pulveriser against Sizors. However, Sizors dodges the attack and transforms his hands into blades before using his Decapitation Rush against Osumi, but he dodges attack as the floating island of the Cell Games arena is quartered by the attack. The two proceed to clash with one another as Sizors claims that he'll eradicate Roasie and her friends from Universe 2 with the Super Dragon Balls when he wins the tournament. Osumim uses his enhanced hearing to dodge each of Sizors' attacks before delivering a heavy punch sending him crashing through the remnants of the floating island. However, Sizors uses Instant Transmission to save himself and uses Soloscuro Flash against Osumim severely burning him while, and sends him crashing into the mountainous Floating Island - leaving a cloud of dust behind and much of the surfaces melted away.

The cloud of dust begins to settle as Sizors smiles believing that he is victorious, however, his smile is replaced with shock as Osumim is revealed to have survived the attack with the use of an Energy Shield. Osumim flies upwards and lands on the City Floating Island and is impressed with Sizors's power. Osumim begins to transform into his transformed state Powered Thunder Fox and proceeds to dart directly at Sizors and knees him in the gut - as Osumim follows up with Vixen Claw Stream. Sizors is electrocuted by the attack and sent hurtling back to the floating island as Osumim ascends before using Vixen Eye Flash to blast Sizors with a bolt of electricity. Osumim punches Sizors in the gut before proceeded to flick him in the side of the head sending flying as he crashes into the roof the Kame House before Osumim drops kicks him in the gut and sends him crashing into the ground. Pell coins the term "Bladed Man" as he and Heles talk about the Warrior of Hatred. Heles says it is unnecessary as he would be the only Bladed Man in existence and that they don't officially exist. Sizors uses Soloscuro Flash demolish most of the area and drying up most of the water to prevent himself from being eliminated. Osumim manages to avoid the attack by using his energy shield as a large crater replaces Kame House and the middle of the main Floating Island. Sizors lands in the area of where the water was and proceeds to continue to battle against Osumim, however, he is still overpowered as Ribrianne tries to encourage Sizors only for him to tell her to shut up as he shows animosity to the so-called Maiden of Love. Osumim remains standing still as Sizors back is turned to him as Osumim waits for his opponent to stop harassing Ribrianne. Sizors looks over to him and asks why he isn't attacking him as Osumim tells him that attacking an opponent with their guard down is dishonourable. Sizors tells him he is naive and wasted an opportunity to attack him. He reveals that he lied about the wishes he made and actually waited a year after making each of his wishes. He couldn't be bothered to create his own power on his own. Sizors proves it as begin to power causing the entire ground to shake as well as causes most of the floating island to melt from his tremendous power. Several debris almost falls onto him but they slashed by the razor-sharp aura is producing causing them to be reduced to cubes before seemingly ending his power-up causing Osumim to get into his fighting stance. Sizors tells Osumim to brace himself as he unleashes the rest of his energy resulting in the area being blanketed by razor-shape energy as Osumim manages to protect himself from the energy as Sizors is revealed to have transform and coins it as form as Blade Man X. Sizors attempts his Dark Star Cutter on Osumim, but his opponent dodges the attack causing Sizors to pierce the nearby floating island before slashing the cliff to free his blade and attempts to cross-slash Osumim only to miss him and leave an X-shaped slash in the ground. Sizors proceeds to follow up with Luna Oscura Flash against Osumim shocking the Wolf Person as he can also use Lunar-powers with Sizors smirk at him and asked if he had listened to him earlier about using Super Shenron to improve himself. Osumim moves to block the attack as he is engulfed by the energy beam while the ground beneath him is destroyed by the blast. Osumim emerges barely injured by the attack as he counterattacks and proceeds to pummel him as the Bladed Man is shocked that Osumim can still make him flinch as Sizors' bloodthirsty nature begins to show. The Bladed Man uses Solluna Oscuro Beam as Osumim counters with Vixen Eye Beam to counter it causing a beam struggle. However, the heat caused by Sizors' attack begins to affect him as he begins to dehydrate. Osumim surrounds himself with an energy shield and jumps upward to avoid the energy blast before being punching into the Cities Floating Island and nearly causes the Ruined City to collapse. Osumium is almost buried by the falling debris as Sizors ascends into the air as he glares down at the debris telling his opponent to hurry up.

As several geysers of water burst from the ground. A blue stream of energy burst from the pieces of debris as waterspouts bursts through the ground as Sizors is confused and wonders what his opponent is doing. As everything begins to settle as the rubble flows off the floating island and causes a landslide. Osumim emerges from the rubble in his Slender Aquatic Fox form and punches Sizors in the face before kneeing him in the gut, and follows up with a kick to the back of the head - sending him crashing into the floating island. Osumim attempts to punch Sizors, but drives his punch into the cliff resulting in multiple geysers of water burst out of the cliffside. He turns to face the Bladed Man as Sizors lands on the main Floating Island as he realises that the waterfall is the only means to eliminate his opponent now as Osumim uses Vixen Tail Attack sending a bullet of water at Sizors, however, he dodges the attack resulting in a small crater as Ribrianne and Sizors converse with each other again as they both converse and argue with each other over their beliefs. Osumim is put off by Ribrianne's fixation on love and beauty, but he maintains his sense of self to not interrupt their conversation. Heles interrupts, however, complaining that Osumim had touch water and has to be eliminated, but Quitela counters that it is part of his technique and he didn't physically touch the water of Floor 3 - so it doesn't count. Goku Black: GT confirms that Quitela is correct and 'Osumim is safe. Sizors proceeds to punch Osumim in the face as he smirks as Osumim asks if he's finished talking and would like if it is okay to continue. Sizors is shocked and says yes as Osumim gives his opponent a sharp glare resulting in Sizors being knocked back and sends him hurtling into the ground as punches Sizors in the face and follows up with infusing pressurized water into his fist and punches him in the gut sending across the main island. Osumim proceeds to transform once again after telling Sizors that he wants to show him the result of hard work and determination. He reveals his Giant Stone Fox form as Sizors tries to attack him, but in one of his blades are broken on contact with Osumim's shoulder as Osumim punches him in the gut and sends him flying into the ground as he uses Vixen Palm Storm and causes a massive shockwave as Sizors is heavily injured before using Vixen Ear Beams and follows up with transform into his Swift Cyclone Fox form. A follows up with Vixen Leg Press and manages to send Sizors crashing into the ruined city before deciding that from now on he'll start taking things seriously and decides to stop showing his power-off before the major fight. Osumim proceeds to transform into his Basic Inferno Fox form to show off his and states that it is fifth elemental shifting form and uses Vixen Nose Flare in an attempt to burn Sizors, but he is unaffected by the attack due to his heat resistant as he reminds his opponent. However, Osumim reverts to his Slender Aquatic Fox form as he tells him that he remembers as he showed Sizors his power to show that he achieved it all through intense training. However, Sizors expresses that he doesn't care about training only power as Osumim is aware of Sizors' utter disregard for training and tells him that it will be his downfall as Osumim surrounds his body with water as he vows to defeat him.

Osumim walks to edge of the crater that occurred when he crashed into the floating island from Sizors kick as he reveals that he has made an armour of water to combatant him as well as defend himself from Sizors' attacks. They proceed to go in for a clash but Osumim dodges Sizors' punch and punches the Bladed Man in the gut followed by a flurry of fast kicks before sending him flying into the ground with an attack from his tail. Osumim appears behind Sizors as he gets up from the attack and sent flying with a kick to the back. Quitela uploads Osumim ability to overwhelm Sizors and expresses regret for not selecting him for the Tournament of Power only for Cognac to inform him that Osumim was born 10 years after it. Quitela merely expresses that he has acknowledged the Wolf Person's power. Osumim grabs Sizors by his wings - cutting himself in the process - and proceeds to try to hurl him into the waterfall, but Sizors uses Instant Transmission to save himself and try to knock Osumim away, but the Wolf Person grabs Sizors' wrist and headbutts before punching him in the gut once more before overwhelming him with a flurry of fast punches and kicks before Sizors begins to fight back with his own flurry of fast punches and kicks. Osumim blocks of a punch from Sizors and kicks him into the ground before following up with a darting directly at him and manages to send him through the floating island. Sizors is impressed that Osumim was able to enhance the impact of his attack by using an armour of pressurised water as he sent flying into the floating island by Osumim's Front Snap Kick. Sizors flies back up at the Osumim and punches him in the gut before following up with a flurry of fast kicks and punches before knocking him down with double axe handle. They continue to battle against one another throughout the area resulting in multiple buildings from the City Block and Ruined City. Osumim dodges his opponent's attack before sending them through the ruined Capsule Corps Headquarters with a kick - destroying the entire building. Osumim stares down Sizors as he stands back up revealing his partially damaged shoulder guard before attempting to lacerate Osumim with his remaining extendable blade. Sizors attempts to block Osumim's kick, but he is simply knocked into the ground before jumping upwards with an attempt to punch Osumim, but he is knocked across the ground. After knocking him back with Vixen Tail Attack; Osumim flies above Sizors and follows up with Hydro Beam Cannon - resulting in a large explosion. Sizors stands up and attempts to kill Osumim after being fed up with being overwhelmed by Osumim's abilities despite having even power. Osumim punches the ground causing multiple geysers covering the entire of floating island as several geysers appear similar to the waterfall on the lower section of the island. Sizors avoids each of the geysers, however, one of his wings is destroyed causing him to begin to fall. Osumim ceases his attack as Sizors lands makes contact with the waterfall - resulting in Sizors' elimination. He appears in the stands with his team as they are afraid to be near him due to his display of his power as Floor 3 is restored before the next two contestant are called to the Cell Games Arena floating island.

Apurit and Gorin greet each other as Top angrily demands why they are part of the tournament only to be told by the Hooded Figure that they were invited like all other contestants. He is told to remain calm or he'll be "removed" by Goku Black: GT himself and orders him to sit back down. The gong is struck signalling the battle to begin as Apurit tells him he hopes to remain friends after the fight as Gorin punches him in the gut and follows up with a kick to the back of the head. Apurit is surprised that he isn't holding back and protrudes spikes from his hands and proceeds to punch Gorin several times followed up with a kick of the chin before backflipping away from him to gain some distance. Apurit admits that he doesn't want to continue as the hooded figure tells him that if they don't continue the fight - they'll be disqualified as Apurit replies that he and Gorin are friends. However, he is struck down by a punch by Gorin as the criminal reveals that Apurit was never a friend to him and only a means to an end to help him in his career. Top is horrified at the cold words spoke by Gorin as he reveals to Bulma that they have committed crimes together more times than he can count and Gorin often acts like he treats Apurit as a friend. Bulma asks Top about Apurit and he reveals that Apurit is Android like #17 and #18. And tells him about the times that he fought against the duo - Apurit always handed himself in while Gorin void the struggle as training. Apurit is visibly hurt by the words of Gorin as Gorin activates his Ultra Suit covering himself with it and proceeds to fire an energy wave as Apurit counters with a ki blast. Gorin uses Ultra Bombardment and manages to severely wound Apurit while also destroying most of the arena. Apurit flies upwards and is followed by Gorin - Gorin tries to knock Apurit down with Ultra Beam, however, Apurit dodges the energy beam and lands back on the arena as he fires his Full Power Energy Wave. However, it completely misses as Gorin as the Tuffle warrior tells that he is "up here" as he points at that Apurit fired it directly at the Cities Floating Island. He gives him an embarrassed look before kicking him towards the water and follows up with Spike Missile - piercing Gorin's Ultra Suit chest piece and uses Ultra Flame Charge and hits another spike that Apurit launched at him and causes the spike to ignite into a fiery explosion. Gorin is able unable to maintain his suits flight capability due to the spike in the chest piece and falls into the water - eliminating him. Gorin is angered calls his "craft fighting"-style useless as he is sent up to the stands with the rest of his team as Netarine and Momoringo are called to fight as for the final battle of the first half of the Redemption Round. Momoringo begins talking to herself until Netarine tells her to focus as their fight begins. Momoringo starts with her Food Magic and uses Carrot Bang Bang to launch a carrot at Netarine. Netarine is confused, however, as soon as the carrot glows she jumps away as it explodes. Netarine kicks her in the rib and sends her flying into the corner of the arena. Momoringo uses Peach Shot as Netarine dodges the fruit that is shot at her, and remarks that her techniques are interesting, but tells her that she was always aware that Momoringo is a "foodie". Netarine is struck in the back by a blast of magical energy and sent hurtling into the ground. Netarine fires Thief's Cannon at Momoringo and manages to injure her only for Momoringo to use her Nectarine Beam causing Netarine to be moderately wounded from exploding nectarines. Momoringo uses Onion Sawblades to follow up as Netarine dodges the attack. The corner pillar of the Cell Games arena is severed from the sawblades, however, the sawblades followed Netarine but she does them again as the Mountainous Floating Island is diced by the sawblades. Netarine blasts the onion sawblades with Thief's Cannon and destroys them. Momoringo uses Exploding Molten Chocolate Wave to unleash a gigantic tidal wave of melted hot chocolate as Netarine braces herself for and uses Thief's Shield to protect herself at the moment the torrent of hot chocolate crashes down onto her - burning the area around her while corroding the floating island away. The energy shield begins to crack as Netarine begins to that she won't be able to keep it up. Momoringo uses Boiling Bacon Flash as Netarine flies upwards and dispels her energy shield only to be burned by hot bacon before being punched into the water below - eliminating Netarine.

Training for the 2nd Half Edit

Goku Black: GT announces Momoringo as the victor and tells the fighters to train for the second half of the Redemption Round is revealed to be a battle royale with only two people being allowed to win despite being only 13 people left the attend the Redemption Round. Goku Black: GT announces that the second half will begin in 13 days and as such hope to see everyone by then. Chi-Chi and Bulma leave the stands as they discuss who the likely winner of the Redemption Round will be as Top hopes to see Yukirieza as one of the winners. Dispo tells Top that is going to train for a while as Chi-Chi enters Team Goku's room with Bulma entering Team Vegeta's room. Meanwhile; Yukirieza is in the middle of training with Guitar in his Metal form and has come to the point that they are now even stronger than they were before and states they should thank Naraku for using her power to help with their training as it feels like they've been training for a month since his fight. Jiren arrives to tell them that the first half as just finished and they have 13 days to finish training. Osumim image trains in his team's room while Mirayo is trained by her teammates. Shabbet is still being trained by Cooler while the others train in their own way. Cooler reveals that he convinced Naraku to give Shabbet a Time Pass so that for next 13 days of training feel like 13 months of training. Osumim learns that each of the contestant's rooms has their own Room of Spirit and Time to use at that wish. The Hooded Figure reveals that a day in the Timespace Rift is a month inside the Room of Spirit and Time. Osumim enters the room and plans to exit with the second of half begins. Back at Team Guitar's Room; Yukirieza has his Dark Orb above him and launces it at Guitar whom counters with Explosive Madan to send it back to him while Yukirieza gets out of the way as the energy sphere apparently hits the roof of Team Guitar's room resulting in a massive explosion. Guitar punches him in the face and sends him crashing into the foot of the door to their Room of Spirit and Time with Super Explosive Madan as he flies over to him as he asks why they aren't using it. Yukirieza says that he is already using a cheap trick to help him train and didn't want to use it. Yukirieza decides to test his power completely as powers back down to his true form and proceeds to transform into Diamond Yukirieza. Android 16's scanner picks up that Yukirieza is even more powerful in this form than his Metal form as Jiren continues to meditate along with Old Man Trunks. Yukirieza darts at Guitar and knees him in the gut before following up with a Tail Attack before using Diamond Dark Orb, however, Android 16 advises him not to as it could destroy the whole room - making Yukirieza to cancel the attack. However, his inexperience and exhaustion result in him powering down and asking for a break as they recover the battle. The Timespace Rift Gohan and Puck enter the room with food that he made specifically for everyone. Spicy Braised Calamari for Yukirieza, water for Guitar, and a large feast of food for Old Man Trunks while Guitar is left wondering what Jiren was served as Guitar asks Puck when the first round finishes - as Puck replies with confusion that it has already ended and they have 13 days to train and rest for the second half. Guitar asks how long it has been for the Redemption Round overall as Puck replies that the first half took 15 hours. Each of them eats their dinner as the Timespace Rift Gohan returns to collect their dishes. As he leaves the room; the hooded figure asks if everything one has eaten and if their fingerprints are all over the dishes. He replies obediently with yes and is ordered to hand the dishes over to her. He complies as he leaves the area and is told to return to Floor 1.

