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Age 2360 (Guitar's Home Timeline)


Age 2360
(Guitar's Home Timeline)


Timespace Rift


Not Yet Decided


Team Caway
Team Guitar
Team Tekka
Team Goku
Team Xeno Bardock

Team Jamila
Team Yamcha
Team Pinich
Team Goku
Team Xeno Vegeta





Team Caway
Team Guitar
Team Tekka
Team Goku
Team Xeno Bardock
Team Chappil

Time Rift Teams
Team Jamila
Team Yamcha
Team Pinich
Team Goku
Team Xeno Vegeta


Numerous teams eliminated during 100/20-Team Challenge Round
Team Chappil is eliminated during 100/20-Team Challenge Round
Android Nox is killed
Universe 1 erased
Tumeric dies

Zoreets erased

  • Alternate World Zorn
  • Alternate World Beets

Kophetein erased
Nenjo is killed


The 2nd Timespace Rift Tournament is a tournament held by Timespace Rift Supreme Kai Goku Black: GT in the upcoming Sagas of the Fusions Group.

Background Edit

Original Goku Black was sent into the Timespace Rift in order be protected by the Time Paradox along with Dragon Ball Abusers and Original Super Shenron. Their he outfitted himself as the Official Supreme Kai of the Timespace Rift, and took control of it after the first tournament increase the size of the rift.

Several hints of the Tournaments existence has given by Chronoa in the Tale of Two Coolers Saga when she requests Zen-Oh to restoration of Universe 6, and Universe 3.

Rules Edit

  • Only a Team of Five can participant even if two members of the team work as a Synchronised duo.
    • If the Team of Five's leader is eliminated; the whole team is eliminated
    • If the Leader is absorbed, fused with someone, or controlled by a parasite - the one that absorbed him/her, the result of the fusion, or parasite becomes the team leader
    • Team Leader may be a support, defensive, or offensive member, but he/she must attack at least two opponent's first.
    • Team members may attack one another, but cannot eliminate one another.
    • If a team member is eliminated that team member must be replaced.
  • There are five ways to eliminate a team of five
    • Eliminating the Team Leader
    • Ringing out all members
    • Killing all members
    • Knocking out all members
    • Team surrenders
    • Eliminate one's own teammate.
  • A Barrier surrounds the planetoid that the Tournament Arena is switched on which acts as the Boundary. Any fighters that go outside of the barrier are erased from existence as a penalty.
  • Certain forms are forbidden
    • Ultimate Evolution is forbidden
    • Super Saiyan God and its variants are forbidden
    • The Red-Eyed Namekian form is forbidden
    • Ultra Instinct forms are forbidden
    • Sorcerer God and Demon God forms are forbidden
  • Gods of Destructions cannot participate, but Supreme Kais can
  • Fighters refusing to fight will be eliminated
  • Assisting fighters from the outside is forbidden
  • Weapons and healing items are allowed, but only in moderation.
  • Killing is allowed, but cannot be killed with Destruction
  • All information regarding participants must be accurate.

Rounds of the Tournament Edit

100-Team/20-Team Challenge Edit

The 100-Team Challenge is the first round required by the Teams to participate in and will be used to determine whether they are strong enough to enter the tournaments by taking on 100 teams of five from a parallel timeline without rest. If they failed to defeat all 100 teams they will be eliminated.

The 100-Team Challenge was than altered after Team Vegeta to the challenge to the 20-Team Challenge due to none of the participants being able to take down all 100. Any teams that succeeded in eliminated 80 and above teams were allowed to go on to compete in the first round while those between 80 and 50 were required to take the redemption round. After the rule change - each team required to take down all 20 or at least 19 teams to go on to the first round while any team between 12 and 15 were required to take the redemption round. Any team below 12 (or 50 in before the change) were eliminated immediately.

