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Narrator: The World Tournament Semi-Finals have approached and it is Daikon vs Trunks and Piccolo vs Tien. Who will come out on top and be crowned world champion? Find! 

*Opening theme Bit by Bit plays*

Announcer: Here we have Daikon and Trunks contending for a final spot against either Piccolo or Tien!

Guy in Crowd: Heh, if Mr. Satan was here, he would'ah beat those two to a pulp!

Girl in Crowd: Yeah! Take them off the ring!

Announcer: Three! Two! One! Go!

Daikon: Hey Trunks. Try not to power up to a Super Saiyan. Let's fight the old way.

Z-Fighters: !?!?

Goku: How does he know Trunks can go Super Saiyan!?!

Yamcha: How does he even know what a Super Saiyan is!?!

*Battle theme Suspense plays.

Trunks: Sure. *The two engage in a combat clash on the ground and Daikon makes fast movements dodging moves left and right. They back away and Trunks attempts to roundhouse kick Daikon. Daikon teleports behind Trunks and he fires ki blasts at his back. Trunks gets sent flying. Daikon flies after him and gut punches him. Daikon fires an energy wave at him that sends him flying down to the ring. His clothes are half ripped and he has bruises and scratches all over his body.*

Daikon: Are you not trying or do you need to power up?

Trunks: are strong..but I'll save my k-ki to power up in the fi-f-finals..rghg..

Daikon: TRY TO CATCH ME! He stood still as Trunks charged to him. Trunks fired a punch but Daikon suddenly dissapeared.

Goku: He used an Afterimage! That kid is smart in battle!

Vegeta: I don't care about that kid! If Trunks doesn't make it through he's going to be in huge trouble!

Trunks: Where..what..where did he go?

*Daikon suddenly appeared out of no where above Trunks and Daikon performed a meteor combination, using a white energy wave instead of a Kamehameha.*


Daikon: I know you can do better than that! *Daikon began charging his ki up and Trunks suddenly used an Energy Blast Volley on Daikon. Daikon's armor broke, revealing only his grey undersuit that also had some fabric torn and ripped.* Not bad.. BUT CAN YOU STAND AGAINST THIS!

*Battle Theme Nemesis plays.

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