After 5 days following the first half of the Redemption Round; Guitar and Yukirieza continue to train as Old Man Trunks approaches Yukirieza and suggests that Guitar and Yukirieza - do something out of the comfort range to further their power as he reveals Dodoria and Chamel. He throws them a Metamo-Ring each instructs Guitar merge with Chamel and Dodoria to merge with Yukirieza. Dodoria informs Old Man Trunks that he better uphold the end of his bargain for this as he agrees to help with their training - Old Man Trunks nods his head. Dodoria and Chamel fuse with their respective partners as a result Dodoriza and Tarel are born. They proceed to fight one another as Dodoriza and Tarel enter an energy clash using Maximum Death Beam and Lost Arts - Full Power Masenko respectively. Tarel pushes back before powering up to the Red-Eyed form while Dodoriza tries to push back, however, the ground beneath him begins to crack. Dodoriza jumps away from the energy wave ending the energy clash and proceeds to transform into the Diamond Dodoriza form. Meanwhile; Old Man Trunks exits the room in order to go a for a walk and runs into Goku. They greet each other as Goku almost fails to recognise him and asks him what era is from as Old Man Trunks responds by telling him that he is from Age 832 and is 67 due to the 1 year he spent in the Room of Spirit and Time back during the "Cell" Drama. Old Man Trunks tells him about his team and the fact that he took on both Guitar and Yukirieza as his students. Goku asks whether or not Yukirieza's name sounding like Frieza's is happenstance only for Old Man Trunks to reveal that Yukirieza is Frieza's son as a result of a Kagejin ensaring the Emperor during the events of the Demon Realm Assault. Goku asks whether to meet him, however, Old Man Trunks is unsure whether or not he is allowed bring him into Team Guitar's room. Romabo approaches them her and informs Goku that a contestant is allowed to go in another contestant's room while training as it a means to keep the element of surprise between the competitors. She informs him that Yukirieza is allowed to meet him in the lobby if he is interested in meeting him. In the interest of time - Diamond Dodoriza is still battling against Red-Eyed Tarel and is frustrated that he is being overpowered. After being punched into the ground; Dodoriza holds up his left in order to sign for Tarel to stop and removes his Metamo-Ring cancelling his fusion as he stands up with a cold stare in his eyes. Jiren notices something off about Yukirieza. He notices that his pupils are missing and powers before punching Tarel in the gut and sends him in the edge of the room. Dark Yukirieza fires his Evil Death Beam at Tarel, but Tarel ends his fusion allowing them to escape the attack. Dark Yukirieza kills Dodoria with Evil Eye Lasers before turning back to Guitar. Old Man Trunks stands in front of him with an angry look at him and telling to remember what happened "last time". Yukirieza focuses his mind and returns to normal as Old Man Trunks asks him to come with him. Yukirieza meets Goku as they stand face-to-face to each other as Goku looks at him with a serious look as Old Man Trunks introduces Goku to Yukirieza. Goku then smiles and says "yo" to him as he asks him if he knows what Frieza is like. Yukirieza says he does as he born not just Frieza's DNA, but also knowledge of his father's past, however, he doesn't wish to follow his father's footsteps as he was raised on Earth by a small family that wished the best for him and as such he spent his whole life fighting against his father's past.

Old Man Trunks remembers when the Kagejin attacked Frieza and remembers something that Naraku told him. He tells that its not just knowledge and DNA, but also half of his Frieza's power is also placed in the offspring as states that Yukirieza's Base form maybe be an amalgamation of Frieza's True and 1st Nightmare Form. Goku goes on to say that he believes Yukirieza's desire to follow his own footsteps and not his father's and offers to use his wish should his team to make Yukirieza's wish in additions to prevent him from every becoming evil. Yukirieza smiles at him and thanks to him for his kindness as he looks forward to facing off against Goku when the main fights of the tournament begin. He walks back to his room as Goku wishes him luck and throws him a capsule - telling him that he might find it useful. Yukirieza enters the room and proceeds to continue his training with Guitar until the day begins to come to an end. Yukirieza remembers the capsule and decides to take a look at by activating it and it reveals a table with a cup and kettle on it. Guitar recognises it as the "famed" Ultra Divine Water as another symbol directly below that "Kami" symbol. Guitar tells Yukirieza of the Ultra Divine Water, but also states that it smells different to the one that Goku drank. Old Man Trunks reveals that it has been altered to give the drinker the power of their most powerful form while in their base form unleashing their hidden potential at its max. Yukirieza proceeds to drink it without hesitation causing immense pain from the poison as a launch electric aura of ki explodes from his body. Old Man Trunks tries to intervene, but Yukirieza tells him not help him as he grows to the height of Final Form Frieza before a massive explosion feels the room. Yukirieza is standing still as he looks down at his hands before proceeding to transform using Super Evolution. He states that he is going to remain in the form as he returns to the training field to image train for the rest of the night. Everyone else goes on to have dinner to end the night with Guitar deciding to go meditate before going to bed. The hooded figure is spotted by Bulma and she follows her - as she goes off to Floor 4 and hides inside the asteroid. Three Dark Namekians kneel before the hooded figure as she identifies them as Bibra, Vic, and Tanta. She discusses the events of the tournament asks if they collected enough energy from the 100-Team Challenge Round and the first half of the Redemption Round. They confirmed that they did harvest enough energy as they each hold out a energy absorber that seem have become red in colour. She takes the energy absorbers and tells them to get more as she leaves the area. However, Bulma prepares to leave the area - she is grabbed by Bibra who tells her that he could hear her footsteps in the and throws her to the ground after threatening to end her if she breathes a word of anything she heard to anyone. As Bulma gets up to walk away - she immediately feels a sharp pain as Bibra has thrusted his hand into her back - killing her as he tells Vic that he wasn't willing to take the chance. Trunks begins to worry about Bulma, however, Vegeta tells him to get rest as he believes she'll return later at night. Sometime later; Bulma has seemingly been revived and has been genetically modified as she looks in the mirror to see the sclera of her left eye jet-black.

The following the day Vegeta awakes to find that Bulma has not returned and goes to find out why, however, Timespace Rift Puck tells him that he knows that he is looking for Bulma and tells him that she has offered to help prepare the second half of the Redemption Round and may not be back until later on as she had some ideas of her own. Vegeta tells him to tell her to let him know next time before heading back into his room. Meanwhile; Old Man Trunks tells Yukirieza that he wants to test his powers with a test. Yukirieza agrees as Old Man Trunks tells him to go into the Room of Spirit and Time as he has plans for an opponent to face off against. Yukirieza decides to image training while he awaits for Old Man Trunks and his opponent. Old Man Trunks enters after a while and arrives with Karoly Black frozen in time as he tells him should Karoly Black be destroyed by a reason - his fusees will simply be taken back to point and time they were taken from. He wishes him luck stating that Karoly Black is a powerhouse and will be tough to beat. Yukirieza says he's ready as Old Man Trunks nods at him and leaves the Room of Spirit and Time as unfreezes Karoly Black. Karoly Black stares down at Yukirieza as Yukirieza tells him that he'll eradicate him in their next fight. Karoly Black applauds him for his bravery and tells him to come at him with everything he's got. The battle begins as Yukirieza is barely able to land an attack on the fused warrior. Yukirieza is knocked into the ground with a kick and almost killed by Karoly Black's Legendary Flash, however, Yukirieza powers up slowing the energy sphere down before transforming into his Super Evolution form. Yukirieza dodges the attack and kicks Karoly Black in the neck proceeds to begin a flurry of fast punches and kicks. However, his attack a failing to land a decisive blow and asks the Dark Warrior - if taking on his current form was worth it. Yukirieza transforms again using Cosmic Evolution and becoming Metal Super Yukirieza. He darts at Karoly Black and kicks him away into the ground before following up with Shadow Beam, however, Karoly Black blocks it with his hand. The two of them proceed to battle as they have become evenly match with each other resulting in large tremors and shock waves causing Yukirieza to become concerned that they might end up destroying the door as a result. However, he continues to fight nonetheless and manages to counter each of Karoly Black's attacks with his own attacks before blasting him into the ground. Yukirieza proceeds to use Ballistic Dark Orb launches each of the energy spheres directly at Karoly Black. Karoly Black manages to destroy several of the energy spheres with Legendary Flash Slash, however, he is caught off guard by the final energy sphere which engulfs him and the door - destroying the door while seemingly destroying Karoly Black. However, he is knocked to the ground by a kick as Karoly Black is revealed to be alive - battered, but alive. The two proceed to clash with one another once again for as Karoly Black's movements are slower due to his injuries. Yukirieza decides that play-time is over and proceeds to power-up one more time and manages to transform into Diamond Metal Super Yukirieza. Yukirieza begins charging his Dark Orb Final as Karoly Black fires a barrage of ki blast at him, however, the ki blast has no effect on him as they simply ricochet off him as he launches his energy sphere to destroy the fused warrior once and for all as Yukirieza overheats. Yukirieza flies down in order to catch his breath before using Vice Shout to escape before his body gives out and reverts back to his base form. Old Man Trunks congratulates him on completing his test as he tells him to get some rest for a couple of days.

The Second Half Begins Edit

With only a few hours left of for the second half of the Redemption Round to begin - each of the fighters eats a senzu bean to recover their stamina for their 13 days worth of training and prepare to be summoned to the selected battlefield. The second half will take place on Floor 4 and fighters will be assembled at Fortuneller Baba's Palace. As the time passes - all fighters are teleported to the battle arena of the palace as Goku Black: GT explains the rules of the second half. He tells them that the battle will begin soon and tells them to get ready. Timespace Rift Chi-Chi approaches the gong as Goku Black: GT summons the stands to Floor 4 and takes his place on his throne as he nods at the Chi-Chi of the Timespace Rift as the regular Chi-Chi looks at her counterpart with confusion. The gong is struck signalling the battle to begin as the fighters proceeding to fight each at once. Butor punches Nargent while Yukirieza kicks both Nargent and Butor away while dodging an attack from Kiclee. Butor enters his Dark Magic channeling state and proceeds to use a corrupted ki blast to hinder the movements of Kiclee while the other fighters continue to assault each other including Butor as Mirayo remains at the battle arena. Butor fires his Big Bang Beam Cannon and nearly hits Mirayo, but it hits Apurit instead injuring him and sending him hurtling into the floating island containing the asteroid - eliminating him as Momoringo uses Double Nectarine Beam on both Prika and Kiclee. Butor targets Ghiro and Caluppa as Mirayo continues to remain still as she knocks back Momoringo. Bekkon dodges Caluppa's ki slash and uses Monster Throw against Caluppa in order to eliminate him, however, Caluppa uses a mouth energy wave to stop his descent. Ghiro uses Shocking Death Ball against Yukirieza, however, the energy sphere misses him and destroys a mountain. Yukirieza realises that their powers are off after failing to transform into his Metal form and realises that Mirayo has used her abilities to hinder her opponents ability together power. Yukirieza asks Mirayo when she did it and she reveals she used her ability at the start of the battle. She walks forward as the other fighters she proceeds to use to Burning Razor against all other fighters - sending each of the fighters flying in a different directions. Butor, Prika, Kiclee, and Ghiro are all eliminated from the attack while Yukirieza eliminates Bekkon wit his Tail Attack and Osumim kicks Caluppa away and eliminates him. Nargent, Yukirieza, Mirayo, Shabbet, Osumim, and Momoringo remain in the ring as they each prepare to take the battle seriously. All fights begin to power up to full power as they stand down each other with as they announce to each other to prepare for their fight as Mirayo sheathes her sword and dashes forward.

Mirayo faces off against Momoringo as Yukirieza faces off against Nargent, Osumim, and Shabbet. Momoringo and Mirayo exchange a flurry of fast kicks and punches as their clashes take them across the entire floor. The women continue their battle as they reach a city that resembles a Planet Vegeta city and manages to destroy a balcony as Momoringo is sent flying through a building from a kick as Mirayo lands on the road below Momoringo as the tuffle flies up to the top of the building as she states she was holding back her Food Magic in order to gauge Mirayo and states that she doesn't use her full power against her friends. Momoringo promises to use all of her power in this fight as she proceeds to use White Bar Assault to launch four bars of white chocolate that manage to quarter a building by Mirayo and almost cut her. Momoringo snaps her fingers as Mirayo finishes dodging the attack and causes the chocolate bars to explode behind her - sending her flying into the ground. Mirayo stands back up and proceeds to kick Momoringo in the gut, however, the tuffle recovers a drops small energy orbs along the ground around Mirayo as she attacks her with fast kicks and punches. Meanwhile; Shabbet kicks Nargent in the back while blasting Osumim with ki, however, Yukirieza punches Shabbet in the gut and knocks away Nargent with a kick. Mirayo raises Razor channelling fire into the tip of the blade before solidifying the flames in order to use Burning Axe Assault. She manages to sever several buildings with a few swings before striking a door and transforms the solidify fire into a large energy beam. However, the tuffle dodge the attack and lands on the sole remaining building and proceeds to use her Food Magic to cause a swarm of gummi snakes to appear from the energy fragments she created. Mirayo wonders if Momoringo really is a fighter or just an unhealthy foodie. The snakes proceed to lunge at Mirayo, however, she dodges them as they begin flattening the city with every lunge. Mirayo tries to escape by going underneath, but the snakes simply tunnel under the city as they continue to try to strike her. One of the snakes use Toxic Flame Breath on Mirayo, however, she holds her sword out to absorb the flames in order to protect herself. After absorbing the flames - she slashes a snake, however, the section she slashes causing an explosion and knocks her back. Momoringo reveals that if the snakes are damaged in any way - the damaged area will explode. Mirayo stands up and sheathes her blade as she states that she'll use the attack that used against Nenjo. She uses Hi-Speed Assault against Momoringo, however, she grabs Mirayo's wrist shocking the Demon as the Tuffle manages to have her constricted by a snake and causes the snake to explode - heavily wounded Mirayo and sending her flying into the Palace. However, she follows up with Hi-Speed Razor Assault only to be countered again, but this time she is able to break free before the snake explodes. She follows up with Hi-Speed Whirlwind Slash to quarter the remaining snakes resulting in them exploding and allowing her to catch Momoringo off guard as she receives on uppercut to the jaw that sends her flying into the sky before being kicked in the gut, and sent flying into the asteroid's floating island with punch - eliminating Momoringo.