The Teams Edit

The teams that the contestant will face in the 100-Team Challenge round are time rift versions of existing beings with the teams being;

  • Team Frieza
    • Namek Saga Frieza
    • Saiyan Sage Vegeta
    • Trunks Saga Goku
    • Cell Games Saga Future Trunks
    • Tien Shinhan Saga Tien
  • Team Semi-Perfect Cell
    • Semi-Perfect Cell
    • Android 1920
    • Perfect Cell Saga Vegeta
    • Captain Ginyu (in Goku's body)
    • Android 1819
  • 30th Team/15th Team
    • Janembu
    • Coolieza
    • Cell 13
    • Android Zangya
    • Namchin
  • 89th Team/18th Team
    • Future Android 17
    • Future Android 18
    • Future Android 19
    • Future Dr. Gero
    • Future Dabura
  • 19th Team
    • Koicéareta: TR
    • Nigrissi: TR
    • Catopesra: TR
    • Paparoni: TR
    • Eyre: TR
  • Second 19th Team
    • Namekian Savior: TR
    • Beavis
    • Memory Clone Goku
    • Memory Clone Vegeta
    • Memory Clone Tambourine
  • 100th Team/20th Team - The 100th Team is the only team that doesn't use a Time Rift version as a Leader - making Broly the only real opponent.
    • Broly: BR replaced by Veroly
    • Unkown 4 other team members.

Redemption Round Edit

The second round is placed for those who failed to defeat the 20 separates teams during the 100-Man Challenge. A single member of the Team of Five required to take the Redemption is selected and can't be the leader of the team - if their teammate loses; the team is eliminated.

The fights are dependent on the numbers of teams defeated during the Challenge and as such if a team victories are between 12 and 15; the teammate will have to fight a teammate of a team that defeated the same number or less. Goku Black: GT originally intended to have a single team win the Redemption, but in order to compensate for changing the 100-Team Challenge Round to the 20-Team Challenge; he'll allow two teams to win.

The first part of the Redemption Round is a one-on-one fight like a regular tournament with the same rules as the 2nd Timespace Tournament while the second part is a battle royal where the last two people standing. Only 30 teams are chosen to partake in the Redemption Round where 15 will remain in the second part.

The winners of the Redemption Round will be allowed to carry on to the next round.

Fighters in the Redemption Round.

  1. Chief Morginaian
  2. Raimeihan
  3. Nargent
  4. Kophetein
  5. Yukirieza
  6. Turtz
  7. Dabura
  8. Broly Saga Gohan
  9. Mint
  10. Kiclee
  11. Nenjo
  12. Mirayo
  13. Prika
  14. Tyber
  15. Ghiro
  16. Fargo
  17. Bekkon
  18. Basco
  19. Caluppa
  20. Chiwak
  21. Shabbet
  22. Tumeric
  23. Butor
  24. Narirama
  25. Osumim
  26. Sizors
  27. Gorin
  28. Apurit
  29. Netarine
  30. Momoringo

The first half of the tournament takes place on Floor 3 and to eliminate their opponents - the contestant as to knock them into the water. Their opponent has to make physical contact with water and an energy shield doesn't count.

The fighters of the second half of the Redemption Round.

  1. Nargent
  2. Yukirieza
  3. Kiclee
  4. Mirayo
  5. Prika
  6. Ghiro
  7. Bekkon
  8. Caluppa
  9. Shabbet
  10. Butor
  11. Osumim
  12. Apurit
  13. Momoringo

The second half of the Redemption Round is announced to be battle royale with only two being able to win the round and go onto the First Round. The second half of the redemption Round takes place on Floor 4 with different rules. In order to eliminate a contest - their opponent must make contact the floating island which contains the Asteroid and the ruins of Pilaf's Castle - everywhere else was safe.

First Round Edit

The First round of the tournament takes place on the Tournament Arena. The rules are still the same; falling out of the ring, knocking out all team members, or defeat the Team Leader will result in the Team of Five losing. However, a new rule is placed by Original Timeline Goku Black.

