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1 star dragonball iconIntroduction

Dragon Ball Z: Champion of The Seven Heavens (Japanese ドラゴンボールZ:七天の覇者; Hepburn Doragon Bōru Zetto: Shichiten no Hasha) is a fan-fiction series by Ganj. It is a sequel to the plot of the nineteenth Japanese animated feature film Resurrection 'F' that is based on the Dragon Ball series, and the fifteenth to carry the Dragon Ball Z branding. Champion of The Seven Heavens continues the adventures of the protagonist Goku who, along with his companions, venture into the 11 known universes and meet an assortment of characters, ranging from warriors, villains, titanic beasts, exotic creatures, conquerors, even mythological deities. This story is a continuation of Goku's adventure into his adult life, as well as parallel the continued evolution of his rivals Piccolo and Vegeta.

1 star dragonball iconSynopsis

Gaining valuable wisdom from his battle with the resurrected Frieza, Goku begins a pilgrimage in order to understand his new existence and responsibilities as a Super Saiyan God. Believing that his answers lay beyond his own universe, Goku prepares, with the assistance of Whis, to travel into the 11 known universes, starting with Universe One...

1 star dragonball iconCharacters

Son GokuSon GohanKrillinBeerusNorth Kaio
VegetaSon GotenTienshinhanWhis???
PiccoloTrunksYamchaMister Boo???
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