Mirayo looks down at Momoringo before looking over to the remaining fighters as Yukirieza and Shabbet collide fists as they attempt to punch each while they respectively knock away Osumim and Nargent with their tails. Yukirieza decides to start taking the fight seriously and proceeds to transform into his Metal form sending his opponent crashing into the battle arena of Baba's Palace. Shabbet stands back up transforms into Super Saiyan 4 before proceeding to punch Yukirieza in the jaw and sends him flying into a mountain. Nargent proceeds to shout Golden Flash Strike and strikes Shabbet in the stomach - sending him crashing into the cliffs below as Osumim fires a ki blast at both Nargent and Yukirieza, and knocks the two back. Shabbet begins to power up as he reveals that he has since improved his power and abilities as he transforms into his Metal form. Shabbet uses Death Flash against Yukirieza, however, the energy wave is deflected towards Nargent, but the Universe 10 warrior manages to kick it towards Osumim only for it to be redirected back at Shabbet. Yukirieza looks over to Osumim as he states that he too has trained extensively to improve himself. He lands on a mountainous pillar on the mountainous floating Island and begins to power. He states that he is now going to show them the fruits of his training as he continues to power up causing numerous lightning sparks to burst off him and a heavy gust of wind begins to emerge. Geysers of water burst from the ground and surround him as a massive fissure appears on the Floating Island and jets of flames begin to shoot out from him. The power continues as massive storms fill the entire area of Floor 4. Eventually, Osumim generates a large explosion of energy that causes a cloud of dust to cover, however, he flies upward revealing to have grown four extra tails and tells his opponents that he call he simply calls the form Five-Tails. Osumim lands a devastating punch to Nargent's gut before darting towards Yukirieza and punches him in the face. Nargent stands back up with the intent on continuing the fight before passing out and is declared eliminated Osumim, Shabbet, and Yukirieza looks on as he is removed from the battle site as they prepare to battle against each other as Mirayo decides to not join them and simply wait for the two that are eliminated. All three of the fighters collide fists with one another resulting in a massive shockwave that shatters the floating island containing Baba's Palace and most of the alien city.
Three proceed to clash with each other as they continue to punch each other in the face as they heavily wound each other with each punch. Osumim begins to charging his Final Vixen Cannon and raises his hand to his opponent.
Osumim promises to end the battle with his next attack as Yukirieza prepares his Shadow Beam and Shabbet prepares his Death Flash as each of them stare down each other. The three of them fire their energy waves at each other causing a triple energy clash with neither of them letting up causing Baba's Section to crumble away while the mountains begin to melt away from the heat of Osumim's energy wave while the Alien City section begins to split apart. As neither of them are letting up - the collision of energy attacks expand to a large energy sphere that almost swallows the entirety of Floor 4 as Shabbet uses his remaining hand to use Corona Flash to unleash an energy wave version of Corona Mass Eradication. However, energy clash eventually cancels out as a massive explosion swallowing all fighters including Mirayo. The only section that remains is the Asteroid floating island and several sections of the Alien City.

Shabbet emerges from the smoking having survived by using his Psycho Barrier while is covered by his Water Armour while the fates of Yukirieza and Mirayo are still unknown.
Chi-Chi begins to worry about Bulma whom hasn't returned yet as Top and Dyspo are impressed by Osumim's power. Vegeta shows some concern as well while he trains with his team, however, King Vegeta convinces him to have faith his wife and continue his training.
Osumim begins by using his Fanged Flash hitting Shabbet head on with the attack and severs his left arm, however, thanks to Shabbet's Rebirth ability to repair and upgrade. Osumim punches Shabbet in the stomach and causes heavy damage. Osumim dodges Shabbet's punch and begins Bear Hugging Shabbet. He continues to squeeze causing several cracks to form around his body as Shabbet struggles to break free.
Infinite Zamasu watches Shabbet struggle as he begins to curse his fate and hopes that Goku Black: GT's focus stays on the tournament as plots to kill him when his guard is down.
Osumim finally manages to bifurcate Shabbet only for him to use his Rebirth ability to restore and upgrade his body. Osumim kicks Shabbet in the gut before following up with Fanged Flash, however, Shabbet wraps his tail around Osumim's neck. However, Osumim breaks Shabbet's tail to free himself before destroying it with a kiss blast.
Shabbet punches Osumim in the face in response to him destroying his tail as Osumim grabs his wrist and headbutts Shabbet only to be struck in gut followed up a kick to the neck. Osumim punches through Shabbet's gut; leaving a gaping hole in his stomach, however, Shabbet manages to repair himself and upgrade his chest area as Osumim kicks Shabbet into a debris field of the mountainous Floating Island.
The two begin clash with one another as they fight continues through Floor 4 - causing the debris fields to be ejected from the area around them. Osumim punches Shabbet in the gut before following with a knee to the face stunning before grabbing him by the neck and throwing him into broke piece from the mountainous island. As the others from the stands watch on; it appears that Osumim is overpowering Shabbet as he effortlessly deflects each of his attacks and counters with heavy blows. Shabbet, however, manages to block his next counterattack and proceeds to punch him the gut before sending him flying into a piece of debris with a double axe handle. Osumim recovers from the attack as Shabbet prepares to strike him down only for Osumim to dodge before kicking him in the back of the head and sends him flying into the asteroid - eliminating Shabbet.
Yukirieza emerges from a dust covered debris field and proceeds to face Osumim and prepares to take him on for another round, however, Osumim simply smiles as he reverts to his base form revealing that his Fivetails form is new and consumes a lot of ki before passing out. Mirayo and Yukirieza are declared the victors of the Redemption Round by Goku Black: GT and are permitted to enter the first round of the Tournament.

Training for the First Round Mini-Saga Edit

Goku Black: GT authorises each of the participants to train before the First Round. Yukirieza returns to Team Guitar's room to train with his team in preparation for the main tournament. The other teams begin to train as Goku and Broly in their respective Super Saiyan 2 forms. Xeno Kakarot and Xeno Raditz train each other to improve their power while their Xeno Bardock trains his grandson and granddaughter.
Guitar trains with Android 16 and Yukirieza while Jiren and Old Man Trunks image train. Jamila and Petros have defused as they continue their training with their teammates while Mirayo trains alone.
Guitar rests after a long day of training as Sagelin enters the room and asks if he can train with them in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber provided by Goku Black: GT as 1 day on the outside of the Room of Spirit and Time is a fortnight on the inside as Sagelin is offered a Time Pass by Old Man Trunks before going in.
The two friends begin training with each other resulting in shock waves throw out the chamber as the rest of Team Guitar as Infinite Zamasu talks with Goku Black: GT and asks him whether or not they have collected enough energy from the watchers with Black: GT revealing to him that he has enough energy to eradicate an entire solar systems - having collected emotional, positive, and divine energy from the spectators.
Bulma walks up to them with a jar with liquid as Black: GT reveals that he has converted the energy into a liquid before handing Bulma another jar and tells her to place in his chair for the Tournament. Infinite Zamasu asks him why the fighters can't use god-level forms only to learn that it could overload the energy drainer and that passive divine energy - God's that aren't fighting - is enough to reach their goal.
The two Kais stare at each other for a moment before Bulma asks them about the coming threat and whether or not they have the right number of fighters to help them only for Black: GT to respond that having Vegeta is the first step and Guitar is the second. Black: GT affirms that Project Catalyst must be completed and will do so with all pieces on the board.
The following day - the teams use this time to rest before the first round is declared by having a feast and sizing each other up with conversation as Goku talks with Jamila and Trunks talks to Old Man Trunks. Piccolo learns from Guitar of his reasons to join the tournament while Piccolo claims that he doesn't really have a wish. Android 16 greets Piccolo and reveals himself as the protector for Guitar and his teammate as they greet like old friends. Android 16 asks to talk with Guitar in private with Piccolo agreeing and walking off. Android 16 tells him the dangers of talking his parent's past self and that doing so could create a branching timeline. Android 16 suggests to Guitar try an EX-Fusion with a being other than demons and Kais given the fact that he only chooses a certain type of characters especially since the God-levels powers of the Demon God form are against the rules of the tournament and suggests to him that fusing with an Android may be his best strategy. Guitar agrees to Android 16's suggestion and decides to the head to the EX-Fusion Station in their room and takes studies each of the Androids and Cyborgs throughout history. He almost gives up until coming across Seventhree and after learning of his abilities Guitar decides to fuse with Seventhree as he prepares for the first round of the tournament.
Guitar summons a Time Rift duplicate of Seventhree and fuses with him into Guitree and meets with his team as they return to continue training. Guitree tells that they are stepping up their training and proceeds to copy Jiren's powers telling them that he isn't holding back.

Guitree darts towards Yukirieza lands a heavy blow to him sending him flying while kicking Android 16 away followed by blocking a punch from Old Man Trunks and proceeds to attack Jiren resulting in a colossal fight and nearly destroys Team Guitar's room. Yukirieza transforms into his Diamond Metal Super form and launches his Dark Orb Final at Guitree only for him to stop it with a glare and then dispel it. He punches Yukirieza in the gut and sends him flying into a wall before being punched in the face by Jiren.
Jiren scolds him for letting his guard down and proceeds to try and use his Power Impact on him from close range only for Guitree to counter with Power Impact causing a close-range energy clash. The resulting clash causes a massive tremor through Team Guitar's room and almost destroys the planetoid as a result - forcing them to cease the clash.
Goku Black: GT senses the intensity of the battle and asks Ésora to strengthen Floor 5. She agrees to do so before leaving as Infinite Zamasu and Bulma finish preparing the energy-suction devices designed to pick up residual energy left behind as a result of energy attacks and the use of energy.
Guitree uses energy punch on Jiren but he counters with his own energy punch, and results in an explosion. After their last clash - they land on a piece of rubble opposite each other. The two stare down each other as Guitree prepares another Power Impact only for his powers to disappear realising that his time limit has passed. Jiren compliments him on utilising his skills to his advantage by fusing with the right partner - stating that such a thing is necessary to win.
Jiren punches Guitree as he copies his abilities again before proceeding to defeat Jire after a long battle before being knocked into a wall by Old Man Trunks - revealing that he has entered his Super Saiyan form. Old Man Trunks manages to overwhelm Guitree and proceeds to deliver a heavy punch to the gut before knocking him down with a kick to the back. Guitree removes his Metamo-Ring separating him back into his fusees as Seventhree disappears as Old Man Trunks chastises him for being overconfident and reminds him that every strategy has a counterstrategy and so they should also focus on away to counter counterstrategies. Android 16 gives him a confused look and whispers something to him only for Old Man Trunks to respond with "yes" as Android 16 looks at the stands and spots a past version of himself talking with Chi-Chi and the others. Android 16 agrees to use his knowledge to counter the enemy and stay one step ahead of their enemies as he proceeds to individually train them while Goku trains with his team as each of them are exhausted and chow down while they rest before resuming their training. Gohan suggests using the Freeform Machine to further their training by calling a random fighter that can truly test their power.
Piccolo suggests Gogenks with the others agreeing to his suggestion and summons base form Gogenks. The fused warrior easily defeats each of them with relative each as they throw everything at him.
Each of the fighters are knocked to the ground as the fused fighter looks down on Goku and tells him that the training session has only just begun before kicking him in the head.

As the time for the first round to begin becomes shorter - Gogenks has brought Team Goku to a large area with a large bell hanging from the ceiling. Gogenks tells him that they have to ring the bell if they want to complete his training. Goku and Bardock power up to Super Saiyan while Gohan and Piccolo power up to Mage Transformation and Red-Eyed State respectively as before the four begin battling with Gogenks. Broly attempts to ring it while he is distracted but Gogenks fires a finger blast at him knocking him to the ground before kicking Goku in the gut and sending him flying into the ground. Goku responds by transforming into Perfected Super Saiyan Blue and proceeds to continue his attack.
Gohan watched as Goku fought against the warrior as he cursed his own strength before proceeding to power-up to the Supernatural State and attempts to assist Goku, however, he is kicked in the gut and sent flying into the ground.
Gohan remembers the words of Android 16 as he curses his own shortcomings and shows regret for not training in the peaceful times. As he does he powers up further applying the principles of Potential Unleashed to his Supernatural State allowing him to surpass his limits as breaks into a flurry of kicks and punches as he attacks Gogenks. However, he is knocked back after Gogenks blocks a punch followed by a punch to the gut.
Flashes of the time Gohan fought Frieza, Cell, and Super Buu begin to appear before he as remembers that at one point he was considered stronger than his Dad as he continues to try to get passed Gogenks. Broly attempts to get to bell, but Bardock tells him to wait as he wants to see what kind of develop Gohan is undergoing. Gogenks feels Gohan's attacks getting sharper and more precise despite them not landing on him.
As he continues to fight Gohan's shirt begins to tear as he resolves to continue to get stronger and resolves that he'll continue to rely on his Earthling side as manages dodges Gogenks's punch before uppercutting him to jaw as Goku begins to sense a change in Gohan - Whis also senses the change alongside Beerus and a few other Gods of Destruction.
Goku powers back to his base form as he watches Gohan take his resolves head-on and slowly become sharper and precise in his attacks. However, Gogenks uses Shimmering Attack collecting Gohan and sending him hurtling into the ground as the energy sphere explodes. Goku attempts to enter Ultra Instinct only to be thwarted as Gogenks kick each member of Team Goku in the gut; knocking them out.
As he prepares to declare their failure - a large flash of energy raises from the dust created by Gogenks's Shimmering Attack followed by a large dome of energy causing a large crater. At the centre of the crater stands Gohan appears different - his hair is relaxed but his eyes now have white pupils, his hair is rigid with single bang hanging down his face, and his clothes have slight tears in it.
The other sense more power growing in Gohan and believe that this new form is just the beginning of an even more powerful evolution. Gohan walks forward as become enveloped in a skin-tight aura as prepares to continue the fight.

Gohan flies over to Gogenks and collides with him as they proceed exchange punches and kicks with one another. However, Gohan is punched in the gut before receiving an uppercut to the jaw - sending him flying into the ground.
Petros is training with her teammates as Jamila summons Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed) to help them train, however, Petros absorbed Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed) and seemingly overpowers her teammates as she counters Mirayo's attacks with Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and follows up with Special Beam Cannon to knock back Jamila. However, it isn't long until she is overwhelmed by the team effort of her teammates and is knocked to the ground.
Meanwhile, Gohan continues his showing his resolve to Gogenks as he charges fearlessly at the fused warrior before being blasted by Shimmering Attacks; sending him crashes into the ground as the energy sphere explodes on contact with ground.
As the members of Team Jamila continued to battle against Petros; Petros continues to surprise her teammates by countering most of their attacks before expelling Super Buu and sending him back to his correct timeline. Petros morphs begin into Super Buu (Gotenks absorbed) and proceeds to train with her allies, however, she isn't as powerful as she was before and is easily outmatched by Jamila's speed.
As the other teams continue to train; Team Goku's training seems to be the most extreme as Goku and the others decide to take part once again as Gohan lies on the ground. Goku powers up to Spectral Super Saiyan Blue and attempts to strike him down with Arcane Kamehameha, however, Gogenks deflects it into Bardock knocking him back as Piccolo surrounds Gogenks with Hellzone Grenade. Gogenks becomes impressed by Piccolo's abilities as Piccolo sends the energy spheres into Gogenks, however, the fused warrior emerges un-fazed and gives a heavy blow to the gut followed up by a kick to the hip; sending him flying into the ground.
As his teammates fight against the fused warrior; Gohan punches the ground as he declares that he'll continue to train to protect the people he loves, but he'll train his own way. As he continues to affirm his resolution; markings appear on Gohan's arms as his hair gradually begins to turn silver and his shirt is seemingly evaporated by his sheer power as Broly is knocked back into the ground by a kick from Gogenks.
As Gohan's power begins to change; Beerus and Whis start to sense his ki and recognise it as god-level ki while Elder Kai remarks that such power was sealed by the creator of Earthlings due to it being too unpredictable. Gohan stands up causing the ground to crack beneath his feet as the others are sent hurtling into the ground while Gohan is slowly becoming covered in markings with them appearing on his arms and chest.
The fused warriors seems intrigued by his Gohan's power as he blocks a punch from both Goku and Broly, and sends them flying into the ground before being sent flying into the ground.
Each member of Team Goku is shocked that Gogenks has been knocked down as they look up to see Gohan in a new form. Gogenks looks up and notices that Gohan's new form as Gohan shows him the bell revealing to have retrieved it shocking each of them as Gogenks begins to fade and return to his original point in history. Realising that Gohan's new form is against Tournament rules; Bardock decides to personally train Gohan in order to master his Super Potential Unleashed state.