Second Round/Quarter-finals Edit

The second round of the tournament takes place on a planet with 20 times the gravity of Earth. All participants are given the chance to train before the Second Round in order to get used to it, but only have five days to complete the training.

Teams Edit

  1. Team Guitar
  2. Team Goku
  3. Team Vegeta
  4. Team Pinich
  5. Team Xeno Vegeta
  6. Team Xeno Bardock
  7. Team Tekka
  8. Team Jamila
  9. Team Yamcha
  10. Team Caway

Team's Room numbers Edit

The room number of the team determines who'll be facing who in the first round.

  1. Team Tekka
  2. Team Pinich
  3. Team Caway
  4. Team Guitar
  5. Team Yamcha
  6. Team Saibaking
  7. Team Jamila
  8. Team Chiaotzu
  9. Team Goku
  10. Team Yamma
  11. Team Vegeta
  12. Team Android 13
  13. Team Prince Vegeta
  14. Team Lucifer
  15. Team Bardock
  16. Team Clarinet

Eliminations and Failed Applications Edit

Failed Applications Edit

# Team Dimension/Universe Failed By Removal Method Team Leader
1 Team Evolution Earth-2009 Failed to produce accurate information Erased from Existence (including dimension) by Goku Black: GT Evolution Goku
2 Team Rola Earth-1984/Universe 1 Failed to make a Team of Five Rola requested to observe from the bleachers Rola

