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Before Birth Saga is a short Saga following before Preach was born, it has something to do with Raditz.


Episode 1:Sent to Earth[]

A technician is carrying Raditz and putting him into a spacepod. The technician chooses Raditz's journey to Namek. As the spacepod is seen flying, a battle ship fight is going on. The spacepod is hit and now the spacepod's journey is affected. The spacepod now land on Earth. It opens and Raditz begins to crawls out of it. A very old woman walks out the door. "This is a very bad place to put a toy." said the woman. She kicked the spacepod into the air and saw Raditz on the floor. The woman took Raditz and began to raise him as a son.

Episode 2:Going to Frieza 09[]

At the age of 21 Raditz was packing up because there was a ship waiting for him with two aliens standing by. Raditz walked into the ship.

"You would have destroyed Namek by now." said one alien. As he walked into the ship, he piloted it and started flying to Frieza 09. When Raditz arrived on Frieza 09, he met Vegeta, Nappa and the Saibamen.

"Oh wow, Vegeta, Kakarot's brother has the same power level as the Saibamen. Raditz was nearly about to cry. "What's the matter crybaby?" asked Vegeta. Nappa began laughing. "Raditz, go to Earth and get your brother to join us as the remaining Saiyans." said Vegeta. Raditz left Vegeta and Nappa on a spacepod to Earth again, so Raditz went on a anger attitude. So that's how Raditz died.

Episode 3: Birth of Preach[]

A year after Raditz had died, Raditz's wife Iwashi, was pregnant when she went to meet him in Hell. She was expecting her baby. On Earth she went to a hospital. "I'd like to make an apointment, I'm having a baby." said Iwashi. "How many months pregnant?" asked the Receptionist. "2 Months." replied Iwashi. "Ma'am, in 7 months no doctors will be available on that month." said the Receptionist. Iwashi walked away from the Receptionist. "I guess that was a waste of time." said Iwashi. She walked out of the Hospital and headed home. On the way, Iwashi saw a working spaceship. A ki battle was going on while that was happening. Iwashi could see her brother in law and husband's commander fighting. So she quickly went into the spaceship and left to go to New Vegeta. As she landed their, she wanted to stay their for about 9 months until Preach was born.

Authors Notes[]

It's meant to be short, thats why I wrote short saga. By the way, Like how I used "Brother in law and Husband's Commander?" Goku being Brother in Law. Vegeta being Husbands Commander.