Tournament Begins Mini-Saga Edit

Gohan looks over to his grandfather as he throws away the bell. Whis is watching the training through his staff as Old Kai explains that a Supreme Kai locked away the Transcended Human state due to the form being too unpredictable and difficult to control as he explains the markings on Gohan are a result of the seal being broken.
Gohan powers down to his base form before almost passing out as Bardock promises to train Gohan in a way that he'd prefer - Gohan thanks him before passing out
After a few days - the Octofinals are finally announced with the room number of each Team being used to the determine their opponents. Team Pinich and Team Tekka are called to the ring as the first fight of the Octofinals. Pinich and Tekka exchange taunts and competitive language with one another as they promise to defeat the other. Goku Black: GT calls for the referee - Sean-Seán - to call for the round to begin.
Sean-Seán uses his fingers to countdown from 3, and as he closes his fist the gong is struck as Pinich eliminates both Kid Goku and Pan: GT with kick as Tekka eliminates Mr. Satan and almost defeats Wanta.
Frieza is surprised that Frost is a part of Team Tekka while Quitela is amused by Ganos participating as a part of Tekka's team.
Wanta uses a Full-Nelson to pin Tekka in place only to be saved by Frost. Frost chastises him for being too hasty as Ganos uses his Circular Cutter on Wanta, however, the Earthling dodges the energy disc with ease. Wanta and Paprika kick Ganos into the sky followed with a punch to the gut as Wanta fires his High-Pressurised Energy Wave at the warrior from Univers 4, but Ganos lets a deafening roar powerful enough to crack the planetoid as the audience are protected by a barrier while the energy beam knocked back into Wanta.
Ganos kicks Wanta in the face and sends him flying into Paprika. Pan: GT is frustrated that she was eliminated so quickly and encourages her teammates to carry on as she flies over to Chi-Chi and sits next to them. Ganos uses Grand Razor Aplomado against Wanta and Paprika, however, they dodge each of the ki-slashes as they sever several planetoids.
Bulma meets with Ésora and hands over a device; Ésora thanks her for her service as she instructs her to create three more of the device before warping away.
Ganos begins overpowering the two as he counters each of their attacks followed up with a kick to gut to Wanta and kneeing Paprika in the head; causing them both to stagger as Ganos appears between them and individually kicks them both of them in the gut before grabbing them by the collar of their outfit.
Meanwhile; Tekka and Pinich clash near the stands as they exchange a flurry of kicks and punches. Tekka attempts to hit Pinich with Dodon Ray before dashing in front of him followed up with a punch to gut.
Paprika uses Galick Flash against Ganos, however, it is deflected as Paprika is kicked in the gut.
Frost watches on as Tekka battles with Pinich and Ganos fights Wanta and Paprika. Skwash approaches Frost tells him to get ready as the Ancient Saiyan demonstrates his true power by transforming into his Super Saiyan form as Frost looks on in amusement.

An explosion from the Tournament planetoid's underside erupts as Pinich darts through the smoke and kicks Tekka in the gut. Tekka grabs Pinich's ankle and hurls him towards the ground, however, Pinich manages to stop himself in time. Tekka begins to power up as Pinich enters Future Super Saiyan. As bio-electricity surrounds Tekka's body he lets out an explosion of energy. As the dust settles; he is revealed to have taken on the Potential Unleashed state as he gets ready to battle against his rival once more.
Frost dodges Skwash's attacks with ease as the Ancient Warrior furiously tries to attack him. Frost uses Chaos Shot against Skwash and follows up by attempting to use his poison needles against him. Skwash complains that he is using a weapon only to be told by Goku Black: GT that weapons are allowed; Skwash shifts his attention back to Frost who manages to send him crashing into the arena with a punch to the face. Frost grabs Skwash's strap and proceeds to punch him in the face again firing a ki blast at point-blank range. Skwash manages to recover before falling out of ring and lands back on the arena as he turns to face Frost.
Meanwhile, Infinite Zamasu is conversing with Bulma in order to make improvements on the Timespace Rift Absorption Device. Bulma confirms that the upgrades to include the ability to absorb matter has been made. Infinite Zamasu enters the room that contains the Absorption Device and decides to test it. It releases an aquamarine energy wave that an enters an unknown time period and hits Fin in his Ultimate Evolution. The device almost shortcircuits as Fin is absorbed and capsule with dark purple liquid in it is ejected. Infinite Zamasu thanks Bulma for her service as Romabo enters the Absorption Chambers. Infinite Zamasu thanks for coming and asks her to assist Bulma. Romabo agrees begins to make improvements on the device.
Following an explosion; Skwash dodges each of Frost's attack and proceeds to kick him in the back sending him flying, however, Frost recovers and knees him in the gut. Skwash grabs Frost's knee and flips over followed by a kick to the back of the head. Frost transforms into his Super form and launches his Chaotic Supernova at Skwash. Skwash launches a Power Ball into the sky and begins his transformation into the Golden Great Ape form.
However, it loses control as expected and begins going after everyone, but before he could Frost kicks him in the jaw and beckons him to go after him. Skwash unleashes a beam of energy from his mouth and manages to knock back Frost. Skwash grabs Frost and begins crushing while Tekka remarks that he had his maximum potential unleashed by using the Dragon Balls as he dodges another punch from Pinich
Ganos notices that Skwash is rampaging and remembers from their training that Skwash attempted to train himself to learn control while they were training for the tournament, but wasn't able to learn control in time. However, Paprika remembers that Wanta came up with solution be training with a Psychomancer and proceeds to use Mind Walking to enter Skwash's mind as Ganos attempts to prevent him, however, Paprika tries to stop him only to be knocked into the portal with Ganos and being sent into Skwash's mind.
Frost' kicks Skwash in the knee causing him to begin to fall over before Frost follows up with a blow to gut sending him crashing into the arena. Skwash attempts to get up only for him to struggle and nearly fall back down as Sean-Sean is still counting down for him. Sean-Sean turns to Goku Black: GT to ask if Ganos and the others should be eliminated only to be told that neither Ganos, Paprika, and Wanta have ringed out or been knocked out and so they are still considered to be participants as Goku Black: GT switches on the TV to show the events going on in Skwash's mind.
Frost and Skwash continue to battle with one another as Pinich and Tekka punch each other in the face just as Frost declares that he'll end the fight with his next attack as he creates multiple Chaotic Supernovas and tells the Great Ape to get ready to lose.

Following Wanta, Paprika, and Ganos entering Skwash's mind. Wanta begins searching Skwash's mind for his subconscious while Paprika and Ganos proceed to battle one another as Paprika uses Casitemato Crash, however, Ganos dodges the attack and proceeds to transform into his Avian state. Ganos uses Peregrine Crush and destroys multiple buildings within Skwash's mindscape. However, Wanta restores the buildings and tells Ganos to be careful as he could seriously damage Skwash's mind.
Paprika uses Casiterebané Swipe only to be countered by Ganos's own energy sword causing a shockwave that sounds them both flying. Ganos uses Golden Eagle as Paprika uses his Casiteapuñalo Lunge and they proceed to duel one another with their energy swords. They continue to clash throughout Skwash's mindscape as Wanta continues his search for the subconscious. As he is about to enter a building that resembles an Ancient Sadala building - Ganos sends Paprika crashing into the building causing the ground to crack and lift up. Wanta berates Ganos for destroying the city as it represents his mind and any excessive damage to it could damage Skwash's psyche. Ganos scolds him for not saying that early and tells he can just repair the damages.
However, Ganos notices the crater and points to it as Wanta looks over to notice a large underground with a cage in it and flies over to it, and spots Skwash inside the cage. Ganos attempts to stop him from interacting with him but is stopped when Paprika powers up to his Great Ape power state and punches Ganos in the gut - sending him flying across Ganos' subconscious as Wanta enters the cage and walks up to him in order to try and talk to him. Paprika's Great Ape power state proves to be more powerful than Ganos' transformed state and easily overpowers him with each attack and swipe from his blade.
Paprika stabs Ganos in the shoulder with his energy sword as Ganos stabs him the rib. Paprika tells Ganos that he'll not let him interfere with Wanta's technique. Ganos grips his energy sword's grip tightly causing it to explode and damage most of the surrounding area as both of them are sent flying. Paprika clutches his side as a huge chunk of his left rib is missing causing him to fall to the ground clutching side as he spews blood onto the ground. Wanta sees his friend and tries to rush out to heal his him, but despite being gravely wounded Paprika tells him to keep trying to reach Skwash.
The avian warrior from Universe 4 is surprised that he did so much damage and proceeds to walk towards Wanta as Paprika tries to stand but his wounds are too severe to allow him to move quickly. Paprika attempts to use Puedomatarte Crash, but his wounds are too severe allowing Ganos to reflect the energy sphere.
Paprika grabs a senzu bean from his gloves and eats it allowing him to heal. Sean-Sean tries to disqualify him only for Goku Black: GT to tell him that weapons and healing items are allowed in moderation. In the response of need to protect his friend Paprika's eyes flash greenish-blue briefly as gains a power boost from recovering from a near-death experience, and kicks Ganos back in the head; sending him sliding across the ground. Paprika declares that he'll not let him come stop Wanta from helping Skwash as his hair briefly flashes blond.
The avian warrior stands back up and stares the Saiyan down as Paprika continues to flicker between his Great Ape power state and the awakening of his Super Saiyan form. Just as before Paprika overpowers to Ganos and knees him in the head before punching him in the face before following up with a ki blast to the stomach. Ganos grabs the gem from his belt and tells him that he has never removed his inhibitor before and Paprika should be honoured to feel his unrestrained power and promptly dresses allowing him to transform into his 2nd Transformed State.
Ganos grabs Paprika and slams him into the ground before kicking him across the floor as they battle against each other before landing in the "city" of Ganos' Mindscape. Ganos uses Peregrine Claw Grip to restrain his Paprika and attempts to go for Wanta again only for Paprika yells that he won't allow him and lets out an explosion of anger achieving Super Saiyan with Wanta shocked and Skwash finally regaining some of his subconscious as he says Paprika's name.

As the Saiyan stares down Ganos; Ganos manage sense Frost's energy and senses him creating the Chaotic Supernova. Paprika knocks Ganos back with Galick Flash as Wanta noticed that Skwash is regaining his consciousness and kept talking to him to help him. Ganos uses Circular Storm releasing multiple energy discs, however, Paprika destroys all energy discs with Casitematosúper Crash. Ganos is engulfed by the energy wave and is severely injured.
As Paprika proceeds to overwhelm Ganos; Skwash continued to repeat Paprika's name. Wanta tries to tell him to remember the best memory he has and focus on it. Skwash responds by saying "mem...ory?" and grabs Wanta by the wrist.
Ganos is kicked in the gut and sent flying crashing through the "ceiling" and into the "city". Paprika dodges each of Ganos energy bullets and punches him in the face followed up with a flurry of punches to the face. Ganos grabs his wrist after the seventh punch and punches him in the gut, but it has no effect on him and blasts him away Casitematosúper Crash. Paprika uses Saiyan's Rage against Ganos and manages to injure him with the X-shaped energy sphere before following up with a barrage of ki blasts.
Skwash stands up as he looks up at Paprika and watches him continuously blast Ganos. He looks over to Wanta and smiles at him. He glows briefly as Wanta become confused as a Frost launches his Chaotic Supernova at Skwash. Wanta restores the damages to the "city" and the "walls" of the mindscape and subconsciousness respectively. The mindscape begins to glow as Wanta flies over to Paprika and tells him that Skwash is awakening. Paprika ceases his attacks and grabs Wanta's shoulder as they tell Ganos they'll bring him back when they're finished. Realising they going leave him behind; Ganos knocks Wanta to ground and kicks Paprika away.
Angered Paprika darts at him and punches him in the gut followed up with a kick to the back. Ganos is sent flying as Paprika flies over to Wanta and helps him up only to be constantly thwarted by Ganos attacking Wanta as the mindscape glows again. Wanta uses Kaio-ken x5 and attempts to punch Ganos, but the Universe 4 warrior simply blocks the punch and sends him flying with a punch. Paprika kicks Ganos in the back and proceeds to use his Galick Flash against him as Wanta fires Revenge Final Flash at him.
As the smoke clears from the explosion; Ganos has reverted back to his base form and as remembers his training with Team Tekka. Team Tekka used the Timespace Machine to summon Liquiir: TR and Korn: TR and allowed them to improve, however, Ganos remained stubborn throughout the training and barely listened to the advice given by the duplicates cursing himself for being beaten by a mere Super Saiyan while Tekka is able to fair against Pinich's Super Saiyan form. Ganos relaxes his mind as his stands back up as Wanta and Paprika look on. Paprika asks if anything bad will happen if Skwash transforms while they're in his mindscape, but Wanta says "no".
Paprika kicks Ganos in the chest sending him sliding across the ground, but Ganos simply stands back up. Ganos tells him that Paprika is a good person for defending his teammates and that he respects for such devotion and hopes to battle him again one day. He declares he will say the fight to the very end as Paprika is about to give him a finishing blow only for him to vanish before Paprika's attack connected.
Whis and the remaining Gods of Destruction and Angels become surprised with Beerus quoting "you got to be kidding me". Paprika looks over to Ganos and notices his aura and the fact that Ganos has slimmed down. Ganos turns around with Paprika noting that his irises are no longer magenta but silver. Quitela recognises it as the "sign" of Ultra Instinct.
Ganos dodges each of Paprika's and Wanta's attacks effortlessly and attempts to attack, however, he returns to his normal state almost immediately and gets hit hard.
Sean-Sean announces that due to use of Ultra Instinct includes its incomplete state being against the rules - Ganos is disqualified.
Wanta is about to leave Ganos behind, but Paprika ultimately decides to bring him back to the real world and reappear in the centre of the Tournament arena as the smoke clears from Frost's attack and reveals that not only Skwash survived, but he has now reached Super Saiyan 4.

As Ganos lies unconscious on the arena; Sean-Sean informs him that he has been disqualified for using Ultra Instinct -Sign- and needs to exit the arena. Sean-Sean seems to be unaware or oblivious to the fact that the Universe 4 warrior tells Ganos again to leave the arena. Whis informs Sean-Sean that Ganos is unconscious as Korn prepares to remove him from the arena, however, Sean-Sean seems to be unaware of the concept of unconsciousness as tells Korn that he must leave from the arena of his own accord and if Korn removes tries to him - he'll be removed from the Timespace Rift.
Beerus ridicules Sean-Sean for not knowing what "unconscious" means and tells that he can't leave on his own and threatens to destroy the referee if gets in Korn's way again. Goku Black: GT also ridicules Sean-Sean and tells Korn to move him to stands. He does so and teleports Ganos next to Quitela who is more intrigued by Skwash's development.
As Skwash and Frost stare down each other before proceeding to fight each other. Frost launches his Chaos Scissor Stream at Skwash, but the Saiyan warrior dodges the attack and follows up with Wild Cannon. Frost blocks the energy attack and punches Skwash in the gut, and follows up with a kick to the chest sending him flying into the air as Skwash counters with Wild Mortar and follows up his energy wave with Wild Artillery damaging most of the planetoid and injuring Frost.
A large clash occurs next to them as Pinich and Tekka continue to clash with one another as Pinich powers up to Super Saiyan 2, and proceeds to give launch sharper attacks.
Frost uses Dirty Burst against Skwash, however, Skwash manages to dodge rush attack and proceeds to use Wild Roar heavily wounding Frost. Skwash appears him and sends him flying towards the ground with a kick only for Frost to stop himself with a ki blast and use an energy blast to propel himself into the air and deliver a powerful punch to the gut. Skwash flicks Frost's in the head sending him flying before recovering as Frost darts at him and knees Skwash in the gut.
Frost follows up with a similar move to Vegeta's Final Strike rush attack and sends Skwash flying with an unblockable kick and follows with a similar rush attack to Vegeta's Final Blow rush attack - sending Skwash crashing into the side of the tournament arena and destroying most of it. However, Skwash recovers to uses Ancient Protection to protect himself from Frost's Chaos Beam and follows up with his own rush attack Ancient Resolution. As the debris from the arena falls around him; Skwash utilises Kaio-ken alongside his Super Saiyan 4 form and uses it to punch Frost in the gut and sends him flying with a kick.
Frost begins charging Chaotic Supernova', however, as he does Goku Black: GT calls out to him and tells him that he is out of bounds. Frost looks around and realises that he was knocked out of bounds and tries to plead with him to spare him as Goku Black: GT prepares his throne. With one final plea; Goku Black: GT erases Frost from existence as Skwash looks on in anger and fear.
Tekka looks on also with fear as the rest of Team Tekka are saddened by Frost's demise as Tekka realises that he is the only left of his team. Tekka begins powering up as Paprika, Pinich, Wanta, and Skwash prepare to face off against the remaining fighter promising to end the fight for Frost and swears to not go down without a fight. A blinding white light envelops Tekka before proceeding to envelop the arena and most of the planetoid.