Order of Eliminations Edit

# Team/Teammate Round Eliminated by Elimination Method
1 to 16 First Sixteen teams 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Round Unknown Unknown
17 Team Chappil 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Round Time Rift Team Mira Team Leader is eliminated
18 - 27 Unknown Teams 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Round Unknown All Eliminated by the 25th team
28 Chief Morginaian's Team 100/20-Team Challenge Round Unknown (100/20-Team Challenge Round) Unknown (100/20-Team Challenge Round)
29 Skwash 100-Team Challenge/20-Team Round Time Rift Semi-Perfect Cell Semi-Perfect Cell's kick
30 Android 33 (Android Nox) 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Time Rift Cell 13 Cell 13's Deadly Kamehameha
31 Nox (Android Nox) 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Time Rift Cell 13 Cell 13's Deadly Kamehameha
32 Goten 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Broly Broly's Kick
33 New Future Trunks 100-Team/20-Team Challenge Yukirieza (accidental) Yukirieza's Shockwave Fist
34 Zorn (Dragon Ball Advanced) (Zoreets) 20-Team Challenge Memory Clones Memory Clones' combined energy/Out of Bounds
35 Beets (Dragon Ball Advanced) (Zoreets) 20-Team Challenge Memory Clones Combined energy attack/Out of bounds
36 Chief Morginaian (Chief Morginaian's team) Redemption Round Himself Chief Morginaian's Electric Shock
37 Raimeihan (Raimeihan's team) Redemption Round Chief Morginaian Chief Morginaian's Electric Shock
38 Kophetein (Kophetein's team) Redemption Round Nargent Nargent's Kick
39 Turtz (Turtz's team) Redemption Round Yukirieza Yukirieza's Dark Death Beam
40 Dabura (Dabura's Team Redemption Round Gohan (Time Rift/Broly Saga) Planetary Masenko
41 Broly Saga Gohan: TR (Broly Saga Gohan's team) Redemption Round Dabura Stone Spit
42 Mint (Mint's team) Redemption Round Kiclee Torashogeki-Hashira
43 Nenjo (Nenjo's team) Redemption Round Mirayo Mirayo's attack
44 Tyber (Tyber's Team) Redemption Round Himself Overusing "Invert"
45 Fargo (Fargo's Team) Redemption Round Ghiro Ghiro's kick
46 Basco (Basco's team) Redemption Round Bekkon Bekkon's punch
47 Chiwak (Chiwak's team) Redemption Round Caluppa Caluppa's Energy Punch
48 Tumeric (Tumeric's team) Redemption Round Himself Tumeric's Spirit Psychic Ball
49 Narirama (Narirama's team) Redemption Round Butor Butor's Mouth Energy Wave
50 Sizors (Sizors' Team) Redemption Round Osumim Osumim's Hydro Geyser
51 Gorin (Gorin's Team) Redemption Round Apurit Apurit's Spike Missile
52 Netarine (Netarine's team) Redemption Round Momoringo Momoringo's Punch
53 Apurit (Apurit's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Butor Butor's Big Bang Beam Cannon
54 Butor (Butor's Team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Mirayo Mirayo's Burning Razor
55 Prika (Prika's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Mirayo Mirayo's Burning Razor
56 Kiclee (Kiclee's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Mirayo Mirayo's Burning Razor
57 Ghiro (Ghiro's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Mirayo Mirayo's Burning Razor
58 Bekkon (Bekkon's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Yukirieza Yukirieza's Tail Attack
59 Caluppa (Caluppa's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Osumim Osumim's kick
60 Momoringo (Momoringo's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Mirayo Mirayo's kick
61 Nargent (Nargent's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Osumim Osumim's Punch
62 Shabbet (Shabbet's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Osumim Osumim's kick
63 Osumim (Osumim's team) Redemption Round (Second Half) Himself (indirectly) Exhaustion
64 Kid Goku (Team Tekka) Octofinals Pinich Pinich's Punch
65 Pan: GT (Team Tekka) Octofinals Pinich Pinich's kick
66 Mr. Satan (Team Pinich) Octofinals Tekka Tekka's punch
67 Ganos (Team Tekka) Octofinals Himself (unwittingly)/Sean-Seán Disqualified for using Ultra Instinct -Sign-
68 Frost (Team Tekka) Octofinals Skwash Skwash's Kick
69 Skwash (Team Pinich) Octofinals Himself & Tekka Skwash sacrificed herself to save Paprika from falling out of the ring after he had been knocked back by Tekka.
70 Tekka (Team Tekka) Octofinals Pinich (accidentally) Kiai
71 Cocotte (Team Caway) Octofinals Jiren and Old Man Trunks Power Impact and Finish Buster
72 Sorrel (Team Caway) Octofinals Guitree Guitree's kick
73 Kale (Team Caway) Octofinals Yukirieza Yukirieza's Punch
74 Caulifla (Team Caway) Octofinals Guitree Guitree's punch
75 Caway (Team Caway) Octofinals Herself Was declared out of the ring after accidentally hitting a wall.
76 Saibaman (Team Saibaking) Octofinals Itself Saibaman Bomb
77 Saibaking (Team Saibaking) Octofinals Yamcha One-Handed Arcane Kamehameha
78 The Rest of Team Saibaking) Octofinals Yamcha Saibaking's elimination
79 Mifan Soldier 2 Octofinals Jamila Jamila's kick
80 Mifan Soldier 1 Octofinals Jamila Jamila's Kick
81 Emperor Chiaotzu Octofinals Jamila Jamila's kick
82 Makma Octofinals Gohan Gohan's Full Power Masenko
83 Haric Octofinals Broly Broly's Eraser Blow
84 Assam Octofinals Bardock Bardock's Rebellion Trigger
85 Kadoola Octofinals Piccolo Piccolo redirected Kadoola's Thunder Devilmite Slash onto Kadoola himself
86 Yamma Octofinals Goku & Gohan Father-Son Combo
87 Android 14 Octofinals King Vegeta Execution Beam
88 Hei Octofinals Trunks Kiai
89 Rubee Octofinals Tien Shinhan Tien's Kakutsūdenpa
90 Android 13 Octofinals Himself Forfeits

Order of Eliminated Teams Edit

# Team Round
1 Team Tekka Octofinals
2 Team Caway Octofinals
3 Team Saibaking Octofinals
4 Team Chiaotzu Octofinals
5 Team Yamma Octofinals
6 Team Android 13 Octofinals
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