Tekka uses Kamehameha against Paprika, Super Kamehameha against Pinich, and Kamehameha against Wanta before proceeds to take out his Fusion Tag and use up his one-time Fusion Tag in to conduct a Freeform Fusion and selects Vegito: GT. Tekka's and Vegito: GT's voices echo as they both exclaim Freeform Fusion before proceeding to fuse resulting in another blind light.
Pinich at first thinks he sees Vegito with Tekka's silhouette showing through the light as it begins to disperse revealing Tekka's new form. Tekka announces his new form to be a Freeform Fusion as uses 10x Kamehameha to blast all four of them away and proceeds to kick them each in the gut. Skwash feels a surge of ki rush through him as his muscles begin to seize up as Tekka realises that it is the result of him using Kaio-ken with his regular Super Saiyan 4 form. Skwash is forced back into his base form as Tekka uses Complete Shot and knocks Skwash into the arena. As a result of being outclassed by his friend; Pinich and his remaining teammates decide to make a coordinated attack against Tekka and momentarily overwhelm him before being knocked back and sent flying to the arena. Pinich stands back up and decides to use his on Fusion Tag to Freeform Fuse with Super 17 w/Cell Absorbed. He powers up before immediately going after Tekka and is able to fair against him with each attack.
They proceed to punch each other in the face and knocked each other back. They attempt to fire a ki blast each at point-blank range but it results in a brief clash before exploding and sending them flying back as Pinich stops himself before proceeding to power up and proceeds to transform into Super Saiyan and battle against Tekka and is able to overwhelm with each of his attacks. Tekka attempts to predict his moves but is overwhelmed at each step before remembering through Vegito: GT that Vegeta: GT was in his base form prior to the fusion and begins to power up in hopes of being able to use Vegeta: GT's Super Saiyan form. Tekka continues to power up as his aura begins to change with his clothes lighting up and his muscle mass increase before resulting in an explosion of ki revealing his Super Saiyan form. Their already titanic battle becomes even more titanic as their clashes begin to shake planetoid and even Floor 5 starts shaking from the mere display of power. Tekka uses Spirit Sword in order to prevent himself from going out of bounds and kicks Pinich in the gut.
Pinich promptly transforms into Super Saiyan 2 fires Electro Eclipse Ball at Tekka only for the Earthling to fire 10x Kamehameha at it. Both the energy sphere and the energy wave explodes resulting in a large shockwave that almost sends the bystanders flying as Tekka kicks Pinich in the gut and teleports to the Arena. Tekka tells Pinich that he has the edge for the moment but won't have it for long as he unleashes a tremendous amount of energy causing large winds to form around him and begin blowing away the stands as Tekka's hair begins to glow and grow. His muscles grow as his entire body begins to glow and electricity forms around his body before unleashing his power once again sending out a blinding light. Pinich's jaw hits the floor as the light fades away along with Piccolo longing shocked and seems to be lost for words. Tekka is revealed to have become Super Saiyan 3. Tekka blasts Paprika with Super Dodon Blast and almost sends him flying into wall, but Skwash manages to push him back to arena while sacrificing himself.
Pinich is overwhelmed and overpowered by Tekka and almost eliminated by a ki blast only to recover at the last second before being kicked into the arena and reverts from his Super Saiyan 2 form. Sensing that they are going to lose; Paprika and Wanta power up to their full power and uses Galick Flash and Revenge Final Flash respectively before unleashing a powerful energy wave and manages to strike Tekka with Pinich taking advantage and using Massive Eclipse Bomb and results in a large explosion. Tekka flies over to arena but as he floats above it; Wanta fires a ki blast at Tekka's Metamo-Ring destroys it resulting in him reverting to his base form before being knocked down from a triple attack. Tekka manages to stand before Sean-Sean finishes the countdown, however, he struggles to remain standing as blood drips from his forehead and left shoulder. He thanks Pinich for the fight as he walks backwards and wishing him luck for the rest of the tournament as Pinich removes his Metamo-Ring and holds out his fist to Tekka, however, he accidentally causes a shockwave which knocks Tekka off the ring - eliminating him from the tournament. Pinich apologises as Sean-Sean announces Team Pinich as the victors and tells them to train for the quarterfinals as they can no longer take replacements.

Team Pinich leave the arena with Pinich telling them that they now have a single goal - get stronger and better for the next round. Team Tekka are sent to the infirmary where they are able to rest up and watch rest of the tournament as Team Caway and Team Guitar are called to the arena.
Caway turns to her team and asks if they remember the strategy for their first opponents. Each of their confirms to her that they do and nod to each as Team Guitar leaves their room and makes their way to the arena.
Guitar and Caway approach the centre of the arena while their teammates stand by their respective leader. As soon as the gong is rung; Guitar fires a ki blast at Caway and Cocotte but they deflect the blast as Caway uses Head Scissors Rush on a Guitar and throws him into Yukieza as her teammates proceed to join the battle. Jiren and Old Man Trunks remain next to each watching the battle. Jiren remembers that Guitar only wants Jiren and Old Man Trunks to fight when they truly have to or step in when they think their teammates are losing.
Cocotte punches Jiren in the face but he remains unaffected and simply tells her "no", and she turns her attention to Old Man Trunks whom dodges her second attack with ease. Android 16 is knocked over by Sorrel and Yukirieza fends off Kale and Caulifla.
Caway nods her head at Sorrel and they fly over to the corner of the ring as Kale and Caulifla. Caway and Sorrel conduct their EX-Fusion and merge into Cawarel. She immediately goes after Guitar and uses Speed Wave to slow Guitar down enough to punch him in the face before using her technique to speed up Caulifla's Burst of Energy technique allowing it to knock back Yukirieza. She continues to use Speed Wave to cancel the speed of her opponents or slowing them down while boosting her allies' speed.
Guitar powers up to his Full Power and proceeds to use ki blasts to intercept her Speed Waves causing her to follow up with her Velocity Rings which floats above Guitar and his teammates, and reduces their speed allowing Cawarel to counter him. She proceeds to follow up with hand-to-hand combat while leaving the ring above Guitar. Each attempt to dodge his opponent is met with failure as she manages to sever his left arm with a kick and sends him flying into the air with Head Scissors Rush. Guitar sneezes and mentions that he is allergic to fur which Cawarel tells him that he should have kept that to himself as she removes her glove and grabs him by the neck as she uses Cage of Strength on Kale allowing her to critically injure Yukirieza and uses a second one to weaken a punch from him.
Yukirieza manages to destroy the Speed Ring above his head and proceeds to dart at Cocotte, however, Cawarel flies upwards and uses Slipstream Thrust to hit Guitar with crushing airwaves and almost sends him flying into a building. Caway grabs Guitar with her bare hand causing him to sneeze repeatedly and uses Speed Theft to absorb his speed before kicking him into the arena. Yukirieza attempts to attack her from behind but thanks to Guitar's speed she dodges with ease and proceeds to steal his speed as well. Guitar slowly rises back up along with Yukirieza as Caulifla prepares to send them out of the ring with a ki blast, however, Android 16 uses Rocket Punch on her and manages to knock her off her feet enough to cause her to blast the ground and destroy a small section of the arena. Kale transforms into her Super Saiyan C-type form and slowly begins to lose control, but Caulifla manages to get to her and allows to gain full control on her Super Saiyan C-type form as Caulifla powers up to Super Saiyan. Guitar states that may have underestimated Cawarel's team a little as Android 16 is confused as he should share memories with the past self sitting in the stands as he stared at the Age 780 Android 16.

As the Namekian warrior is sent flying Cawarel boosts Cocotte's strength allowing her to make Jiren slightly flinch before she is sent flying with a Power Impact before she manages to grab the energy sphere and deflects it away. Guitar stops himself from hitting a building and kicks Cawarel in the gut followed by a punch to the shoulder and sends her flying with a ki blast, however, Cawarel uses her Velocity Rings to slow down Jiren's Power Impact that was deflected by Cocotte and steals its speed causing it to come to halt as she kicks Yukirieza into it causing it to explode.
The explosion sends Yukirieza hurtling towards the ground, but Android 16 manages to save. Cawarel brings the ring containing the speed from Jiren's Power Impact and places it next to the one's containing Guitar's and Yukirieza's speed. Guitar materialises a cube of katchin and hurls it at Cawarel, however, she uses Cage of Strength to steal the strength from the Katchin weakening and allows her to destroy it with a kick.
Jiren goes to block a punch from Cocotte but Cawarel steals his speed preventing him from blocking Cocotte but he is barely affected nonetheless. Cawarel states that she studied each of the rival teams thoroughly especially Jiren. She sends the cage of strength containing the strength from the Katchin cube and the ring containing Jiren's speed over to Cocotte and merges it with her causing her to undergo an unusual transformation with Cawarel wondering what she'd look like with the appearance of a Light Heavyweight fighter. Cocotte merges in her new form and is assumed by her new form. She punches the arena and manages to demolish centre, and almost causes Old Man Trunks to ring out with Android 16. Cocotte uses her Cocotte Zone technique but she instead hurtles it at Jiren which he breaks with a punch, but when he does three energy sphere emerge and strike the mighty warrior damaging his Pridetrooper's uniform.
Cawarel is amused by her actions and uses a Time Rift to send a Velocity Ring to an era with an active Supernova and uses it to steal its speed until it comes to complete halt. She tells Guitar and Yukirieza that she now has enough rings and plans to do something very similar to what she did for Cocotte and proceeds to absorb all for rings. As a result; a massive gust of energy is admitted as she powers up, her current outfit rips apart as it is replaced with an orange and red driver-like suit while gaining yellow marks around her eyes and a yellow dot on her forehead.
The two of them take a Senzu Bean each to try to replenish their speed and managed to restore 50% of it as Cawarel tell them that it is pointless to as she binds all five of her opponents in Velocity Rings to inhibit their movements and allow Cocotte to strike Jiren without letting him defend himself, and Kale and Caulifla overwhelm Android 16 both Kale turns around and punches Guitar as Cocotte requests to handle Old Man Trunks and Jiren herself. Cawarel agrees as she, Caulifla, and Kale prepare to continue their beatdown on Guitar, Yukirieza, and Android 16.
Yukirieza declares that playtime is over and transforms into his Super Evolution state before proceeding to break free from the ring and proceeds to kick Cawarel in the gut. Yukirieza fights back as Kale and Caulifla prepare to strike Guitar, but he transforms into Great Namekian to break free and punches both of them away. Cawarel uses Rings of Acceleration to boost her speed and strike Guitar in the gut before Yukirieza destroys the rings. Guitar uses Makuchiha but with her superior speed Cawarel dodges it, but is struck by his second Makuchiha severely injuring her. Guitar questions whether this is the extent of her new form before being kicked in the gut by the fused warrior and almost sent flying into a building. Fed with city area nearly causing rings out; Guitar uses a third Makuchiha to destroy the city area and completely flatten the area. Cawarel avoids his Continuous Makuchiha as she mocks him for using the same attack in a short timespan before kicking him in the jaw and proceeds to create a massive Velocity Ring.
Yukirieza notices the energy ring before being punched in the jaw by Kale as Caulifla notices. Cawarel states that her next attack will ensure her victory and finally prove her power to everyone.

The massive rings begin to increase in number; Guitar returns to his base form as he has no idea what's going and proceeds to try to attack Kale but notices a ring on her arm. Caulifla explains that its Cawarel's Rings of Friendship which keep them unaffected as Guitar feels a shift in the environment as Goku Black: GT notices a clock near him slowing down. Guitar also notices it as he sees greenish electricity being absorbed into the rings realises that she is stealing speed from time itself. Kale and Caulifla nodded at each of decide that it is time; they state that as Cawarel is showing her true power - they too will go all out as they revert to their base forms and match their power level to each other before using the Metamoran Fusion. Caulifla and Kale fuses into Caulifale before transforming into Super Saiyan C-type.
Cocotte notices the rings before dodging a punch from Old Man Trunks.
Grand Minister calls the technique interesting as he senses it all the way from Zeno's Palace and Naraku worries that Cawarel may get disqualified if she absorbs too much speed from time.
Caulifale manages to overwhelm both Yukirieza and Guitar as she knocks them back with fast kicks before following up with a punch to the gut. She is able to overpower each of them before Yukirieza transforms into Metal Super Yukirieza and begins to overpower the fused warrior.
Sensing that Caulifale may fail; Cawarel makes one more show of power by infusing all twelve rings into her causing to undergo a transformation. Cawarel surrounds her with a large Velocity Ring to prevent anyone going near her as she proceeds to engage Yukirieza and Guitar as Caulifale transformations is underway.
Cawarel kinetically charges her fists and proceeds to deliver heavy punches to Yukirieza and Guitar and seemingly overpowers them before followed up with Heavy Spear that heavily damages the Timespace Rift version of Beerus' Planet. Guitar charges at her but she reverses his motion causing him to go backs only to be stopped by Yukirieza as Cawarel uses process speed manipulation to form an Asteroid and proceeds use to trajectory manipulation to send it directly at Guitar and Yukirieza. Sean-Sean informs everyone that because it was made from the existing environment; if either Guitar or Yukirieza touch it, it'll be considers as them being out of the ring and be disqualified.
A large gust of wind is released from the Cauliale as Cawarel surrounds her in more Velocity Rings as Guitar is about to attack her but Cawarel stops him by as the asteroid inches closer to him. Yukirieza uses Ballistic Dark Orb against the Asteroid and manages to destroy most of the asteroid and spreads the debris almost hitting the contestants as they dodge it, however, what remains of the asteroid continues to inch closer.
Guitar decides to use his Fusion Tag to fusee with Seventhree once again to become Guitree. Yukirieza reverts back to his True Form after being attacked by Cawarel before Guitree proceeds to use his Copy Ability on Yukirieza. After using Dark Orb; Guitree powers up and undergoes Cosmic Evolution. Yukirieza also enters his Metal form as both Metal Yukirieza and Metal Guitree battle it out against Cawarel.
They managed to match Cawarel's strength but her speed enables to cause heavier damage and knocks them back as they continued to clash with one another.
As Yukirieza and Guitree are about to clash with Cawarel once again they sense an immense level of ki coming from Caulifale and pause long enough to be knocked back by Cawarel. Guitree was about to launch another Dark Orb, however, he loses Yukirieza's power and is forced back into his base form. Guitree transform into his Great Namek state in order to combat Cawarel and manages to knock her back with Makuchiha before reverting to his base form and proceed to grab her neck in order to copy her abilities. He instantly begins using each of the techniques she used against him and his team before creating his own Velocity Ring. Cawarel becomes annoyed at him for mocking her as he uses two Velocity Rings and uses to steal speed from Cawarel and Cocotte. Cawarel restores hers and Cocotte's speed as Guitree restores his team's speed before absorbing the rings.
Guitree is able to outmatch Cawarel's speeds as they clash with one another. Guitree remarks that Cawarel's power is something else as she gets ready to do battle with her.

As they were able to continue with their battle; Cawarel's energy rings around Caulifale as the area begins to shake as a result of her increasing energy. Her fusion vest tears apart and is replaced by a shirt similar to Kale's along with the rest of her clothes changing appearance and colour. Goku Black: GT and Infinite Zamasu give shocked looks - as the glow surrounding her body peels away as Goku Black: GT states that it looks similar to the Time Power Unleashed state as Caulifale stares directly at Guitree.
Guitree realises that since his Copy Ability works for half an hour; Caulifale has been fused for more than 30 minutes to which Cawarel remarks that he forgot she can slow the flow of time. Guitree calls Cawarel a bottle of conveniences before darting over to Caulifale in an attempt to copy her powers but she punches him in the jaw while Cawarel cancel his motion and knocks him into the remnants of the arena. Guitree tells Yukirieza to rest and let him take care of the fight; Yukirieza complies Caulifale uses Crush Cannon but Guitree dodges each energy bullets but Caulifale appears in front of him and blasts him with Burst of Energy followed by Reist Blast.
Guitree almost collides with the ground as he is sent hurtling by Caulifale's attack as Cawarel boosts the speed of her energy attacks. Guitree recovers and punches Cawarel in the face before being kicked in the back by Caulifale. Caulifale begins preparing her Colossal Impact attack as Guitree recovers as he slides across the arena.
Following her transformation to Light Heavyweight; Cocotte gained the ability to pressure Jiren enough to fight back while Old Man Trunks began taking the fight more seriously. Her Zone Pass allowed her to catch them surprised. Even after; Jiren's speed was restored - she seemed to be able to maintain the ability to pressure Jiren as she knocks him back with a few ki blasts before punching Old Man Trunks in the face.
Android 16 detaches one of his forearms and starts charging ki with it while Yukirieza charges his Dark Death Beam. Caulifale launches her energy sphere as Android 16 and Yukirieza fire Hell's Beam and Dark Death Beam respectively. The energy beams clash with the energy sphere as Guitree and Cawarel clash one more time.
Cocotte prepares to fire another ki blast but Old Man Trunks and Jiren fire Finish Buster and Power Impact at her respectively. Cocotte reverts back to normal as she falls onto the flattened landscape that once was the city area.
Caulifale pushes her energy sphere closer to the two as Guitree and Cawarel clash a second time. Cawarel flies over to Caulifale and uses her Motion Manipulation to increase the speed of Caulifale of Colossal Impact while Guitree uses his copied powers to slow the energy sphere down.
Cawarel notices that Cocotte lost her Speed Form and notes that a single ring only grants 1 hour and 10 minutes as Guitree compliments Cawarel for slowing the flow of time to allow Caulifale to be fused for 90 minutes. Guitree's copied powers disappear, but his Speed Form remains as Cawarel asks if his "Pirated Power" form will be enough to stop her, however, just as she is about to increase the energy sphere's speed even further - Cawarel is struck in by a ki blast from Jiren. She realises that he just destroyed her Metamo-Ring as she splits back into Caway and Sorrel. Guitree eliminates Sorrel before proceeding to try eliminate Caway, but his blasted in the back by Caulifale.
However, time catches up to Caulifale as she continues to push her power causing her to diffuse back into Caulifla and Kale. Android 16 and Yukirieza manage to destroy the energy sphere as Yukirieza kicks Kale into a wall and Guitree punches Caulifla in the stomach, but before she is sent flying into the ground she grabs his Metamo-Ring and rips it off him forcing him to defuse. Caway watches her teammates are eliminated before looking at her opponents.
Caway complains about the fact that their effort to eavesdrop on every time to try to counteract their strategies fail to which Android 16 realises that she knew of there strategy. In frustration; Caway punches a wall without realising her error as her teammates becoming shocked while Guitar's only response is "seriously". Sean-Sean declares her elimination while Goku Black: GT explains to Team Guitar what happened and chastises Caway for cheating. The rest of her team berates her for going through her plan when they voiced their opposition. Goku Black: GT is satisfied that they weren't on board with her plan and tells her and the watchers that cheating will not be tolerated as he promptly uses his throne to erase her from existence as she pleads for mercy.
Beerus states that it may appear to be a bit harsh but she did break the rules. Whis compliments Team Guitar as they are set to go onto the Quarterfinals as Team Caway go back to their room to recover their property. Whis wonders how Goku Black: GT's "throne" was capable of erasing an Angel as they are normally eradicated by breaking Angel Law. Beerus asks how he wasn't eradicated when he helped in the fight with Psidabura to which he replies that Psidabura threatened reality itself which made it an exception. Whis decides to contact the Grand Minister in order to learn of Ésora's identity and to get to know her more as Sean-Sean tells everyone to grab a quick bite before the next match begins.

Unveiling a Mystery Edit

Whis warps to Zeno's Palace to converse with the Grand Minister as he asks about the Angel that is with Goku Black: GT. Grand Minister seems to have no idea what he is talking about until Whis creates a projection of her from his staff; the Grand Minister seems confused as Whis explains that Beerus was able to hear some of her conversation with Goku Black: GT and states as Ésora.
However, the Grand Minister becomes confused and states there is no Angel by that name. Whis gives him a confused look as the Grand Priest states that he remember every Angel that has ever existed, and tells him that she is no angel and states that every species possesses ki unique to their race which allows other to discern one's race. Ésora may be mimicking the ki of an Angel and it feels similar but it is heavier.
Whis questions whether or not why she'd pretend to be an Angel; Grand Priest doesn't know the answer and reaffirms that she isn't an angel as he alters his projection to remove the robe. Whis notices that she is dressed like an Angel but the Halo rings are around her wrists rather than her necks.
Whis wonders if Zeno knows who she is but the Grand Priest doesn't want to bother him with the entity, however, he makes one declaration in asking if Whis remembers Mechikabura being one of the five top most powerful beings in the multi-universe; Whis is about counter his statement regarding Vegeta's power only for the Grand Priest stop and tell him that Grandpara absorbed him as part of his plans before Mechikabura could really use his power and confirms that Atla was less powerful Mechikabura.
The Grand Priest repeats himself about the top 5 with Whis intrigued with the Grand Priest affirming that he believes that Ésora maybe even more powerful than himself. Shocked at his statement; Whis wants to know more as Zeno and Future Zeno appear and tell him that in 8.6 million years they've been the Omni-King; they haven't encountered or create someone like her suggesting their predecessor may have created her. Whis questions about his statement on a predecessor with Zeno stating the power of Omni-King must always have host.
Zeno states that he won't interfere as it doesn't pose a risk to reality but is more than willing to give any information he can.
As they discussed Ésora; Team Saibaking and Team Yamcha are called to the arena. Yamcha is confused by Vegeta's inclusion and even more confused that he is wearing a similar armour to the Vegeta he knows. This Vegeta: PW reveals that he is from the same parallel world as Broly: PW and admits that he isn't scared knowing that Yamcha is his opponent.
Saibaking fires a ki blast at each of Team Yamcha's teammates as he blasts each of Team Saibaking's teammate. The Saibaman on Team Saibaking latches onto Yamcha and prepares to use Saibaman Bomb, but Yamcha powers up and enters the Supernatural State as the Saibaman explodes kill itself while Yamcha survives at the cost of his gi.
Whis watches the fight before returning his focus to the Grand Priest and Omni-Kings. He questions on what kind of approach he should take when confronting her and Zeno tells him that he should just be safe when he does so and expecting eradication if Ésora doesn't like his questions.
Saibaking tries to hit Yamcha with a mouth energy wave but he dodges it and dashes in front of him before using One-Handed Arcane Kamehameha, obliterating Saibaking and causes Team Saibaking to be eliminated. Android 55, Vegeta: PW, and Vasabi crumbled at their quick defeat. Team Jamila face-off with Team Chiaotzu. Emperor Chiaotzu proved his how powerful Telekinetic are by combusting the planetoid, warping reality to restore the arena, and absorbing Petros' Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and converting it into a Psi-Finger Beam. Jamila kicks Emperor Chiaotzu in the gut sending him flying into two Mifan Soldiers as they flying into a wall eliminating Team Chiaotzu. Team Goku and Team Yamma are called to the arena as the Octofinals reach its halfway mark.
Whis returns to the Timespace Rift and confronts Ésora. He demands to know her identity revealing that he knows that she isn't an Angel and she responds by removing her robes. Her skin tone becomes rose beige, her hair shifts into very longer brown feathered hair, the haloes disappear as three bangles appear on her right wrist, her robes change into an Italian-style greenish-blue cocktail dress with high heeled sandals, and a total of three feathered wings sprout from her back as Ésora announces in an elegant voice; "my name is Dymary". She furthers to explain that her species predate Angels and reveals herself to be a Seraph.

Dymary goes onto state that Seraphs are a primordial race and she isn't bound by the laws of Angels. Whis notices her aggressive tone as she states that Seraphs don't think highly of Angels and she considers Angel Laws to be an excuse to be lazy. Dymary tells him that she has a good reason for her actions and won't let him interfere. She tells him that Seraphs are capable of killing Angels as she reveals that her "disguise" didn't come from nothing. She eliminated the real Ésora for interfering with Project Catalyst.
Whis states that he'll find a way to stop her plans, but she simply states that whether or not he likes it; the threat that he wants to prevent is coming and that the only way for anyone to stand a chance to defeat what is coming; is one simple act: Goku must die. Whis chastises for berating Angels for their impartial attitude when she just calmly stated that Goku must die. Dymary walks up to him tells that she can show him what she's seen but it comes with a cost. Whis says that he is willing to pay any cost, but Dymary states that he doesn't pay the cost - she does.
Whis asks her to do it and a massive flash of light emits throughout the corridors. As the light fades; Whis looks shocked at what he saw while Dymary's stomach has expanded. Whis questions Dymary and she tells him that a when female Seraph melds with another's mind they take a few strands of DNA from themselves and the person they mind-meld with which results in an offspring forming; she sums it up as say a Seraph procreates by mind-melding and further states that Seraph pregnancy is always accelerated when they procreate with another race.
She looks over to Whis to see a bulging vein on his forehead to which she asks why he's getting upset with him telling her that that's not what he meant. He wanted to know why she chose Goku Black: GT and not someone else. Dymary apologises and states that Goku Black: GT was a logical choice as he wants to eliminate all mortals and the event in question could spell doom to all races.
Dymary tells Whis not tell anyone what he learned and to go back and enjoy the tournament. Whis agrees and before he leaves; Dymary taps her stomach and warps her new daughter into her arms before accelerating her age in order to have her immediately become an adult. Whis and Dymary name her Mondala before Whis returns to Beerus while Dymary tells Mondala that she fully intended on mind-melding with an angel in order to produce a child.
Dymary outfits Mondala with a casual outfit in order to throw others off as she asks her daughter to take over on watch the tournament. Mondala agrees as Dymary leaves Floor 5 as Mondala goes off to watch over the tournament.

Mondala explains everything to Goku Black: GT that occurred between Whis and Dymary. He reminds her not to mention it to anyone as he stands up to wish Team Goku and Team Yamma luck in their battle. Yamma mocks Goku while Goku is able to sense great power from Yamma; Goku proceeds to kick Yamma in the face and blast Haric before punching Yamma in the gut, however, the Demon delivers a fire-infused double axe handle to the shoulder followed by a fire-infused roundhouse kick to the chest, and a fire-infused punch to the jaw; causing heavy damage with each strike before following up with a kick while his leg was encased in ice.
Mondala is intrigued by the fight and compliments each technique used by Yamma as Goku is seemingly overwhelmed by Yamma as the demon uses Gigantic Flame to strike all members of Team Goku and allow his team to fight back. An energy blast is sent towards her but the energy shield around the stands intercepts it and dispel it. Mondala watch as a Yamma punches Goku in the with a left hook while encasing his left fist in ice while uppercutting Goku with a fire-infused punch.
Kadoola uses Energy Blade tries to cut Piccolo but he grabbed the energy blade and sent him flying with a punch into the gut. Kadoola uses Volt Rage against Piccolo but he intercepts it with a ki blast as Piccolo makes a clone of himself. Kadoola destroys the clone with Lightning Sword Attack.
Mondala seems to be more into the fight than her mother was and seems to have completely forgotten her objective as she begins to root for Piccolo. Goku Black: GT looks at her with slight amusement and thinks to himself that her being distracted and not thinking about what is to come is a good thing.
Piccolo is punched in the face by Kadoola but it barely does anything to him as he grabs the devil's wrist and asks if him if all Devils are as weak as him before punching him the gut. Piccolo notes Kadoola's swordsmanship while also noting his aggressive fighting style while berating him for his shallow comments. Mondala notes Kadoola for being quite charismatic and social as well as noticing his confidence.
Kadoola uses Flare Strike before following up with Lightning Devilmite Slash but he accidentally slashes Goku who is revealed to be immune to the Devilmite Beam. Piccolo kicks Kadoola in the back before grabbing him by the head and hurls him into the ground; resulting in a crater.
Mondala asks why Goku is targeted by a technique that specifically targets the wicked of heart with Goku Black: GT remarking Goku as naive not evil. She watches Gohan battle against Makma and notes that she has mimicked each of the signature energy attacks used by Team Goku while Haric manages to think out of the box as he fights against Broly and Assam protect himself from Bardock's Rebellion Trigger.
Seeing each of the fights unfold; Mondala notices that Bardock has some untapped potential that could boost his fighting power and is about to unlock but Goku Black: GT tells her that outside help is forbidden and he must use power readily available to him.
Goku Black: GT seems to be contacted by someone as he gets up and heads off telling Mondala to come with him as he meets up Super Android 13; Goku Black: GT reveals he had Super Android 13 converted into a Bio-Android named Nucleus. The Bio-Android states that he has found some troublemakers on Floor 6 and Goku Black: GT responds by ordering Android 13 to take care of the problem.

Clash on Floor 6 Edit

Makma launches Electro Eclipse Bomb at Gohan, however, he deflects it away and punches her chest; sending her flying. She notes that he just struck her cleavage and in return uses Special Beam Cannon at him, however, he counters with his own Special Beam Cannon. The energy beams collide with one another only for Makma's energy beam to be overpowered and knock her away as Goku and Yamma continue their clash.
In the interest of time; Android 13 has arrived on Floor 6 and spots Vegeta: GT and Goku: GT with Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta. Android 13 exclaims that he doesn't have time as his match maybe soon as Goku: GT asks Xeno Goku and he tells his counterpart that Naraku invited him and Vegeta: GT. Android 13 punches Xeno Goku in the face and sends him flying; telling him not to ignore him as Goku: GT asks who he is before proceeding to punch him in the gut and kicking him into the ground. Goku: GT lets out an explosion of ki as Android 13 notices that he is now in a transformed state as Goku: GT reveals that it is his Potential Unleashed state while Xeno Goku has powered up to Super Saiyan 2.
Android 13 uses Bio-Destruction Bomb against Xeno Goku and destroys the area around him as Goku: GT powers through the dust cloud and punches him in the face. Goku: GT recognises Chiaoman's and EX Prilin's ki and realises that they are one of the genetic sources as Goku: GT begins charging his Kamehameha while Xeno Goku reveals have sustained some injuries as he too is charging his Kamehameha. Android 13 uses Kamehame Beam Cannon against Goku: GT while he is struck by Xeno Goku's Kamehameha.
Goku: GT stops charging his Kamehameha and dodges the attack as a tower similar to Korin's is destroyed. Android 13's lower half was destroyed by the attack but he manages to regenerate his lower body thanks to EX Prilin's Cells in him. Goku: GT transforms into Super Saiyan 4 and proceeds to go for an all-out assault against Android 13. Xeno Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 4 proceeds to immediately assist his counterpart. Android 13 begins to become overwhelmed by their attacks and tries to use Dynamite Kick on Xeno Goku but his ankle is grabbed as Android 13 follows up with Masenko.
Xeno Goku uses Instant Shock Strike as Goku: GT follows up with Crimson God Strike sending him hurtling into a cliff. Xeno Goku goes to deliver a heavy kick but Android 13 grabs him by the ankle and proceeds to tell him to prepare gathering all his energy including his life-force as he tells Xeno Goku that he'll take him out with him if he has to.
Xeno Goku repeatedly kicks him in the head in order to try to break free but Android 13 maintains his grip as Goku: GT flies above with the plan to use 10x Kamehameha, however, Android 13 simply smirks at him before unleashing his energy resulting in a massive explosion. Xeno Goku is heavily injured and sent flying while Goku: GT is knocked from the sky and Xeno Goku feels a sharp pain in his right leg. He looks down and notices that his right foreleg was completely destroyed in the attack. Goku: GT sighs at relief believing that Android 13 has destroyed himself completely as Xeno Chronoa arrives and immediately goes over to heal Xeno Goku and restores his right leg. Xeno Goku prepares back down as Goku: GT notices a wormhole before being kicked in the back of the head by Android 13 revealing that he has survived and completely regenerated. He reveals that he went to Age 2360's Earth and extends his hand out as the energy from every Earthling on Earth.
After the last drop of energy is taken from Earth; Android 13 begins transforming into what he refers to as his Semi-Perfect form and shows that his power has not increased due to his Self-Destruct implying that Cell was a special case as Vegeta: GT states that Saiyan Power doesn't work when the wounds are self-inflicted. Vegeta: GT and Xeno Vegeta state that they're taking over now as they both power up to Super Saiyan 4.

Xeno Vegeta immediately proceeds to attack Semi-Perfect Super Android 13 with a punch to the gut followed up with a kick as Vegeta: GT follows up with a Double Axe Handle to chest; sending him into the ground. Semi-Perfect Super Android 13 uses Dodohameha but Vegeta: GT deflects as Android 13 appears behind him and uses Super Kamehame Beam Cannon against Xeno Vegeta, however, the Saiyan prince dodges it and kicks Android 13 in the head and sends him flying across the ground.
Android 13 uses Dodon Ray followed up with Dodon Beam Cannon but Vegeta: GT grabs his wrist and force him to hit the Otherworldly palace destroying most of the walls that surround it. Vegeta: GT then sends him flying into a wall of the palace itself with a kick. Xeno Vegeta notes that it resembles Earth's Check-In Station as Vegeta: GT kicks Android 13 through the wall and sends him crashing into the large table causing the large phone to topple onto the ground along with a few other items.
As the battle on Floor 6 rages on; Goku continues to clash with Yamma and proceeds to transform into Super Saiyan as after Yamma enters his mini-form and uses Invisible Inferno Rush. Gohan leads Makma to away from the arena as she blasts him with Electro Eclipse Ball. Gohan proceeds to respond by firing Full Power Masenko; immediately overpowering her energy sphere and engulfs her in the energy wave. Gohan ends up accidentally putting too much power in this energy wave and completely destroys her as Haric manages to confuse Broly enough to throw him offguard in an attempt to defeat him but the Saiyan warrior simply uses Eraser Blow sending the Demon flying upwards before the energy sphere explodes and completely destroys his opponent.
Piccolo kicks Kadoola into Assam as Assam transforms into his "Monster Form" in response to Bardock overwhelming his defences and attempts wraps him and Kadoola in an energy shield.
Kadoola powers up and reveals a form he calls his Thunder Devil form and proceeds to fire volts of electricity - shocking both Piccolo and Bardock, however, neither of them are really affected by the Electric Shock.
Assam punches Bardock in the face, but he simply punches a hole into Assam's barrier and fires Rebellion Trigger at close range - destroying Assam.
Piccolo seems to be struggling against Kadoola as the Devil leaps off the arena, and attempts to use Thunder Devilmite Slash against Namekian, but Piccolo dodges it. Piccolo notices that Kadoola momentum is slowing for leaping off the arena and realises that the Devil can no longer fly.
Knowing that; Piccolo flies over to Kadoola and grabs him by the wrist and forces him to slash himself resulting in Kadoola being disintegrated by his own attack.
Noticing that his team has been wiped out; Yamma transforms into his Giant form as Goku questions their reason for going for a kill as Gohan reveals that he didn't realise how much power he was using while Bardock says that he isn't used to restraining himself. Piccolo states that they could simply revive them with the Dragon Balls. Goku chastises Piccolo stating that it isn't the point as Goku and Piccolo are struck down into arena by Yamma's punch. Goku and Piccolo lift Yamma's fist off of them as Piccolo powers up to his Hi-Power Armoured Namekian state as Goku powers up to Super Saiyan 3 stating that they'll continue to fight but they'll maintain some level of restraint.

Vegeta: GT delivers a heavy punch to Android 13's gut before blasting him with Final Shine Attack at close range as Xeno Vegeta follows up with grabbing Android 13 by his head and kicks him in the back; sending him crashing through the oversize table and into the floor. Android 13 leaps towards Vegeta: GT with the intention of punching him, but Vegeta: GT uses Beast Heat Flash - resulting in a massive energy beam that penetrates the underside of the floating island that the has the palace on it, and even destroys a section of Snake Way (Timespace Rift).
Android 13 emerges from the dust and smoke and is revealed to have survived, however, his legs, right arm, and right side of his face wear destroyed by the energy blast. Enraged by the amount of damage down to him; Android 13 opens a time rift revealing Moro at his peak and proceeds to absorb all his magic, ki, and his life force causing him to undergo another transformation while he regenerates.
His hair becomes white again as it begins to return the original style of his hair and the grey-metallic parts on his shoulders and abs disappear. The dark blue spots disappear from his body as his muscle mass decreases once again, his red pupil enlarges becoming his irises while gaining a dark red pupil.
Android 13 is surrounded by a reddish-orange aura and bluish-white electricity crackle around his body. Android 13 seems to be more accepting of his identity as Nucleus as he proceeds to dart at Vegeta: GT and punches him in the gut as Xeno Vegeta copies Beast Heat Flash and fires a scarlet red energy sphere at him but Nucleus absorbs it before firing a ki blast at the Saiyan; sending him flying into the ceiling.
Xeno Vegeta recovers from the attack flies over to his counterpart as the two use Beast Quasar Flash against the Enhanced Semi-Perfect Bio-Android and manages to take off half his torso and leave a large gash in the plains below.
After regenerating; he punches Xeno Vegeta in the chest followed with kicking Vegeta: GT in the chin before grabbing him by the scurf of his hair and punching him square in the face sending him flying into large pillar resembling the Z Sword Plateau from the Sacred World of the Kai, and destroying most of it.
Vegeta: GT grabs the lower section of the rock pillar, separates it from the ground, uses his ki to harden it, and then hurl it at Nucleus. However, the Bio-Android sends it back via telekinesis and almost kills Vegeta: GT as the Saiyan prince reverts back to his base form. Android 13 proceeds to pummels the warrior as he knocks away Xeno Vegeta; angered Xeno Vegeta fires another Beast Heat Flash at Android 13, however, he absorbs the energy and hurls Vegeta: GT into before proceeding to knock both of them to the ground.
After a few minutes of being pummeled around; Xeno Vegeta becomes fed up as he calls over Xeno Goku and tells him that they're going to do fusion. Shocked; Xeno Goku obliges and flies over to him; Vegeta: GT realises their plan and uses himself as a Meat Shield as they proceed to fuse into Xeno Gogeta. Xeno Gogeta tells Goku: GT to throw him a Senzu Bean and he uses it to heal himself before telling Android 13 to brace himself as the fused warrior to begin powering up causing Floor 6 to begin shaking as a result as the ground beneath begins to crack apart as Xeno Gogeta transforms into Super Saiyan 3 - stating that he isn't going to be wasting any time.

Goku: GT powers up to Super Saiyan 4 once again as Android 13 darts at Vegeta: GT and attempts to stop him, however, Xeno Gogeta charges and fires his Maximum Kamehameha, destroying Super Android 13's lower body and left arm. Android 13 uses Dodon Beam Cannon on Xeno Gogeta as his body regenerates but the fused warrior deflects it away as Super Android 13 follows up with FP Kamehame Beam Cannon, however, Xeno Gogeta dodged the attack and proceeds to punch the Bio-Android in the face.
Android 13 responds by punching Xeno Gogeta in the stomach and knocks him back with a kick to the chest. The two of them clash with one another and managed to damage large chunks of floor 6. Xeno Gogeta realised that they were evenly matched and proceeds to charge Galick Gun is right hand before using Instant Transmission to get behind the behind Android and fire the energy wave at point-blank range. Android 13 loses the entire left side of his body and in response, Android 13 sends Xeno Gogeta flying into the ground with a kick to the gut.
After regenerating his left side; he tells Xeno Gogeta that he'll use an attack that he'll not expect, as he begins preparing his Galaxy KB Cannon. Xeno Gogeta senses that he isn't using much power with the attack despite the overall size of the energy sphere that he is charging.
Xeno Gogeta decides to humour him by charging another Maximum Kamehameha. As Xeno Gogeta charges his energy attack; Super Android 13 calls him foolish for believing that he is only going at half-strength. The energy sphere that Super Android 13's attack is generating amplifies enlarges forcing to move his fingers away from his face. Vegeta: GT wonders if Super Android 13 is going for broke and attempting to destroy the whole place, but Xeno Gogeta is unperturbed as he continues to charge his attack.
Xeno Gogeta declares that his next attack will finish him for good, however, Super Android 13 lets out an eery, sinister laugh as he launches a humongous energy wave that bears down on Xeno Gogeta shocking him by its mere size as Xeno Chronoa tells that he mixed magical energy into the attack, and is a lot more powerful than Xeno Gogeta realises - causing him to pour more power into his Maximum Kamehameha before launching it; resulting in an energy clash.
As the energy clash begins cause tremor; Xeno Gogeta realises that the Galaxy KB Cannon has the potential in destroying, so, he transforms into his Super Saiyan 4 form. The beam struggle sees Xeno Gogeta struggle as he continues to pour his power into his attack as Xeno Gogeta reaffirms his power and states that he'll defeat him as his become begins to grow as Xeno Chronoa begins to wonder why Xeno Gogeta's Super Saiyan 4 is different as Goku: GT realises that he is going past his limit as the fused Saiyans lets out a burst of energy revealing his True Super Saiyan 4
Goku: GT reveals the concept of True Super Saiyan 4 to Xeno Chronoa and she realises that Xeno Gogeta must have been subconsciously going past his limits.
Android 13 is confused by the turn of the events, but Xeno Gogeta powers even more power out allowing him to overwhelm Android 13's attack completely as Xeno Gogeta's attack swallows him completely.
Xeno Gogeta smiles stating that he "got him" as he looks over to Goku: GT, however, Goku: GT is unconvinced that 13 was destroyed and notes that Xeno Gogeta seems to only have scratched the surface.

The smoke begins to clear as Xeno Gogeta looks on, Goku: GT uses a Senzu Bean to restore his stamina, Vegeta: GT waits for the smoke to clear, and Xeno Chronoa seems to be dilating time to prevent Xeno Gogeta from defusing. The smoke clears revealing that only Android 13's head survived the energy clash, Android 13 angrily curses Xeno Gogeta and ends in a fit of rage as a result of the damaged he sustained, and begins regenerating his body.
As his arms and torso are restored, Android 13 notes that Xeno Gogeta hasn't noticed that some of his energy has been siphoned, his Super Saiyan 3 energy that is which is why Xeno Gogeta was evenly matched against Android 13. Android 13 points out the large bright energy ball behind him and summons it to his recently restored right arm as he holds it above his head.
Xeno Gogeta calls him cheap for fighting in such a way as Android 13 decides to go all out and proceeds to open a portal to Age 2360's Universe 7, and proceeds to enlarge the energy ball he already created and gather Life energy from the Universe itself. Xeno Gogeta tries to stop him, but Android 13 stops him with Solar Flare as the energy ball increases to almost the size of the Universal Spirit Bomb. Not wanting to waste time, he proceeds to immediately absorb the energy ball.
As a result - a large aura of ki begins to engulf his body as the ground shakes, a tower of energy parts the yellow clouds, and electricity sparks everywhere. Forks of lightning shoot off to the sky, the ground beneath him deforms as he body shrinks, his eyes glow blank red briefly as his right sclera becomes black and his left becomes white, his skin colour changes become to his original skin tone.
Goku stops in his place while fighting Giant Yamma and manages to sense Android 13's energy along with everyone on Floor 5.
Goku Black: GT becomes concerned and orders Dymary to seal the rift between Floor 5 and Floor 6.
A massive surge of energy envelopes the entire area blinding Xeno Gogeta and the others, the Korin-like Tower collapses along with the Palace and most of the Snake Way.
Vegeta: GT remarks that it reminds him of Cell's transformation before attempting to attack him despite being blinded by the surge of energy. Vegeta: GT nearly manages to hit him, but a barrier stops him; sending him flying back.
The lightning and rain begin to settles, as the tremors decrease, and mass of energy begins to disappear as Xeno Gogeta looks as Android 13 stands at the epicentre of his transformation as the area was almost decimated by his transformation, still glowing, Xeno Gogeta remarks that he's become smaller, and Vegeta: GT is shocked by the amount of power he is giving off as the aura and glow disappear revealing his new form and new body.
Android 13 remarks that he has finally achieved his Perfect form, Vegeta: GT seems to be the only that understands that Android 13 is way too powerful in his current form. Android 13 examines his new form as Xeno Gogeta in flies and punches him in the face; sending him flying into a cliff, however, he is barely damaged by the attack as Android 13 simply stands back up, wipes the blood off his, and asks if he's got another.

Back on Floor 5; Goku and Gohan uses Kamehameha and Masenko respectively at Yamma and manage to stun the Giant Demon before they use a technique similar to Penetrate! to punch through Yamma before circling back and kicking him into the ground resulting in Yamma being declared out of ring. Goku powers down from Super Saiyan and Gohan relaxes his aura. Goku Black: GT orders Dymary to retrieve Android 13 and restore Android 14 and Android 15.
She complies as Infinite Zamasu goes with them and meets Xeno Gogeta, Goku: GT, and Vegeta: GT.
Dymary restores the two Androids to life while informing Android 13 that his match is up as Infinite Zamasu states that he's going to take care of the intruders himself. Infinite Zamasu unleashes his full power revealing him to be even more powerful than expected as Infinite Zamasu begins to power telling the three of them that he has been training to get stronger since he was revived. Infinite Zamasu reveals his variation of Super Saiyan God SS Evolved to as he proceeds to kick Vegeta: GT in the gut and sends him flying into a cliff before knocking down Super Saiyan 4 Goku: GT with ease as Xeno Gogeta manages to hold him off and knock him back into the ground.
Infinite Zamasu counters Xeno Gogeta's energy barrage with Ultra Black Kamehameha destroying each of the energy bullets and large portion of the Green Plains area. Goku: GT powers up to Super Saiyan 4 as a Vegeta: GT throws him a Potara Earring allowing them to fuse into Vegito: GT.
Before fused warriors fight together against Infinite Zamasu and manage to overwhelm them with their combined attacks.
Vegito: GT punches Infinite Zamasu in the face but he regenerates from the attack before being bisected by Vegito: GT's Galaxy Spirit Sword.
Infinite Zamasu feigns defeat in order to lure in Vegito: GT before regenerating his lower body before Infinite Zamasu uses his Vicious God Slicer and manages to nick Vegito: GT's cheek as the fused Saiyan jumped away. He clears away the blood before delivering a heavy punch to the face; sending him headfirst into a mountain.
Vegito: GT powers up to Full-Powered Super Saiyan 4 and proceeds kick Infinite Zamasu in the chest followed by a punch from Xeno Gogeta which causes a fissure beneath them and sends Infinite Zamasu flying.
Vegito: GT begins powering up increases his power and trying to surpass his limits through sheer will power before unleashing an explosion of energy but before he can control his ki properly - Infinite Zamasu manages to distract with an energy barrage causing him to transform into the imperfect True Super Saiyan 4.
Vegito: GT responds by delivering a heavy kick to Infinite Zamasu's waist followed up with a heavy strike to face and following up with a kick to the back of the head that sends him sliding across the ground, however, Infinite Zamasu survives and begins approaching the fused warrior but constantly stumbles over each time as Xeno Gogeta flies directly down upon Infinite Zamasu resulting in a massive blow that deforms the area around him as Vegito: GT manages to control his ki enough to reach True Super Saiyan 4.
Vegito: GT and Gogeta: GT exchange looks with each other before the two fused warriors officially team-up and proceeds attack Infinite Zamasu together as their fused adversary seems to be getting slower in his movements and seems to look like he's falling apart. Each attack from the fused Saiyans seem to take its toll as Infinite Zamasu's right arm begins to dangle by his side as Vegito: GT uses Universe Spirit Blade to bisect Infinite Zamasu as Xeno Gogeta follows up with Big Bang Kamehameha, however, Infinite Zamasu manages to use Kai Kai resulting in his lower half being vaporised as he appears behind Xeno Gogeta.
After regeneration his lower half; Infinite Zamasu calls out Vegito: GT's name in anger as the right side of his face looks like falling apart as he cries out Cries of Atonement to try to kill both warriors but fails to do so as they knock him down to the ground. Infinite Zamasu condemns them for striking a "god" and for defiling him. He demands to know what's happening as Neo Super 17 appears and informs him that when Goku Black: GT revived Infinite Zamasu after Goku Black and Future Zamasu were revived leaving him to be revived without his components and without them his body is falling apart. Enraged; Infinite Zamasu's right arm swells tearing his sleeve becoming a purple gooey mass as his face following suite. Infinite Zamasu immediately attacks with Holy Light Grenade in hopes to kill the two but they dodge it with ease before following up with Sudden Execution Beam against Xeno Gogeta, but the energy sphere is kicked away into the Mansion destroying most of it. Infinite Zamasu looks at him with a pained, angered stare and vows to destroy the fused warriors at all costs.

Xeno Gogeta and Vegito: GT launch Big Bang Kamehameha and Final Kamehameha respectively at Infinite Zamasu but he dodges the attack and tries to strike Xeno Gogeta but the fused warrior separates as Neo Super 17 got Infinite Zamasu to stop his assault and tells him to go back to Floor 5 before his body gives out entirely. Infinite Zamasu begrudgingly listens and kidnaps Xeno Goku.
Infinite Zamasu drains almost all of Xeno Goku's blood while he was on Floor 5 allowing him to reduce most of his corruption.
Meanwhile, Baby and Omega Shenron appear alongside Neo Super 17 revealing that they were resurrected as Baby and Neo Super 17 uses EX-Fusion to fuse into Baby 17.
They reveal that they won't let anyone interfere as Baby 17's red lines, Metamo-Ring, and Absorption mechanisms begin to glow as Omega Shenron's dragon balls begin to glow. They merge into a new being that calls himself Grand Tyrant. Grand Tyrant wastes no time and immediately launches his Shocking Sphere of Revenging Karma against Xeno Vegeta and Vegito: GT.
Xeno Trunks and several others arrive on Floor 6 just as the energy sphere was about to touch ground. The resulting explosion almost destroys the barrier between Floor 5 and Floor 6 while utterly devastated with only a few floating islands left.
Vegito: GT managed to protect himself with an energy shield before separating after one of his earrings was destroyed in the attack. Xeno Trunks reveals to Xeno Vegeta that they were attacked by Neo Super 17 earlier as Neo Super 17 had absorbed a time rift version of Super 17 and managed to overwhelm them.
Vegeta: GT asks if Neo Super 17 still had Super 17 absorbed into his being but Xeno Pan reveals that he "spat" out Super 17 before he left to go and take over from Android 13.
Xeno Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan God as Xeno Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan 4 as Xeno Vegeta, Goku: GT, Vegeta: GT, Xeno Gohan, and Xeno Trunks charge at Grand Tyrant together for a combined attack but all five of them are sent flying by Grand Tyrant's Dark Dragon Cannon and destroys what was left of the palace grounds.
Xeno Trunks attempts to strike down Grand Tyrant with his sword but the fused tyrant easily snaps his sword and impales Xeno Trunks with the broken blade - critically wounding him and knocks him away with a kick to the face. Goku: GT gives him a senzu bean to help him recover as Xeno Vegeta rushes GT and proceeds to give him several heavy attacks before attempting to knock him down with a blow to the face, however, Grand Tyrant simply counters with a Ki blast - blasting Xeno Vegeta into the ground as Xeno Trunks blasts Grand Tyrant in the back with his Limitbreaker Burning Attack.
However, while the energy sphere causes extensive damage to the surrounding area - it barely scratched Grand Tyrant as the fused tyrant proceeds to perform a series of assaults against each of them sending Xeno Goten and Xeno Gohan flying into a cliff while Xeno Trunks crashes into the ground along with Xeno Vegeta, Vegeta: GT, and Goku: GT.
Xeno Chronoa arrives and hands Vegeta: GT and Goku: GT a pair of Potara Earrings encourages the two to fuse once again but in their base form. They comply and fuse into Vegito: GT once again as Xeno Chronoa gets Xeno Pan and the others to perform the Super Saiyan God ritual on Vegito: GT allowing the fused warrior to achieve Super Saiyan God.
Vegito: GT easily sends him flying with a powerhouse kick to the chest and darts after him before proceeding to kick him in the stomach sending him flying into a small debris field. Vegito: GT proves to be stronger than Grand Tyrant as he easily overpowers and as he fires his Limitbreaker Final Kamehameha at him.
In the interest of time; Team Android 13 is summoned to the arena to face off against Team Vegeta. Team Vegeta immediately hits off with a ki blast each to Android 14 and 15 by Vegeta as Android 13 attacks Trunks and Tien. Their battle immediately becomes intense as Vegeta is overwhelmed by Android 13. Vegeta manages to survive Android 13's Dodohame Beam Cannon but is struck down into the arena with a kick.
Tien and Rubee battle each other as they exchanges blows before striking each other in the face.

Conclusion of the Octofinals Edit

Tien fires his Dodon Ray at Rubee but he dodges the attack with Rubee following up with a ki blast. Trunks delivers a powerful blow to Hei's gut causing him to retch as Future Gohan slices Android 15's arm using Quiet Rage followed up with kick to the gut; sending him flying into a ground as King Vegeta destroys Android 14 with his Execution Beam.
Future Gohan powers up to Super Saiyan and proceeds to punch Android 15 through the chest leaving a gaping hole in his body before destroying the Android with a ki blast.
Trunks is confused about the behaviour of Hei as at first it looks like an ordinary dog but morphs into a monstrous cat-like creature. Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan as Hei charged him and proceed to blast the creature back with an invisible eye blast, however, Hei is able to use its physical force to overpower Trunks and manages to injure him with a few scratches and rams, however, Trunks manages to eliminate Hei with kiai upon becoming Super Saiyan 2.
Tien and Rubee continue to clash with one another as the match goes on. Tien attempts to force him into the ground with a series of Tri-Beams and almost exhausts himself in the process, however, Rubee recovers from the attack and delivers a ki-infused kick to the gut followed up with a ki-infused punch to the face sending the three-eyed warrior into the side of the arena. Rubee infuses ki into all areas of his body and proceeds to pummel Tien with punches, kicks, and headbutts causing mild damage to the Three-Eyed warrior.
Rubee summons a bow and arrow, and proceeds to launch a volley of arrows but Tien repels them all with kiai before Rubee responds by infusing his ki into the arrows allowing them to slice through Tien's kiai and almost fatally wounds him as the arrows chip away the arena and most of the tournament grounds around the planetoid leaving several holes that through the planetoid. Tien appears dashes behind him and proceeds to use Kakutsūdenpa; Rubee is swallowed by the massive energy blasts along with Super Android 13 as it crashes into the tournament grounds. Rubee and his bow are destroyed by the energy wave while Super Android 13 barely survives with only half his torso, his right arm, and head surviving. 13 praises Tien for his power and is thrilled to have met strong opponents, but declare the rules to be too restrictive to demonstrate his full power and his forfeits the fight. Tien faints from using Kakutsūdenpa as Team Vegeta are sent to await for the Quarterfinals as Team Prince Vegeta and Team Lucifer is called to the arena. Prince Vegeta immediately begins by striking Lucifer and Igor before focusing entirely on Lucifer.
He brutally attacks the Vampire and is able to overwhelm him. Lucifer becomes terrified at Prince Vegeta brutality and cruelty, and attempts to take him down with Blood Bomber but it misses Prince Vegeta hits Alternate World King Vegeta instead.
Humiliated and tortured; Lucifer begins to lose his patients and in a fit of rage as Prince Vegeta is about to kill the Vampire. Lucifer tears off his necklace and states that he will unleash his true power.
The announcer realises that Lucifer has entered his Vampire Devil state and enquires about the form to which Goku Black: GT confirms that there's no rule against using Devil forms only God forms. Lucifer prepares to face off against Prince Vegeta as their teammates wait to engage their opponents.

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New Beginnings Edit

Behind the Scenes: 1st Tournament Edit

2nd Tournament Announced Edit

100-Team Challenge Edit

20-Team Challenge Edit

First Half of the Redemption Round Begins Edit

Warrior of Hatred Edit

Training Before the Second Half Edit

The Second Half of the Redemption Round Edit

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The Tournament Begins!! Edit

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Conclusive battles of the Octofinals Edit

Battles Edit

Behind The Scenes: 1st Tournamnet Mini-Saga Edit

  • Team Guitar vs Team Baby 17
  • Team Guitar vs. Baby 17 Mira (Super Saiyan/Strongest Form 1/Strongest Form 2/Bulma Absorbed)
  • Ultra Demitar vs. Baby 17 Mira (Bulma Absorbed)
  • Guitar vs. Gohan
  • Guitar vs. Pinich

Preparation for the Tournament Mini-Saga Edit

  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Goten (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Timespace Rift Chi-Chi vs. Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan)

100-Team Challenge Mini-Saga Edit

  • Team Chappil vs. Team Frieza: TR
  • Team Chappil vs. Team Semi-Perfect Cell: TR
  • Team Chappil vs. Team Mira: TR
  • Team Pinich vs. Team Frieza: TR
  • Team Pinich vs. Team Semi-Perfect Cell: TR
  • Team Pinich vs. Team Janembu: TR
  • Team Pinich vs. Time Rift teams
  • Team Tekka vs. Time Rift Teams
  • Team Caway vs. Time Rift teams
  • Team Jamila vs. Time Rift teams
  • Team Goku vs. Time Rift Teams
  • Team Goku vs. Broly (Super Wrathful/Super Saiyan C-type)
  • Team Vegeta vs. Time Rift teams
  • Team Vegeta vs. Veroly: TR (Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan)
  • Team Guitar vs. Team Rift teams
  • Team Guitar vs. Veroly: TR (Base/Legendary Super Saiyan God)
  • Team Xeno Bardock vs. Time Rift teams
  • Team Xeno Bardock vs. Future Dabura: TR (Base/Demon God/Demon God Advanced/Giant Demon God)
  • Team Xeno Bardock vs. Team Eyre: TR
  • Team Xeno Bardock vs. Veroly (Base/Legendary Super Saiyan God)
  • Team Xeno Bardock vs. Broly: PW (Legendary Super Saiyan God)
  • Team Xeno Vegeta vs. Time rift teams
  • Team Xeno Vegeta vs. Team Namekian Savior: TR

Redemption Round Edit

  • Chief Morginaian (Battle Mode) vs. Raimeihan (Base/Nightmare Fruit)
  • Kophetein vs. Nargent
  • Yukirieza vs. Turtz (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • Yukirieza (Metal Yukirieza) vs. Turtz (Super Saiyan)
  • Kiclee (Base/Great Ape power/Super Saiyan) vs. Mint (Base/Great Ape power/Super Saiyan)
  • Mirayo vs. Nenjo
  • Prika (Base/Super Saiyan) vs. Tyber
  • Ghiro vs. Fargo
  • Bekkon vs. Basco
  • Caluppa vs. Chiwak
  • Tumeric (1st Form/2nd Form/3rd Form/Base) vs. Shabbet (Base/Nightmare Fruit)
  • Tumeric (Base/Max Power) vs. Shabbet (Golden Great Ape/Super Saiyan 4)
  • Butor vs. Narirama
  • Osumim (Base/Powered Thunder Fox/Slender Aquatic Fox) vs. Sizors (Base/Bladed Man X)
  • Osumim (Slender Aquatic Fox/Giant Stone Fox/Swift Cyclone Fox/Basic Inferno Fox) vs. Sizors (Bladed Man X)
  • Osumim (Slender Aquatic Fox) vs. Sizors (Bladed Man X)
  • Apurit vs. Gorin
  • Momoringo vs. Netarine
  • Guitar vs. Yukirieza (Diamond Yukirieza)
  • Tarel vs. Dodoriza (Base/Diamond Dodoriza)
  • Tarel vs. Yukirieza (Dark Yukirieza)
  • Butor (Base/Dark Magic channeling) vs. Nargent vs. Yukirieza vs. Kiclee vs. Mirayo vs. Prika vs. Ghiro vs. Bekkon vs. Caluppa vs. Shabbet vs. Osumim vs. Apurit vs. Momoringo
  • Momoringo vs. Mirayo
  • Yukirieza (Base/Metal Super) vs. Nargent vs. Osumim vs. Shabbet (Base/Metal)
  • Yukirieza (Metal Super) vs Osumim (Base/Fivetails) vs. Shabbet (Metal)
  • Osumim (Fivetails) vs. Shabbet (Metal)

Post-Redeption Round Edit

  • Guitree vs. Jiren, Old Man Trunks (Base/Super Saiyan), Android 16, & Yukirieza
  • Goku (Base/Super Saiyan/Perfected Super Saiyan Blue), Bardock (Base/Super Saiyan), Broly, Gohan (Base/Mage Transformation), & Piccolo (Base/Red-Eyed form) vs. Gogenks
  • Gohan (Mage Transformation/Supernatural State) & Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue) vs. Gogenks
  • Gohan (Super Potential Unleashed) vs. Gogenks
  • Jamila vs. Sesamy vs. Ruccola vs. Mirayo vs. Petros
  • Petros (Super Buu (Gotenks)) vs. Jamila, Sesamy, Ruccola, & Mirayo
  • Goku (Spectral Super Saiyan Blue), Bardock, Piccolo (Red-Eyed Namekian) & Broly vs. Gogenks
  • Gohan (Transcended Human) vs. Gogenks

Octofinals Edit

  • Team Tekka vs. Team Pinich
  • Team Guitar vs. Team Caway
  • Team Yamcha vs. Team Saibaking
  • Team Jamila vs. Team Chiaotzu
  • Team Goku vs. Team Yamma
  • Team Vegeta vs. Team Android 13

Room 6 battle Edit

  • Goku: GT (Base/Potential Unleashed/Super Saiyan 4) & Xeno Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2/Super Saiyan 4) vs. Android 13 (Nucleus: Imperfect)
  • Xeno Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4) & Vegeta: GT (Super Saiyan 4) vs. Android 13 (Semi-Perfect Nucleus/Enhanced Semi-Perfect)
  • Xeno Gogeta (Super Saiyan 3/Super Saiyan 4/True Super Saiyan 4) vs. Android 13 (Enhanced Semi-Perfect)
  • Xeno Gogeta (True Super Saiyan 4) vs. Super Android 13 (Perfect Bio-Android)
  • Goku (Super Saiyan) & Gohan (Potential Unleashed) vs. Yamma (Giant)
  • Xeno Gogeta (True Super Saiyan 4), Goku: GT (Super Saiyan 4), & Vegeta: GT vs. Infinite Zamasu (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved)
  • Xeno Gogeta (True Super Saiyan 4) & Vegito: GT (Super Saiyan 4/Full-Powered Super Saiyan 4) vs. Infinite Zamasu (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved)
  • Xeno Gogeta (True Super Saiyan 4) & Vegito: GT (True Super Saiyan 4 (Imperfect)/True Super Saiyan 4) vs. Infinite Zamasu (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved/Half-Corrupted)
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